How To Work From Home Tips and Tricks

Planning To Work From Home? Here Are 8 Tips To Effectively Do So

Let’s face it.

Working from home is a convenient way to earn money. And with the help of the internet, being able to work while sitting on your bed is possible. Not to mention that doing so will make you avoid the traffic situation most people face every day.

So here’s the thing…

Not everyone has the luxury to own a car so they use public transport vehicles to go to work. And in times of pandemic such as Coronavirus, COVID-19, people risk their lives just to go to work and earn money to support their families.


In times like these, you’d realize which companies value their employees and which does not. Which will prioritize your safety and which ones will risk it.

It’s frustrating, right?

Thankfully, I am lucky enough not to experience such things because I work from home. I’ve been doing this for more than 3 years now and let me tell you this: I’ve never been happier.

Don’t get me wrong.

I’ve gone through a lot of jobs. I have been a student assistant, software developer intern, customer service representative, physical and online English teacher, a tutor, virtual assistant, freelancer, and more.

And after going through different jobs, there’s one thing I know for sure. I prefer working at home.

Now to help other people be successful in this kind of set up, I’ve listed some tips and tricks for you! Without further ado, let’s dig into it!

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Work From Home Tips & Tricks

1. Choose A Job That Suits You

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There’s a lot of jobs available online and I’m pretty sure you’d find the perfect one if you’d search hard enough.


You can be a Virtual Assistant, English Teacher, Freelance Writer, Data Encoder, and so much more!

Now, all you have to do is find out what field is the best for you considering the following:

  1.  Skillset
    • Are you good in Engish? Are you the best in using Spreadsheets? Can you book meetings, appointments, lunch or dinner?
    • Find the field which you are good at. Then, we can narrow it down to your knowledge about the branches of the field you’ve chosen.
  2. Knowledge
    • How knowledgeable are you about the company’s niche? For example, if you are planning to apply as a writer, do you prefer to write about medical articles, or beauty blogs, or how about technology?
    • With questions like this, you’ll know which branch you’d fit. Of course, choosing a job that you don’t know much of will result in you being exhausted or stressed.
  3. Lifestyle
    • Are you willing to work on a graveyard shift? Can you work for a certain time of the day? What’s the total weekly hours you could allot for work?
    • Your daily routine and lifestyle will change once you work from home. Hence, you should consider which set up will work with you the best.

2. Invest in Quality Equipment & Stable Internet Connection

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This is a no brainer!

If you want to work from home, you need work equipment! Of course, the things you need depends on what your job will be.

I think we can all agree when I say that…

A strong, stable internet connection together with a personal computer or laptop is essential.

Now, there might be a few more things you’ll need, however, these two are the fundamental equipment for successfully working at the comfort of your home. Given that, you should be investing in quality equipment, especially if you plan to do this for a long time.

Don’t get me wrong.

I’m not saying that you should buy the most expensive items in the market. All I’m saying is, find the highest quality item available for such a reasonable price.

We all know that the cheapest items are often substandard and don’t last for too long. Besides, buying for the cheapest ones usually results in more problems.

Having problems with your internet? These internet booster apps might help you.

3. Have A Separate Email for Work

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Nobody wants their personal emails to be bombarded by a ton of work notifications. This is not good especially if you’re on a day off or vacation.

On top of that, having too many emails from work will bury your personal emails. And in some instances, your personal email might be left unnoticed.

Having a separate email for your work will help you be organized and keep track of things.

4. Have A Designated Workplace

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Let’s be honest.

Working from home means you have all the distractions around you. Not only that. Being at home makes us feel this vibe that we have to rest and relax.

It’s not a secret that to efficiently work from home, you have to change that mindset.

Have a room, corner, or any place in your house that you could make as your office. While working on your bed might sound like a dream, it doesn’t usually work out.

Now, your home office does not need to look like an office. It can be any spare room, or it can even be your dining table! As long as it can help you stay more focused on what you are doing, there’s not gonna be a problem.

5. Don’t Be Afraid To Go Out

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We can’t deny it!

There are days when your home is busier than usual. There are times when you feel like doing nothing in your house.

Another tip I could give you is to go out. Go to your nearest Starbucks or library and find peace to work in there.

Go out. From time to time, you can always get out of the house and be productive.

6. Follow A Schedule & Set Your Daily Goals

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Yes I know, having a schedule is a big contradiction to being a freelancer. But please, hear me out.

Most people have lots of things to do at home. And work outputs surely has a deadline. Of course, no employer wants a delay in their project.

Here’s where you’d realize having a schedule will save you.

List down things that you should do at home, set your daily goals at work, and make a balanced schedule out of it! This way, you’ll see if you have a backlog in work or you missed to do some chores.

The most important part is…

Stay realistic. Make sure your schedule and goals are doable and not far from reality. Making a schedule will also help you to properly distribute workloads for both your job and your household.

Must read: Best Goal Tracker Apps

7. Have A Break

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Never be afraid to take a break.

When you feel tired or exhausted, let yourself breathe and relax for a bit. Do not push yourself too hard to the point where you find yourself being too stressed each day.

I bet you chose to work from home to have a little bit of freedom, right?! So don’t take that freedom away from yourself! Having a 15-30 minutes break will do.

Don’t forget to take meal breaks as well. We all know that it’s harder to focus on an empty stomach!

8. Communicate

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Communication is the key to success.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Ask when you are stuck, ask when you need help, and ask some more if you need some clarifications. Believe me, making mistakes will hurt you more than asking.

Not only that.

You have to be transparent as well.

If you can’t finish the output before the deadline, tell your boss. Do the same when you can’t attend to work or you need a day off. Tell them when you find a task hard so they could help you out.

At the end of the day, you should leave no one hanging. Don’t make people wait for an output that will never come on time.

Communicate and handle it professionally.

Try downloading WhatsApp Messenger to connect and communicate more!

WhatsApp Messenger is a free messaging app that lets you connect to people whichever part of the world you are! As long as you have a strong internet connection, this app won’t let you down.

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People Also Ask

The Bottom Line:

People work differently.

With my experience of working from home for 3 years, these tricks definitely worked for me. And I must say, the road to being a successful freelancer wasn’t easy. You might think that some job postings are fraud, but hey, don’t be afraid to take chances. With the help of a little background research of course.

Do you live by some work from home tips? Share it with us in the comments section below!

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