featured image hopeful android kickstarters

Kickstarter Campaigns We Hope are Successful

featured image hopeful android kickstarters

Kickstarter has always been a service that’s been hit or miss for me when it comes to how many different projects there are on the platform. It’s a place where anyone can pitch almost anything for a shot at getting it created and put into the hands of the people that want. However, it doesn’t always work out in the end, even if the project gets the funding it needs.

I’m usually wary to donate to a Kickstarter for those reasons and more alone, but that never stops me from putting hope in some of the new things I see. That’s why I wanted to share these few different Kickstarter campaigns that I really hope make it out into the world, and that I wouldn’t mind having.

I won’t cover every campaign I like in full, but I’d give you a pitch of the pitch, and then show you where you need to go if you want to learn more.

1. The World’s Smallest Smart Remote

When I first saw the title of this project, I thought it was probably the worst thing in the world for someone like me. I lose things constantly, especially if it’s a remote. If you make that remote even smaller, I’m doomed to lose it, but even with that in mind, this project is still pulling me in.

smart remote1-hopeful android kickstarters

Imagine a remote that could control almost any NFC device, but is no bigger than a screw. It’s insanely portable, amazingly capable, but there’s still more. This isn’t just a smart remote, but is a smart key too, just take a look at some of the included features.

smart remote2 hopeful android kickstarters

Now that’s without using your Android device along with it, but in conjunction with Android, it can do so much more. This tiny key/remote has a full markdown of the idea, and what it can do on the Kickstarter page, as well as several videos.

Check out the Kickstarter page here!

2. The Smart Protektor

No that isn’t misspelled, it’s just a part of the marketing for this useful little device. We’ve already seen how dangerous overcharging a smartphone is, so the Smart Protektor is an easy way to make the whole process faster and safer at the same time.

protektor1 hopeful android kickstarters

The Smart Protektor works over USB, and acts just like any data transfer cable, except it severely reduces the risk of damage to almost zero. If you’ve ever worried about overcharging your battery or just reducing its life in general over time, this sounds like just the project for you.

protektor2 hopeful android kickstarters

This project has already reached its goal, but there’s still time to throw some money its way to reserve a Smart Protektor before the Kickstarter ends.

Check out the Kickstarter page here!

3. The Perbeat Bluetooth Handsfree & Streaming Audio Kit

This is a project that already has some professionally reviewed legs, so there isn’t much I can add to make it sound any better. Essentially what you’re putting your money up for is an easy way to stream music and audio over Bluetooth practically anywhere that takes USB or an auxiliary cable.

perbeat hopeful android kickstarters

If you’ve used an auxiliary cord to stream audio in a car, you already know how awkward it is, and something like this would wipe all of those technical issues and awkwardness away. I’ll let the short reviews on the page sell you on the device, the good reception here is staggering.

Check out the Kickstarter page here!

4. PocketPower: A Solar Charger Fits in Your Pocket

Let’s go back to talking about charging again, but instead of safety, let’s talk about convenience and energy. Pocket Power is just what the tagline says it is, a solar charger that you can fold up to fit in to your pocket.

pocket1 hopeful android kickstarters

It’s a pretty simple device. While you’re out and about in the sun, fold it out and either wrap it around a bag or wear it on your person. Once it’s full, fold it back up, and take it out when you need it to charge any USB device you can think of and carry with you.

pocket2 hopeful android kickstarters


Like another project on this list, PocketPower has already been funded, but if you want one from the first batch, you still have time to back it!

Check out the Kickstarter page here!

5. The World’s Smartest Modular WiFi + Bluetooth Wearable Ring

Continuing with the world’s smallest theme, take a look at the world’s smallest Wi-Fi + Bluetooth ring, and what it can accomplish. This isn’t exactly a project for me, but I’m interested in the possibility and ideas behind it. It’s modular, so it has the potential for multiple different setups.

wifi ring1 hopeful android kickstarters

This isn’t going to be a Kickstarter project for everyone, but for the niche that it fills, it’s going to leave the people in it very happy. If this is something you think you might be interested in, you should take a look at the page, even if you’re just slightly curious.

Check out the Kickstarter page here!

6. Catspad: The Best Smart Food and Water Dispenser for Cats

This last Kickstarter project only applies to cat owners of course, but it’s one that every owner could use in their home. It’s a food dispenser that focuses on feeding cats when need it, not when their owners have time during their schedules.

catspad hopeful android kickstarters

The Catspad is controlled from your Android and notifies you when supplies are low and need to be refilled. Once everything is full, your cat eats and drinks in small amounts whenever they need to do throughout the day. It’s just as easy as that, so give the Kickstarter page a look if you’re an interested cat owner.

Check out the Kickstarter page here!


This isn’t all there is to see on Kickstarter, even when just dealing with Android compatible tech. Projects come and go on the service pretty quickly, but it always provides an exciting chance to become an investor in something new, and potentially get a product that changes how you interact with both the world and your Android.

If you have any Kickstarter projects that you wish had more love, or just want to talk about some that are already well liked, please leave any feedback below!

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