10 Illegal Android Apps You Should Be Aware Of

Companies and developers create well-thought applications to satisfy their target users. They comply with all the guidelines, policies, and restrictions given by the Google Play Store. However, there are other developers who copy contents, break the policies and restrictions.

The Google Play Store has a strict approval process before the app becomes available for download and installation. Some of the illegal Android apps were approved and were once popular. However, there were claims and petitions that it causes harm and contain illegal contents.

If you really want to enjoy these (great) illegal Android apps, take the risk!

List Of Illegal Android Apps That Got Booted Out Of Google Play Store

Following is the list of 10 illegal Android apps.

  1. Sarahah Messaging App
  2. Showbox
  3. Aptoide
  4. Girls Around Me
  5. AndroDumperr
  6. CreeHack
  7. Terrarium TV
  8. Secret SMS Replicator
  9. Royal Likes – Unlimited Instagram Likes
  10. Lucky Patcher

As much as we appreciate you, our readers, reading our articles and supporting us, finding interest in apps that are not available on the Google Play store will definitely post risks. We would first like to remind everyone of the following:


  1. Before anything else, we do not recommend anyone to use the following apps. These apps are categorized as illegal for a reason. They post possible risks and harm to your personal life. This article is created and written to raise awareness about illegal apps and the attached risks of using them.
  2. The Joy of Android (techsamaritan.com) Team and all of its staff will not be held responsible and liable for any legal issues that you might face for using the following apps.
  3. The Joy of Android (techsamaritan.com) Team and all of its staff are not affiliated nor related to the following apps and their respective developers.
  4. The use of the following apps post risks that can potentially cause harm and steal information about the users. If you wish to use the apps, do so at your own risks.
  5. The Joy of Android (techsamaritan.com) Team and all of its Staff will not provide any source or information as to where to get the following apps. We strongly stand by our position as to not use the following apps.

1. Sarahah Messaging App

Sarahah Messaging App

Sarahah was a simple messaging app that started back in 2016. It became so popular because of how you can send messages anonymously. Meaning, a message can be sent to anyone without them knowing the identity of the sender.

Unfortunately, in over a span of 2 years, the popularity of the app from having the top number 1 spot went down. Up to a point that the app is no longer available on the Google Play store.

The same feature that made the app popular was also the same feature that caused its downfall. Simply, the app was being used for bullying. The developers tried to address the issue by adding a feature to filter messages and block users however, it wasn’t enough to stop the app from being used for bullying.

Sarahah app

Ultimately, Google Play banned the app due to a petition they received from the parents of a child who was being bullied on the app. Additionally, Google received reports that the app is silently stealing the contacts address book of the user.

In June 2019, the app met its demise. The developers have ended support for the app and its functionalities.

2. ShowBox

ShowBox App - Illegal Android App
ShowBox app to watch movies and TV shows

This application allows users to watch movies and TV shows directly with their Android device. You do not have to pay to enjoy these movies and TV shows. But, how come it is illegal? The video contents are streamed from direct sources that can possibly contain malicious software. Aside from it does not have permission to stream its contents, it can also steal some of your personal data.

3. Aptoide

Aptoide App - Illegal Android Apps
Aptoide app

Obviously, an app that functions like an app store is illegal and prohibited by the Google Play store policies. One perfect example of such an app is Aptoide. If you install this app, you will be presented with numerous apps that you can download and install.

We strongly recommend everyone to avoid such app. You should only trust the Google Play store as a source of downloading apps.

4. Girls Around Me

Girls Around Me - Illegal Android App
Girls Around Me app

This app has violated the API policy of Google. It has a geo-location tool that enables you to stalk people through their Facebook posts or public check-ins. After that, you can immediately connect with them through Facebook.

It’s creepy, isn’t it? Glad this app has been banned.

