HTC One Users to be Able to Switch between Sense and Stock Android on the Fly

Android User Interface critics have been wobbling around ideas that could allow smartphone users to easily switch between manufacturer UI and plain stock-android. This would allow android smartphone users to switch between UIs on the fly and more importantly experience the best of both.


Well, this idea may soon be reality.

Android developer Paul O’brien has come up with the MoDaCo.Switch, a cool new feature that will allows HTC One users to switch between the latest version of Sense 5 (Android 4.2.2) and the stock android version found on the HTC One Google Play edition.

The method applied by O’brien involves sharing all the apps and data between the 2 ROMs, which will allows users to seamlessly switch between the ROMs. And the good news is that while typically you’d need to flash a ROM and backup your data and apps to do this (plus flash new ROM and restore your backup), MoDaCo.Switch is way simpler. MoDaCo will be installed via custom recovery in the usual way and is based on the European One ROM (2.24) and the shipping Google Play edition ROM.

Definitely, this will probably be a relief for HTC One users. Set to launch in the coming days, we will definitely keep our eyes and ears open for this.


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