Inoreader- Best RSS Reader

Inoreader – Why is it the Best RSS Reader of 2023

Without further ado let’s get into the topic of Inoreader on why, what for, uses, and more.

Even though you are tired of getting endless notifications through social media, you can’t stay away from it. Social media plays a major role in knowing what events are happening around the world. Some people rely on social media only to read the news.

Discussing the news we consume, the information is scattered across different pages or websites. This forces the readers to open each site in order to get a clear idea of the information or the news in depth. In such cases, an RSS reader can be a great solution for you. Putting it simply, an RSS reader is a standardized platform where users can find up-to-date news and information from the chosen website, social media channels, or blogs. You can get notified when you subscribe to your favorite channels or blogs. 

Considering the best RSS reader available, how can we forget the Inoreader? It is one of the most user-friendly platforms that can serve as an alternative to many news feeds due to its features. How much do you know about the Inoreader and its features? Not much? Don’t worry! Running down to this blog, you will get a proper picture of Inoreader and its features. 

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What Is Inoreader?

Inoreader is one of the best RSS readers, and a web-based content provider that is easily accessible for web browsers, and even mobile devices, including both android and iOS. Being one of the best research tools, the inoreader has a well-designed interface that provides a lot of discovery options. 

This platform is the best time saver impressing users with unified layouts, and is friendly to beginners. You can even filter or unfilter to get your desired news feed. Users are allowed to read around 100 feeds with the free trial plan. This feature-packed free platform has a great automation system. Providing the content in a readable format, the Inoreader also allows you to tag specific feeds and organize them. 

Features of Inoreader

The major reason for the success of Inoreader is its cool features and interface. Along with being integrated with many other web apps, the Inoreader allows the whole access to up-to-date content. Here are some of the top features that attract most of the most users. 


The Inoreader has proven itself to be a user-friendly platform. Organizing feeds is easier through Inoreader. Based on similar keywords, Inoreader shows updated, or new content based on the searches. 

Saving Files 

If you don’t have time to read a particular from the web, Inoreader allows you to save the page to read it later. You can even use the browser extension for saving content. For this purpose, there is a read later section allowing users to read when they want to. The Inoreader also allows you to save the whole article to your library. This can be saved or downloaded in the form of a PDF. It also supports you to print it into hard copies. 

Keyword Monitoring

Not only for beginners, but Inoreader is best for advanced users providing options like keyword monitoring. Entering a specific keyword as per your interest will drive Inoreader to fetch all information related to the specific keywords. This will give you a feed related to the keyword you searched for. Through this, people can save time by only reading what they want. 

Share and Distribute

Sometimes it’s obvious to feel like sharing specific content while reading. So, Inoreader also has a solution for it. It is not only great for reading feeds, but also allows you to share the feeds with others you are connected to personally, or privately in the Inoreader community. 

Sharing the whole content will be easier if your friends use Inoreader through the S hotkey. You can also collaborate through the comments. Email is also a better way to share full-text articles through PDF. 


Some users might find difficulties in understanding some content due to a lack of fluency in the languages. In such cases, the platform allows you to translate with the Inoreader tool. One of the highlights is that inoreader offers the same translated version whenever you come back, or refer to the article. 


To make your tasks easier, Inoreader introduces an annotation feature. Here you can annotate directly in the platform, and mark a particular text for the future. This marked section appears in yellow at the top of the article, which can help you easily find the marked texts. 

Text to Speech

Text-to-speech is Inoreader’s newest feature that allows readers to listen to the content. Through this feature, users can also add their favorite articles to the playlist in the web audio player provided. But, to use this feature you have to make a pro plan. 

Features of a Pro Plan

  • Even though the free plan provides a lot of features, the pro plan gives access to integrate with other apps, like Zapier.
  • Having a pro plan, Inoreader also allows you to sync your YouTube account with your RSS reader. So, you can also watch YouTube videos through Inoreader. 
  • Offline mode for mobile users is another feature making the platform more friendly if you have a pro plan. 
  • Additionally, you can also read the feed without ads. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why download the Inoreader app? 

Inoreader is a cloud-based service, and a web-based content provider that provides your news feeds with news from various online sources. This application can be used through web browsers, iOS, and even android phones. 

Is the Inoreader free plan worth it? 

Yes, Inoreader’s free plan provides users with around 150 feed items. It will give you a personalized dashboard, along with podcast players. Even though it’s a free plan you can also get news alerts. 

What are the benefits of having a pro plan for Inoreader? 

Having a pro plan of Inoreader gives you unlimited feeds. You can easily search, or remove content with filters in the feed. Keyword monitoring is one of the major features that are beneficial for advanced users. Taking a pro plan will also allow you to listen to the articles through the Text-to-Speech feature.

Start Using Inoreader for Up-to-Date Feeds 

Even though every RSS feed reader has plenty of news feeds, users might find it a bit confusing sometimes, to find the content that they are searching for. In such cases, Inoreader being a user-friendly platform, plays a great role. Here, you can find up-to-date news, and feeds from your favorite websites and blogs, Twitter searches, and even podcasts.

The powerful automation of the platform can help the users with push notifications, and emails if it has some related feeds. Being accessible from both android, desktops, and iOS, users can easily use it considering the features mentioned above. A time saver, you can easily find and share content as you see fit. 

If the features mentioned above impress you, then why wait? Be a part of the Inoreader community. Start a free plan today and share your experiences in the comments below. 

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