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How To Use Android Device Manager (Find My Device)

The hassle of losing your smartphone is beyond imaginable! It’s like starting all over again, right? From new contacts to new photos to new apps. But have you ever imagined how uplifting it is to find your device? In this article, we will show you how!

It’s not a secret that as some of the latest Android phones are becoming expensive due to the advanced premium features, users are still worried about keeping their devices safe.

And we will all agree when I say that:

Nobody wants to pay a hefty price tag for a premium Android phone that wouldn’t keep your device and files safe and here comes how to use Android device manager.

But, that’s not all…

Another issue for Android users id keeping the data safe.

And by data, we are not talking about your ordinary videos or music files here. It includes personal information, bank accounts, credit card info, etc.

How to use Android device manager is a big deal. As the latest Android phones are competing with PCs, some businesses and organizations opt to store confidential data on Android devices. The reason being Android devices are less susceptible to viruses.

Regardless, you can get in big trouble if your confidential data gets into the wrong hands.

Scary right?!

If you want to know more about Google Find My Device, we suggest you read our article “What is Google Find My Device? (Android Device Manager)”.

But, we got you!

In this guide, we’ll show you how to use Google’s Find My Device (formerly Android Device Manager) with your device so that your phone and data are safe all the time.


Why Use Google Find My Device (Formerly Android Device Manager)?

You might have a general idea about Google Find My Device, but here are the reasons you should use this brilliant service:

  • Easily locate your stolen Android device. This is one of the best ways to locate the people who have stolen your Android phone, in a market filled with great phone tracking options.
  • Find your lost Android device. Imagine forgetting where you last put your phone while it was on silent mode. Find My Device can help you find your phone in just a few minutes.
  • Change your phone’s lock PIN. This is the ideal way to make sure that your data is safe when your phone gets into the wrong hands.
  • Erase everything. This feature lets you erase all the data on your phone in order to avoid it being misused. It’s a great alternative to resetting your phone.

How To Use Android Device Manager

Method 1: Find My Device (Android Device Manager) Website

This is probably the most used method on how to use Find My Device. Even though the official Find My Device app is available on the Google Play Store, the web page has been around for a long time and this is the ideal way to locate your phone if you don’t have an alternative Android device.

Here’s a summary of how to use Android Find My Device (Android device Manager) website.

  1. Navigate to the Find My Device webpage
  2. Login to your Google account
  3. Explore the options
  4. Make your phone ring
  5. Lock your phone
  6. Erase all data on your device

Go to your PC’s web browser and open the Android Device Manager web page. This page will be the platform to find the phone and use other features of the service. You can also use this web page on another device, such as another phone or a tablet.

Step 2: Log Into Your Google Account

Log in with your Google account details and click on the Accept button in the Welcome popup. Make sure that you sign in with the Google account that you use on your Android device.

Step 3: Explore Your Options

You should now see the name of your device on the Find My Device website that you opened earlier on your PC. If you have multiple devices active, they will appear separately. You’ll be able to see the exact location of your device along with the last used and last located time. In order to change the name of the device, click on the Pen button in the top right corner next to the name of your device.

How To Use Android Device Manager
Explore Website-How To Use Android Device Manager

Step 4: Make Your Phone Ring

If you would like your device to ring at full volume, select the Ring option. This is a great way to locate your device if you can’t find it inside your house. Click on the Play Sound button on the left side of the screen.

Play a Sound-How To Use Android Device Manager

Step 5: Lock Your Phone

In order to lock your phone with a new password, select the Secure Device option. Click on the Secure Device button in order to activate the password and lock the phone. Your device will now be locked and others won’t be able to access your data.

find my device
Secure Device-How To Use Android Device Manager

Step 6: Erase All Data on Your Device

To delete everything from your phone, select the Erase Device option. All your data will now be deleted and others won’t be able to view anything on your device. Make sure you backup your info beforehand.

If you don’t know how to back up your phone, we suggest you read our article Android Backup – Everything You Need to Know.

Find My Device
Erase Device-How To Use Android Device Manager

Method 2: Find My Device (formerly Android Device Manager) App

The app basically uses the exact same layout as the web page and you can use it on an alternative Android device when locating your Android phone. Remember that this app is to be used on the alternate Android device that you will use in order to locate the original Android device.

Here’s how to use Android Find my Device app.

  1. Login to Google account
  2. Ring your device
  3. Secure your device
  4. Erase device

You can download the app with the Google Play button below if you don’t already have it installed.

How To Use Android Device Manager
App Logo-How To Use Android Device Manager
Google Play

Step 1: Login to Your Google Account

Open the app, log in with your Google account details and tap on Accept in the Welcome popup message.

How To Use Android Device Manager
Log In-How To Use Android Device Manager

Step 2: Ring Your Device

In order to Ring the device, tap on the Play Sound option.

How To Use Android Device Manager
Play Sound-How To Use Android Device Manager

Step 3: Secure Your Device

To lock the device, select the Secure Device option, enter the password that you want to set and tap on the Secure Device button.

find my device
Secure Device-How To Use Android Device Manager

Step 4: Erase Device

Select the Erase option to delete all your data and tap on the Erase button in the Erase device popup.

device manager app erase
Erase Device-How To Use Android Device Manager

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People Also Ask

Can I track my lost phone with its cellular data turned off?

Well, basically you can. But, instead of showing you the exact location of your phone, most likely, it will just show you where your phone last connected to the internet.

Why do I need to have the internet to track my lost phone?

Phone rackers use GPS to connect and locate your device. Without the use of the internet, it will not accurately show where your lost device is.

What does Android’s Device Manager do?

In the event that you misplace or have your Android smartphone stolen, Android Device Manager can help you find it and, if necessary, remotely lock or wipe it. Your Android smartphone is protected by Device Manager. The only thing left to do is link the gadget to your Google account.

How do I use my computer to view Android Device Manager?

Check your list of devices by going to on a computer. The gadget should immediately appear if you’ve ever accessed the Google Play store on your phone or tablet.

Is Android Device Manager safe?

In the event that you misplace or have your Android smartphone stolen, Android Device Manager can help you find it and, if necessary, remotely lock or wipe it. Your Android smartphone is protected by Device Manager. The only thing left to do is link the gadget to your Google account.

Find My Device – Never Lose Your Phone Again!

From conversations with friends to confidential business information, Android phones serve as personal companions for most of us, and I’m sure you can’t imagine losing your phone or the data on it.

However, like other things in life, you can easily lose your phone and the valuable data inside of it. We can’t really do much in order to keep our phones safe all the time, but what we can do is teach you how to use Find My Device. This way, you’ll be able to locate your phone when you lose it. If you’ve seen how Apple’s Find my iPhone service works, then I’m sure you would want something similar for your Android device.

If there are some issues with your app, try reading our article “Problems with Android Device Manager”

Google Find My Device is the ideal option and even if you’ve never lost your phone, you should register your device just in case. The service doesn’t just locate your phone, but also lets you ring it, lock it and erase everything from it in just a couple of seconds. The official Google Find My Device website is perfect if you want to locate your phone through your PC. If you have another Android device, then you should try using the Google Find My Device app. Make sure that you keep your device backed up so that you don’t lose your important data when you’re using the Erase option in Find My Device.

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