How to Use Android Auto as Waze

Ever wondered if there was something better than Google Maps? Well, there’s Waze. Perfected for driving, with various alerts and warnings that are helpful for the driver, and useful suggestions for the route or gas stations, Waze is more than a GPS app. Highly customizable, this app can be your trusted co-pilot for the whole duration of your journey. And guess what? Waze can be used with Android Auto. Wondering how? Keep on reading!

How to Use Waze as on Android Auto

If you haven’t downloaded Android Auto yet, you can do so by tapping on the button below.

Android Auto Logo
Android Auto
Google Play

Also, if you don’t already have Waze, you can get it from the button below.

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Waze Logo
Google Play

Step 1: Connect Your Device to Your Vehicle

If you have trouble with this step, we’re sure the following article will help you out:

Step 2: Select App Launcher and Tap on Waze

Step 3: Enter Your Destination

In order to open the keyboard, just tap on the text area and it will pop up. You can also use voice commands for this, by either saying “OK Google” or tapping on the microphone icon. If multiple locations pop up from your search, select the one you need and your route will be configured.

There are a couple of things to be looking for:

  • Is your car compatible with Android Auto?
  • Is Android Auto available in your country?
  • Is your Android smartphone compatible with Android Auto?
  • Do you have an Internet connection?
  • Is your Android smartphone connected to your car’s dashboard?

If you can check all of those questions, then there should be no reason why either Waze on Android Auto shouldn’t work properly for you!


Is Android Auto Free?

Yes, the service is completely free.

Is Any Android Phone Compatible With Android Auto?

If your phone has Android 5.0 or above, it most likely will work with Android Auto on a USB connection. for Wireless connections, you will need to have at least Oreo or above.

Is Any Car Compatible With Android Auto?

Unfortunately, no. However, newer models are highly likely to be compatible and more and more models produced nowadays will work just fine with Android Auto. There is a complete list on Android Auto’s official website or in our article that we’ll link below.

We hope our suggestions have helped you set Waze as the current map app for Android Auto. You could do the same with other similar apps, only if the app itself can work with Android Auto. Did you enjoy using Waze on Android Auto? Let us know about your experience in the comments below!

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