IFTTT vs Tasker

IFTTT vs Tasker – The Automatons of Android

The incredible world of Android apps has an immense potential to surprise you. Just as you settle down after seeing everything the platform has to offer, there comes an amazing app that simply shakes things up again. IFTTT vs Tasker is going to explore two apps that are the same in nature but vastly different in functionality.

Personally, I’m a big fan of apps that can do complex tasks for me. It is an elegant way of saying I’m lazy and can’t be bothered to turn off my phone in church. Thankfully, there are some apps to help me keep my ringtone off during a wedding ceremony. The two of them are going head to head in this fun and easy to understand comparison article.

Comparing IFTTT Vs Tasker is like comparing apples and oranges. Both are delicious in their own right, both are fruits, and both are tasty. However, both of them are not exactly the same and provide a different flavor.

What I mean is, Tasker and IFTTT can be used in conjunction with each other on the same device at the same time. This is the real beauty of Android. So let’s find out which one can do what and which app should you be using as your daily driver.

Our Ratings:

IFTTT: 4.5 out of 5 Stars

Tasker: 4.5 out of 5 Stars

Google Play Ratings and Links:

IFTTT: 4.2 out of 5 Stars


Tasker: 4.6 out of 5 Stars


What are they?

They are both essentially apps that can make your life easier by automating tasks. For example, the apps can tweet about you being somewhere by using your location. They will also be able to upload your pictures automatically to social media as soon as you take them.

IFTTT – This name is pronounced as “gift” just without the “g”. The name is an abbreviation of If This Then That. This phrase can be implemented to achieve a ton of tasks. For example, If the Wi-Fi Is connected, then Upload New Tweet. These kinds of simple tasks are called recipes on this app.

IFTTT welcome screen

Tasker – This one does things a little differently than IFTTT and is recommended for power users. I have been using this app for a while on my personal Android device. It works remarkably well and can execute some complex tasks without breaking a digital sweat. Sure, setting up tasks can be a little harder for new users, but Tasker is an investment you will never regret.

Tasker disclaimer

The Good

Both of these apps can make your life easier. Performing tasks without even taking your phone out of the pocket makes the apps impressive. IFTTT is also available on iOS, but the Android version can do a ton more than the iOS version. You can also download premade recipes created by other users for IFTTT.

Tasker takes everything to a whole another level, a level no iPhone can reach. This is how elaborate Tasker is in its strings of commands. IFTTT is a bit easier to use than Tasker, and that is a good thing in my books.

The Bad

IFTTT is a lot more limited in scope than Tasker. There are around 7 triggers that can be used with IFTTT. This also makes it a lot easier to use and understand. Tasker can perform exponentially bigger and complex tasks on Android. However, the learning curve is understandably a lot steeper.

The interface can be improved on Tasker as well. Tasker is a bland looking app that can do a lot of stuff without even you turning on the display.

The Bottom Line

I would recommend you start using IFTTT first and then move to the big boy Tasker. However, there is simple difference between both of these apps. IFTTT can only be used to attach different apps together online. Essentially, it is a simple online service that can automate your online tasks with ease.

Tasker works on a lower level than IFTTT and can detect a wide array of changes on your Android. For example, Tasker knows when you have plugged in your charger and when you took it off. IFTTT can only know your location at best.

Ease of Use – IFTTT Wins

IFTTT makes it highly easy to make new recipes and implement them in real life. I was making recipes myself just after 5 minutes of downloading the app. That, including the time used for making a new account and logging in as well. IFTTT has a simple yet clear welcome screen; it does a great job of introducing the app to new users.

Making a Recipe on IFTTT

Tasker is a bland app and that effect ripples through the whole app. The welcome screen is a wall of text which is a disclaimer. Then there is another wall of text that tells you about the app.

Honestly, Tasker can be made better just by updating to a user-friendly design philosophy. This simple and text-book like interface makes many newcomers feel unwelcome.

Interface – IFTTT Wins

The interface plays a very important role in apps. IFTTT follows a simplistic yet modern design. It is a lot more accessible and easily understandable.

The icons, the menus, and the features are listed well and can be launched from anywhere. Adding new recipes and making new ones is very easy, even for a new user.

Premade Recipies on IFTTT

Tasker is an advanced app. I understand that, when you have a lot going on at the backend, it is hard to maintain the balance in design. The interface is not bad in Tasker, though, it is just very basic. However, being basic doesn’t cut it these days.

The app can use a little lifting up in the interface department as well. Don’t get me wrong, Tasker works perfectly, and the interface is not a hindrance. It is simply cold and methodical which may feel daunting to some users.

Features – Tasker Wins

For all its razzle and dazzle, IFTTT is still a simple app. Sure you can achieve a lot with the app but it is severely limited when compared to Tasker. The app can do a lot. However, Tasker can do a lot more than that.

Different things you cna do in Tasker

Making new recipes and implementing them is easy in IFTTT but you can only attach different apps and a bunch of system operations with it. Do you want to send a Tweet when you go to the office? IFTTT can do that. If you want to update a status whenever it rains in your area? Tasker can manage that with ease.

Managing Tasks/Recipes – Tasker Wins

Tasker wins when it comes to customizability and depth. IFTTT is a simple online service that can use a single trigger for a single task. Tasker is a monster when compared and can manage almost anything you can think of.

Modifying a task

Creating powerful applications is a day’s job for Tasker. You can also tweak everything about the tasks you want to perform. The app also comes with great plugin support. If you have a rooted device, Tasker can even do system software adjustments. As a programmer, I found performing amazing things with Tasker fairly easy.

Price and Learning Curve – IFTTT Wins

Tasker is a paid app. Naturally, IFTTT wins by being completely free.

IFTTT main interface

IFTTT also comes with a surprisingly low learning curve, and that is great. Tasker lacks the proper guides or tutorials and is a lot harder to master than other similar apps. I cannot recommend it to everyone because it is bound to confuse a lot of users.


IFTTT Vs Tasker boils down to preferences and the level of control. If you need to do automated online tasks, IFTTT will be a good match. If you are looking to become the Taskmaster from Marvel comics, then Tasker is your best bet.

Both apps have different uses and complement each other well. I would highly recommend Tasker to the power users who want to control every aspect of their Android and look cool doing it. It has saved me countless moments of embarrassment as well.

The browser and the sound mute combo is the perfect match for watching some NSFW things in the office if you catch my drift. You can have both on your Android and truly own the machine. This experience is not available on any other platform!

Thoughts? Concerns? Suggestion? Feel free to sound off in the comments.

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