iBeesoft Free Data Recovery: 3-Step Quick Recover Files for Free

Any data that is in our smartphones, tablets, or laptops, are stored either in our device’s internal storage or SD cards. When they are all in one place, it is so easy to pull them out to use and access. 

Unfortunately, when your device encounters some technical issues, it is also easy to wipe everything out! Also, if you accidentally deleted those files, technically, there is no way to recover them back. Or is there?

I’m sure you also have been there. A malware wiped out all your important files and every last bit of your memorable photos or did not mean to delete that report or video from your last vacation. But who do you turn to when this happens? Should I say what software do you turn to?

Luckily, there is a data recovery tool that can safely recover those lost files for you. In this article, we will go into every nook and cranny of why iBeesoft Free Data Recovery is the best software for the job!

iBeesoft Free Data Recovery Software –– Why It’s the Best

Sometimes our smartphones, laptops, tablets and more, need some good clearing out of unimportant files. This gives your device a breather and eases out some space for upcoming important ones.

However sometimes, when you are in the middle of clearing out some space, you get carried away. Admit it –– we’ve all been there! You have accidentally deleted text messages, sales reports, or photos of loved ones. Worse, when a virus wipes everything clean. You can’t help but panic and feel helpless.

Here is where iBeesoft Free Data Recovery comes into the picture. There is no saying goodbye to those lost files forever. I tell you, in just three easy steps, you will be reunited to whatever it is that you lost.

How to recover accidentally deleted files using iBeesoft Data Recovery

Before diving in deep with this free data recovery tool, it’s best to mention that the tool has such a straightforward user interface, making it so easy to navigate for all kinds of users. So, there is nothing to worry about when this is your first time using a recovery tool. 

And best of all, it’s totally free for you to recover up to 2GB of files. Not a penny needed. Nice, right! 

Whatever may have caused data loss, iBeesoft Free Data Recovery can recover those files finesse! What it does is that it deeply scans your drive, SD card, or internal storage and swiftly recovers them from PC and other storage devices.

It has a filter feature that locates target files by categorizing them in time, file type, path. This way, it won’t feel like a needle in a haystack. You can quickly pinpoint the data you lost amongst thousands of files. Plus, you can also use the search bar to look for that specific file.

And if you are not sure whether that’s the right file, iBeesoft Free Data Recovery lets you preview the files before actually starting the recovery process. Now, this saves you time in wrongfully retrieving a file.

Also, you don’t have to learn some special techniques. This software does the job in just 3 easy steps. Yes, that’s right! In just 3 easy steps, your lost files will be recovered in no time!

Major Features:

  • Deeply scans storage to recover deleted files and formatted drive recovery for free
  • Recovers all kinds of lost data
  • Quickly free recover files in 3 easy steps
  • Has a user-friendly interface for all kinds of users
  • Supports many storage devices
  • Has a filter feature that categorizes scanned files
  • Ability to preview files before recovering them
  • Free to recover up to 2GB files, no matter what file types you want to recover

And if you are worried, iBeesoft Free Data Recovery software recovers deleted files from your PC, internal storage, SD cards, digital camera, external hard drive, flash drives, and many more! That’s basically all possible storage devices there are. 

Furthermore, it recovers all types of files. From your pictures, videos, documents, audio, emails, and many more!

How to Recover Deleted Files Using iBeesoft Free Data Recovery Software?

Quick and hassle-free is what this free data recovery software is all about. The software simply scans, locates, and recovers files in a flash. 

You can download iBeesoft Data Recovery software by clicking the button below.

Without further ado, here’s a detailed step-by-step guide for you:

Step 1: Launch iBeesoft Free Data Recovery software

Simple download and install the free data recovery tool on your computer. It’s fully compatible with Windows OS, including Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, and more. After that, launch it.

Step 2: Scan Target Hard Drive/Partition, Looking for Lost Files

In the first window, all hard drives or partitions available on the Windows PC are displayed. If you want to recover files from cameras, SD cards, USB flash drives, just connect them with your computer beforehand. Move the mouse over the hard drive or partition and click “Scan” beside it, to start scanning for lost files.

Select drive to scan

Step 3: Preview Files

The data recovery will complete the whole scanning process, displaying all the recoverable files. During the scanning process, you can preview the found files according to the directory(Deleted Files, Existing Files, Other Lost Files, your file folders).

Preview files

Step 4: Recover Files for Free

You can recover files right after previewing them during or after the scanning process by selecting them and clicking the “Recover” button. 

Recover files for free

Up to 2GB files can be recovered freely with iBeesoft Free Data Recovery. If you have files over 2GB to recover, upgrade to the iBeesoft Data Recovery full version.

No Crying Foul Now Over Deleted Important Files…

With just a click or tap of a finger, you could lose hold of precious files. However, the same can’t be said when you want to recover these files. You will need help from third-party software to securely and quickly do the job for you. And this might be a tedious task for many, especially those that do not have in-depth knowledge of tech stuff. 

Thankfully, the iBeesoft Data Recovery tool is the best one for the job –– it securely and quickly recovers lost or deleted files back to where they came from.

The internet is filled with these so-called data recovery tools. Mind you, not all of them get the best results. So, it’s crucial that you choose only the best in the business!

Were you able to successfully recover your lost files using the iBeesoft Data Recovery tool? Let us know in the comment section below!

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