Unlock Nexus 6P Bootloader

How to Unlock the Nexus 6P Bootloader

If you’re trying to find out how to unlock the bootloader found on the Nexus 6P, you’ve come to the right place.But, first things first.

Why would you want to unlock the Nexus 6P bootloader?

It allows you to flash and install custom ROMs and it helps when rooting giving you the ability to further customize software found on your device.(These ROMs can be anything from apps to hacks.)

However, it can leave your phone susceptible to a number of problems if lost or stolen, and it’ll be easier to access your data if you leave the bootloader unlocked.

This process will erase all of the data on the device, so make sure to backup all of your contacts, photos, and videos before you get started. Unlocking the bootloader won’t void the warranty, but flashing a different bootloader will. Consider yourself warned.

If you want to find out about rooting the 6P, here’s a guide with a few different methods for how to do so.

What You Need:

  • Your Nexus 6P, charged to at least 70%
  • Computer
  • USB-C cable
  • Install Nexus 6P USB drivers
  • Android SDK downloaded and installed on your computer

How to Make Backups of Your Android’s Important Files

It’s highly recommended to backup all of your important files before you start unlocking the bootloader.You can back up your files using some different apps and methods, including Google backup and connecting to your computer.


Method 1: Unlocking the Bootloader

Warning: You’ll need to download and install the Android SDK and backup your files before you get started.

Firstly, you’ll need to enable USB debugging on your device if you haven’t done so already. This part of the method will be done solely on your 6P, so don’t worry about the PC or the USB cable for now.

Step 1:

Go to your Settings, and tap About Phone.

Step 2:

You’ll need to enable Developer Options. This can be done by scrolling down to the Build Number, and tapping it repeatedly until you see a notification onscreen informing you that Developer Options are now available. (You should also get a message telling you that you are now a developer.)


Step 3:

You can find the Developer Options menu in your main Settings page. Tap it to open a new menu.


Step 4:

Hit the toggle to Enable OEM Unlock, and take the opportunity to enable USB Debugging while you’re in the same menu.

Step 5:

You can now turn your 6P off.

Step 6:

Press the Power, Volume Up &Volume Down keys until you see text on your screen.

Step 7:

Connect your phone with the USB cable.

Step 8:

Open the command prompt on your computer, and type:

adb devices

Step 9:

You should now see the phone’s serial number in your command line window. (Any issues could relate to problems with the PATH, so make sure drivers are up to date.)


Step 10:

Reboot the bootloader with the following command;

adb reboot-bootloader

Step 11:

Now type in;

fastboot devices

Step 12:

If you see the same serial number code as before, you’re ready to unlock the bootloader.


Step 13:

Type this at the command line to begin the unlock;

fastboot flashing

Step 14:

(You’ll need to confirm this with by using the Volume and Power keys to navigate and confirm your selection.)

Step 15:

Finally, type in;

fastboot reboot

Step 16:

Your device will now reboot, (after erasing all data on the device) and once complete you can disconnect the cable and begin to use your unlocked device.

Step 17:

If you ever want to relock the bootloader, just enter the following command;

fastboot flashing lock

However, if you need to unlock your bootloader again, data will be erased once more. (This is a security measure to stop would be thieves from bypassing your password or lock code, and accessing your sensitive data.)


Hopefully, you now have a better idea of how to unlock the bootloader, as well as how to relock it whenever you need to.If you’re having any issues, make sure you have the latest drivers installed on your Nexus 6P.

If you want to get even more from your device, here’s a list with 14 tips, tricks and hacks for the Nexus 6P.

If we’ve missed an easy way to unlock the Nexus 6P bootloader, or you have questions about one of the steps or methods on this list, let us know in the comments below, or you can contact us via Facebook or Twitter.

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