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A London-based developer duo has engineered an anonymous pirate-themed photo manipulator app for android. On the surface, the app is pretty simple, with much of the features that you get on Instagram, memegenerator, but also more.

Photo Remixing App

This app, Yarrly, makes it possible for users to make 2-panel images and include text just likewith a meme maker. Once you make your yarrly, you can share the link so that everyonewho gets it open via the link within the app can manipulate the initial 2-panel image by putting in their own text or photo. The remixed result of this is then posted through the chain (anonymously) and the source poster is alerted on the remix.
The idea behind this app is to bring together the image-based jollity of Snapchat with the anon sharing of Rando and the fun of Reddit’s meme factories. Although it works like the best way of doing this on a mobile phone, the Yarrly community is as of now quite small – it will depend on users’ creativity to grow.

“Image based conversations are a universally uniting medium. Expression and creativity are fundamentally limited by ego and ownership. With Yarrly we wanted something where people could riff, play and produce without the shackles of identity to ensure that the content is put first,” said Yarrly cofounder Holly Clarke.

You can get the android version of Yarrly on the Play Store. iOS users may also expect a release for the platform sometimes down the line.

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