5. AndroDumperr

AndroDumpper - Illegal Android App
AndroDumperr app

This illegal Android app gives you the capability to hack wifi password on any Android device. It actually works when you connect to the correct wifi router and you are close to it.

6. CreeHack

CreeHack App - Illegal Android App
CreeHack app

How does this app become one of the claimed illegal Android apps? Well, it gives you the leverage to get in-app purchases for FREE. You only have to activate the app, and you are now able to get whatever you want.

7. Terrarium TV

Terrarium TV - Illegal Android app
Terrarium TV app

It has an interface similar to Netflix. Your favorite movies and TV shows are available in Terrarium TV. Other than that, it allows you to save and download video contents so you can watch it offline. If you are on travel, you can freely watch your downloaded movies anytime.

8. Secret SMS Replicator

Secret SMS Replicator app - Illegal Android app
Secret SMS Replicator app

This is also a creepy app that would really invade your privacy. It can give your paranoid lover, bitter exes, and desperate stalkers a victorious smile with the help of this app.

The app works as spyware that you can install on to your target’s Android phone and it would run unnoticed in the background. When you enable the app, all of the incoming messages on the target’s phone will be forwarded to your number.

It would really be a concern when you are a victim of this app. Thankfully, the Google Play Store was warned about this.

9. Royal Likes – Unlimited Instagram Likes

Royal Likes - Illegal Android app
Royal Likes app

I guess all of us use Instagram to share and relive unforgettable moments, and some use it as a platform to present to the world their skills in photography. But, if you want to gain more likes and followers, Royal Likes is the app for you.

You have to earn coins and complete tasks to gain more followers. However, this is one of the illegal Android apps. It requires you to log in to your Instagram account, it is risky to give your credential and authentication to these kinds of apps.

10. Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher app - Illegal Android app
Lucky Patcher app

Lucky Patcher is similar to CreeHack, it lets you modify certain apps to make premium features for free that will usually cost or require some money to use.

What makes this app popular is its ability to do so without the need of rooting your Android smartphone. However, modifying an app that charges a fee for a certain item or feature to use is illegal since it is considered as stealing. Therefore making this app an illegal app.


How to download illegal android apps?

You have to set up your Android device to download illegal android apps. Enable unknown sources to install APK files. You can look for APK files all over the internet. To avoid malicious software, download APK files from trusted sources. If you want to download the APK files through your computer, here are APK File Downloaders you can safely use.

Can apps be hacked?

Apps on our phones can give us entertainment and convenience. However, there are some apps that contain malicious software. You have to be cautious at what apps you download and make transactions with. You may lose your identity and hard-earned money if you are not careful with the apps you download. Always keep your personal data and Android device safe with these best antivirus app for Android.

Is my Android hacked?

When you are fond of downloading illegal Android apps or APKs from websites, you are putting your Android device at risk. When your phone is infected with malicious software, it might behave like the following:

– Slow performance
– Receive suspicious SMS
– Battery easily drained
– Unexpected transaction charges
– Breached or leaked data

If you think your Android phone is infected with malicious software or virus, JoyofAndroid recommends these steps on how to remove viruses and fix errors in any Android device.


You should be aware of the listed Illegal Android Apps because they do not follow the terms and conditions of the Google Play Store. Your Android device might be put at risk instead of enjoying the apps. Instead, look for trusted and approved apps in the Play Store.

Is the article useful? Share this with your family and friends to alarm them on what apps not to download. Moreover, if you know some illegal Android apps, share it with us in the comment section.

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  1. Terrarium has been gone for a couple years at least so someone had to patch the file to even work but they so many with same movies shows now.I would not use it to be truthful myself and use showbox for years too .

  2. Thanks for every other informative website. The place else may just I get that type of info written in such a perfect approach?
    I have a project that I’m simply now operating on, and I have
    been on the look out for such info.

    1. aptoide itself and most of the apps on it arent illegal, since it isnt illegal to download apks that are orginally free. however the apks that you would normally have to pay for are illegal

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