how to unlock Samsung Galaxy S5

How To Unlock Samsung Galaxy S5 to Roam Free

One of the biggest problems with buying a contract locked smartphone is that it’s not truly yours and you need to stick with a particular carrier in order to use the device. While this might not be a problem for people who like their carriers, others might get frustrated with their carrier’s packages. Also, a locked smartphone can be a major problem when you’re travelling abroad and you can’t use any other SIM with the device.

If you own a carrier locked Samsung Galaxy S5, then I’m sure you might have thought about using another carrier either locally or when you travelled abroad. The good news is that you can now unlock the Galaxy S5 easily and while this might cost you a couple of bucks, your phone will truly be yours once it is unlocked. Continue reading to find out how to unlock Samsung Galaxy S5.


Unlocking an Android smartphone is a really simple process and you only need to enter a code in order to unlock the device. The process is not complicated and it is a lot easier than rooting the device, which is a very risky process. That being said, make sure that you create a complete backup of all your important files either through your phone’s default backup feature or through a third-party backup app from the Google Play Store. Also, charge your device to at least 70% before proceeding with the unlocking process. Think about downloading the S5 manual to understand how the different components on the phone work.

Method 1: Asking Your Carrier

This is possibly the most effective and reliable method for unlocking the Samsung Galaxy S5. A lot of major carriers let their users unlock their phones before contract expiration if they pay a small fee. Therefore, you’ll need to spend some money in order to break out from your carrier contract.

While this method might be a bit more expensive then some other third-party unlocking websites, this is the most reliable method as the code will come directly from your carrier.

Step 1

Go to your dialer app and dial *#06# to find out your IMEI number. Alternatively, you can also check the box of your Galaxy S5 to find the IMEI number. Take a note of this number as we’ll use it to get the unlock code.

Step 2

Call your carrier’s customer service number. Different carriers have different numbers so you’ll need to dial your specific carrier’s number, such as T-Mobile or AT&T.

Step 3

Tell the representative that you want to unlock your phone and ask for an unlock code.

Step 4

Your carrier’s representative might now request your IMEI number. Give him/her the IMEI number that you found out in Step 1. Answer any other questions that the carrier might ask you, such as name and email address.

Step 5

Make the payment for your unlock code. You’ll receive the unlock code either through an SMS or via email and the delivery time will depend on your carrier.

Step 6

Once you have received your code, take out your current SIM card and enter any other carrier’s SIM card in your phone. You’ll get a popup text box requesting an unlock code. Enter the unlock code that you received through your carrier. That’s it! You have successfully unlocked your Samsung Galaxy S5!

Method 2: is one of the most popular websites that helps you learn how to unlock Samsung Galaxy S5. The website is reliable and supports all the major manufacturers, including Samsung, HTC, LG and Huawei.

Possibly the best thing about this particular service is that it provides cheap unlock codes and a fast delivery time as you can get the codes delivered in just one day, with most of them available in just a few minutes.

Step 1

Go to the website in your browser and click on the Samsung logo.

sim-unlock samsung

Step 2

Select Galaxy S5 from the list of available devices. If you can’t find Galaxy S5, type Galaxy S5 in the search text box.

Step 3

Choose your carrier from the dropdown menu next to Select Your network.

sim-unlock carrier

Step 4

Click on the ORDER button next to the code that you want to purchase.

sim-unlock price

Step 5

Dial *#06# on your Galaxy S5 to find out your IMEI number and write this number down.

Step 6

Choose Galaxy S5 below the Select Model dropdown menu and type in your IMEI number below the Enter IMEI number text box. Click on the Make an order button.

sim-unlock order

Step 7

Enter your details, such as name, phone number and email address. Click on the Make an order button.

sim-unlock details

Step 8

Select your payment method and make the payment for the code. Once you make the payment, your order will be processed and you’ll receive the unlock code through an email. The delivery time will depend on your carrier.

sim-unlock payment

Step 9

Insert any other SIM card in your Galaxy S5 and enter the code that you received through the email. That’s it! You have successfully unlocked your Samsung Galaxy S5 and you can now use any other carrier with your device.


Unlocking your Galaxy S5 can help you get the most out of your smartphone. While you can still enjoy majority of the features with a carrier locked Android smartphone, unlocking makes your life a lot easier. Some users are tired with their carrier’s heavy packages while others are fed up of the carrier’s network quality. Whatever the case, you can easily learn how to unlock Samsung Galaxy S5 using any of the methods mentioned above. Not only will you be able to use any other carrier in your country, but you’ll also be able to use your phone abroad with international networks.

Even though all the methods mentioned above are paid, unlocking your phone is well worth the money as you’ll be able to do a lot more with your Galaxy S5. Method 1 is possibly the most reliable method for unlocking the Galaxy S5, but if you’re looking for a third party service, then Method 2 and Method 3 are the next best alternatives. Whichever method you choose, make sure that you follow all the instructions properly on how to unlock Samsung Galaxy S5 and feel free to shoot any questions below.

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  1. if i dial *#06# and my imei number doesnt come up does that have any significance as to whether or not i can unlock my phone

    1. There is a workaround for this. Go to Home > Settings > System setting – About device > Status. You should be able to view your IMEI number.

    1. I brought mine from code unlock code and mine iemi unlock code dont pop up on my lg intuition i really need help

  2. I’ve paid for a code from, but my phone (T-Mobile) doesn’t ask for a code when I turn it on with my Walmart Family Mobile SIM card in it. It goes directly to the home screen and then I get an error notification message Error: ER05 – Invalid SIM. Do you know where I can enter the code since the prompt doesn’t come up immediately? Any help would be appreciated!

      1. Hi Natalie,
        If you´re getting this error message, it could be because the card is deactivated and needs to be activated by your carrier or it could be because the card is not well positioned and it´s not being read. You could also try taking the SIM out (with the power off, of course), wipe the contact area on the card lightly with a tissue, then insert the SIM again. If that doesn’t work, the SIM probably has to be replaced. Hope this helps. =-)

  3. hi
    havent really tried your site yet, because of a issue, i have a 14 digit imei and cant seem to find a 15th digit to complete it, i already went to the system stuff and the imei its 14 digits.on the battery side aswell, dont know if any of this info its useful. its a galaxy s5

    1. Alberto,
      Are you checking IMEI number without a SIM? If yes, then insert your SIM and check it again. It should give out 15 digits.

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