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Use Your Voice to Control This Virtual Assistant App for Android

There are a lot of great virtual assistant apps on Android. But some of them provide an individual comfort to the users. Indigo virtual assistant app is one of the few good apps on the play store.

This app has a very clean interface and a good color scheme. It does provide some great features. But honestly, there is nothing that makes it stand out from the rest of the apps in the genre.

I do like how great the app can be. But when compared to other top virtual assistant apps for Android, there is something lacking here.

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The Good

The interface of this app is really well implemented. There are some uncommon design philosophies used here. The prominent text bar at the bottom of the screen can help you in noisy situations.

The app gives accurate answers to any question you ask. When it comes to Indigo Virtual Assistant, there are a lot of options in anything you do.

The Bad

The app can take some time to process the questions or instructions. At times, the app felt unresponsive, only to answer the same question multiple times. Not being responsive might lead to some frustrating moments in real life situations.

However the results were quite accurate. Local commands are instantly executed, such as opening a particular app.

The Bottom Line

Indigo Virtual Assistant app is a solid app that can provide a quality service. However, if you have a spotty internet, the app can take its sweet time getting you the answers to simple questions.

The app can do a lot of stuff for you, including opening apps, settings reminders and alarms and even checking the weather for you. But if you are looking for something unique, this app won’t provide you with that.

Installation and Boot

The installation process of the app is the standard drill. Go to the app page in the Google Play Store, click on the install button and watch the app download. The app is small in size and can be downloaded using mobile date of you want. The app will install in seconds after the initiation.

You can launch the app either by using the installation notification or the app drawer icon.

If you have a Samsung smartphone or tablet, just as you launch the app a new pop-up will appear. You will see this message because your smartphone will likely have Google Text-to-speech engine as well as the Samsung one.

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I recommend that you select the Google version because the app is more liable to work better with it. After the selection, the app will take you to a mandatory login screen. I don’t like when an app forces me to login, so it’s a one-point deduction right here. There is also no tutorial or welcome screen to speak of in this app.

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The Interface

The interface of Indigo Virtual Assistant App is somewhat standard. The only exception in the interface is at the bottom right side of the screen, you’ll see the mic button. Usually, it’s in the middle of the screen.

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One of the good things about the app is the omnipresent text bar available at the bottom of the screen. Easy access to the text bar comes in real handy when you are stuck at a supermarket with noisy kids. Or at a traffic junction where everyone is seemingly resting their heads on the horn.

Indigo Virtual Assistant (4)

The card style design of the app is also very pleasing to the eyes. The text is really big and very readable, even from a distance. I like how the color scheme is translated on to the cards as well. Overall the interface of the app is very good.

The Features

The app is not insanely drenched with features. Don’t get me wrong, there are some pretty good features here, but they are not in large numbers.

Indigo Virtual Assistant (5)

The app can now read the news for you. This feature can be used while doing your makeup or shaving. Now you don’t have to carry the paper to the bathroom with you.

The app is also capable of launching apps. I was expecting the app to write my emails as I dictate them, but that was unfortunately not the case.

Indigo Virtual Assistant (6)

The Usage

The app works well in almost all situations. I asked directions, arranged reminders and set alarms using this app and it worked well.

The text is very legible even if you have docked the app in your car. Taping on some cards can launch the dedicated app if it is installed.

Indigo Virtual Assistant (7)

The app even noticed my location and said it will remember that. I don’t know how that affected the behavior of the app, though.

Voice Recognition

Essentially the app is loaning out the voice recognition work to Google Talk-to-Speech app. The results are very satisfactory.

Indigo Virtual Assistant (9)

The app recognized my accented voice in some situations of various background noise. Although, the app had problems listening to me in a crowded shopping mall with a concert going on in the background. But that was to be expected.

Indigo Virtual Assistant (10)


The app needs to access your contacts, send SMS, access your messages and know your location. All of these features are necessary for the basic functions of the app. You will need to access accounts to make calls, same goes for messaging. The app needs to know your location for location based services.


Indigo Virtual Assistant app is a solid Siri-like app for Android. The app works well in almost all situation and provides a quality experience. The only thing negative about this app is that it is very standard. It doesn’t provide anything unique.

Therefore, if you are already using another virtual assistant app for Android, there is no incentive to switch to Indigo Virtual Assistant app. If you have any questions or queries about this review or the app, feel free to ask in the comments below.

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