Hubi Streaming and Download App Review (Android)

Hubi Streaming and Download App Review (Worth Using?)

There comes a time when you simply have to download a video to your Android smartphone. For those times Hubi can come in real handy. The app basically allows you to download videos to your Android without the need of a PC or additional software. In theory, this seems like a perfect concept and it works that way too for some extent. But in reality there are far more restrictions imposed in Hubi than we would like.

The app worked really well back when I had the Samsung Galaxy SIII smartphone and tested it for the best free movie apps for Android. It also worked great on a Sony Xperia Z. But for some reason it failed to download even a single video on my Samsung Galaxy Note III. I emailed the developers about the problem but my woes were met with silence. I tested the app on a borrowed HTC Desire and it worked again. Maybe it was the Lollipop update which was hindering the app on my personal phone. Regardless, this experience left a sour taste in my mouth, which will obviously be reflected in the review.

The Good

When it works, the app can capture links from big streaming sites like YouTube and Vimeo. Downloads are a little slow but they do get downloaded. The interface is kept minimalistic which is great for normal users. The app also comes with a paste button which pastes anything copied in your clipboard with just one click.

The Bad

The app sometimes refused to download anything. Host Invalid errors started popping up with alarming frequency. One file which had no trouble downloading on an old tablet simply refused to download on my Galaxy Note III. This inconsistency in the experience is without a doubt a smear on the developer’s credibility.

The Bottom Line

Try not to get too excited about this video downloader app for Android. As it may end up disappointing you a lot. If it runs on your device, it is a valuable tool in your arsenal. If it doesn’t work, try not to get too worked up about it. Downloads go smoothly and the quality is alright, so there is no need to worry about the downloaded videos.


Installing Hubi on your Android tablet or phone is a fairly standard procedure. The app is hosted on the Google Play Store and all you need to do is follow the link and tap on the install button. The app is legitimately small in size and will be downloaded in few seconds. Then you can simply locate the app on your phone and start it up.


The app does nothing in terms of user guidance but thankfully the elements are pretty much self-explanatory. Here is the main screen of the app:

Review Hubi - 002

As you can see you can paste in the link in the text bar and that will be it. If you want to play the video on your device, you can simply tap on the play button. Otherwise click on the download button to initiate the video download.

Review Hubi - 004

There is nothing complicated here. The downloading videos will be shown in the Downloads tab while the completed ones are displayed in the history.


This is where the app really shines. Open up any video on YouTube and it can be downloaded. Even if you don’t have the link of the video because you are using the app, Hubi can still assist you in getting the video.

Tap on the share button and select Hubi as the app. The free Android video downloader will automatically catch the link and you can start downloading. Same goes for other sources, if they support a share button, chances are Hubi will be able to step in and capture the video for you.

Review Hubi - 009

I also really liked the paste button on the main screen. If you have copied a link from your favorite browser, you can simply tap on that one button and voila! The link will be pasted into the text bar ready to be processed.

Review Hubi - 006


I’m going to be a bit harsh on the app here. While the Downloads worked great on some devices, some devices were refused downright. I would have loved to get at least a reply from the developers, but that was not the case.

Review Hubi - 005

Downloads which worked were a little slower than expected. I was not expecting blazing fast speeds but still, the download speed was severely throttled. All in all it was not a satisfactory experience for me.


This free video downloader for Android wants to know your location. I don’t think that a simple video downloader would need to know where you are. The app is also capable of transmitting your location. I recommend that you turn off your GPS for added security.


Hubi used to be such an amazing app. I remember downloading a ton of reviews for the graphics card I wanted to buy and went on a wedding. I spent most the travelling time watching downloaded content on my Samsung Galaxy SIII. It’s a shame that a lot of users are also reporting the diminished quality of the app.

I really hope that the developers can put their heads together and work out a way to make the app better again. So do tell me if you got the app working or not. I would love to hear your experience.

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