how to unlock samsung galaxy note 2

How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy Note 2 for International Note Taking

An unlocked phone makes you feel better about your phone, and you can even sell the phone for more money if you plan on getting rid of it in the future. You just bought your Samsung Galaxy Note 2, and now you want to travel abroad and use a different SIM card, or even to keep your work and personal calls separate. You can even save a little cash by utilizing multiple SIM cards and cutting down on roaming fees or travelling costs.

Unlocking your phone is legal, so let’s take a look at some of the best methods on how to unlock Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

Things to Remember Before Unlocking Your Phone

It’s always important to backup all of your important information before you attempt to unlock your phone. If you lose some documents or a few apps then you might be kicking yourself afterwards. You also want to ensure that your phone is charged at more than 70 percent before attempting an unlock. Although unlocking your phone isn’t as risky as rooting it, you still want to make sure that everything goes as planned. There’s a small chance that you damage your phone, but keep in mind that you should follow all of the below instructions in order to find the best results.

Method 1: Using a Simple Code

This method is quite simple, as you only have to type in a code and walk through a few steps. This method is great for people who are not interested in rooting their phone. You wont run the risk of bricking the phone, and you have the opportunity to unlock your phone within just a few minutes.

Step 1

Open up your phone dialer app. This is basically the area where you type in phone numbers to call other people. Type in the following numbers in the dialer: *#197328640.

secret code

Step 2

After that, click on the # button in order to open up your Service screen. This step allows you to select from several options. Click on the UMTS option. This should be shown as the very first item that appears on the list.

service menu

Step 3

You’ll want to click on the Debug Screen option when you get to the UMTS menu. It’s the first option, so you can just forget about the rest of the items.

umts menu

Step 4

Once the phone navigates to the debug screen, you can click on the eighth option on the list. This is called the Phone Control option.

debug screen

Step 5

Once in the Phone Control menu, navigate to the Network Lock item, which should show up as the sixth item on the list.

phone control menu

Step 6

Then you’ll get a list of PERSO items. Click on the third PERSO option in order to proceed.


Step 7

Wait 30 seconds as the system processes the information. Click on the Menu button and then the Back button. This should bring you back to the Network Lock screen. Go down to the fourth option called NW Lock. Wait one minute or the process won’t work. Hold down the Power button, and click the Restart option in order to reset the phone.

nw lock

After the phone is completely restarted the Note 2 should be completely unlocked. Simply place a new SIM card in the phone and you should be good to go!

Method 2: GalaxSIM Unlock

This is probably the easiest way to unlock your Galaxy Note 2, but it does require an app download. You don’t have to root the phone, and you don’t have to walk through the messy menus from the previous method. Let’s take a look to see how you can easily unlock your phone.

Step 1

Download the GalaxSIM app with the Google Play Store button below.

Download on Google Play

Step 2

Once the app is installed it takes just a few steps to unlock the phone. Start by clicking on the Unlock button.

unlock button

Step 3

Depending on your Android version, you might have to walk through some additional steps. Complete the on-screen steps in order to completely unlock your phone. The one click button should work on almost all Galaxy devices, so you shouldn’t have any problems. Once the process is complete you can go to the Details tab to see that the phone is unlocked. The main screen should also tell you that the process has been completed.

Method 3: Use a Company to Unlock Your Phone

This is the least popular way to unlock your Note 2, but it’s worth talking about for people who would rather pay a small fee than walking through the manual steps for unlocking a phone. We recommend just downloading the previous app, since it’s quite simple, but if you don’t want to mess with anything, then a professional service might be your best option.

Step 1

The internet is filled with companies who unlock phones for a small fee. Feel free to search Google to find a reputable unlocking service or navigate to a company like GSM Liberty.

Step 2

Every company website varies, but you most likely have to type in the manufacturer, model and phone carrier for your phone. Then these company websites walk you through all the steps to get an unlock code.

Step 3

In general, you pay a small fee, then the company sends you an unlock code. This code can then be punched into your phone for instant unlocking.

If you are in a hurry to go abroad and you don’t want to mess with the manual steps of unlocking your phone then a professional service might be your best option. The reputable services are nice because they also give you customer support along the way.


Keep in mind that you might have to downgrade your Android version if the unlocking process doesn’t work the first time. Some people have reported that the 4.1.1 version does not work, so downgrading is the only option. If you have any questions about how to unlock Samsung Galaxy Note 2 then feel free to shoot us a question in the comments section below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We really like the GalaxSIM unlock method, since it’s just a simple click, but the other two options are quite reliable as well.

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  1. Hi,
    I am using Samsung note 2, and quite recently I found out that my phone is rooted and the imei number is changed, when I tried making a call it’s saying not registered on network and none of the network works. I tried the method of going into service mode and turning off the FTM( FIELD TESTING MODE) but the code won’t work, please help me

    1. Hi Kashif,
      Where did you purchase the device? You´ll need to contact your carrier to make sure the device isn’t stolen. It’s likely someone sold you a device that was either reported stolen or sold their own device that wasn’t fully paid off. You´ll need to verify the imei number and then (if it’s good) get an unlock code from her carrier. Have you tried opening up the dialer and enter – *#06# to check your IMEI number, doyou see “IMEi Null”? =-)

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