LG Aristo Case

The 11 Best Cases and Covers for the LG Aristo

LG Aristo Case
Get the best protection for your LG Aristo with these smartphone cases and covers.

Thanks to the advancements in technology, you can now design your Google phone case the way you want it to be. You’ll enjoy coming up with a decorative cover using your preferred filters and images.

But if you want an alternative option to making your phone presentable, you should consider a sturdy and specially designed LG Aristo phone case that will suit your needs or lifestyle.

There are a number of smartphone cases available. You have the option to pick any design – from cartoonish covers to sleek shells to elegant and chic looking cases.

You name it and there’s a case design for it! These Aristo covers were made to inspire LG aficionados as they go about their daily routine.

1. Dual Layer Hybrid Shock Proof Protective Rugged Case

Dual Layer Hybrid Shock Proof Protective Rugged Case
Dual layers pf TPU gives maximum protection against impact.

This casing has a distinct design; it’s not too bulky, fits the device well, and provides the user easy access to all the phone’s features.

It is comprised of dual layers of TPU and polycarbonate for maximum protection against impact. The cover lip safeguards the device from any scratches and abrasions.

This protective material perfectly fits the design of the LG Aristo. The cover’s design and components ensures excellent shock absorbance.

What’s more, the Dual Layer Hybrid cover comes in several colors, ranging from black, blue, and purple.

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2. Jwest Full-Body Rugged Belt Clip Holster Case

Jwest Full-Body Rugged Belt Clip Holster Case without Built-in Screen Protector
Keep your LG Aristo safe even in the great outdoors with Jwest.

The TPU layer of this full-body armor protective case gives it flexibility, while the polycarbonate layer protects the phone from any damage caused by a big impact.

The coating and the front cover ensures that your phone remains scratch-resistant. The cover also comes with a rotatable kickstand for you to enjoy watching videos and movies.

It has finely designed cutouts so you can quickly access the power button, camera, speaker, headphone jack, and charging port.

If you are the outdoorsy type, you can quickly attach your phone securely on your waist with this case. This allows you to use your device anytime and anywhere.

The Jwest case also comes with port plugs to protect the Aristo from dust and debris. It is available in black, blue, gray, green, mint, orange, and rose pink.

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3. Jwest Protective Wallet Case

Jwest Credit Card Holder Hard Silicone Rubber Hybrid Armor Shockproof Protective Wallet Case
Carry all the cards and cash you need with the Jwest Protective Wallet Case

This premium hybrid case is made of TPU and polycarbonate and is designed primarily to fit the LG Aristo.

This wallet case looks elegant and you can confidently use it anywhere, secure in the knowledge that it comes with premiere shock absorption.

It’s pretty convenient as well.  Instead of having to bring a wallet for your cards, the Jwest case comes with a card slot at the back. This enables you to store your cards and access them at your convenience.

The entire case perfectly fits the dimensions of the LG Aristo, thereby ensuring the device won’t slide out.

The precisely cut openings also gives you unimpeded access to all the buttons, charging port, camera, speaker and headphone jack.

It also includes raised rims that makes your phone scratch resistant. The design enables you to hold your phone comfortably even if its inside this sturdy casing.

The Jwest wallet phone casing is available in army green, black, navy blue, and rose gold.

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4. NageBee Glitter Liquid Sparkle Case

NageBee Glitter Liquid Quicksand Flowing Sparkle Diamond Cute Case
Bring out the fun in your smartphone with NageBee’s sparkling phone case.

The NageBee Glitter Liquid casing is simply stunning. Its impressive design is enhanced by the glitters adorning it, easily redefining what a fashionable phone cover looks like.

You will undoubtedly find the design  charming, especially as it makes your phone appear bright and cheery. But don’t underestimate its durability.

The cover’s hard polycarbonate layer makes your smartphone resistant to damage when dropped or knocked about.

Meanwhile, the soft, slim, and clear TPU case will give you confidence that your phone will be leakage-free by bridging the gaps.

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The design of the casing is something that you can proudly show off to your friends. It was fashioned flawlessly.

The precisely cut out openings ensure easy access to all the phone’s key functions, like the power button, camera, headphone jack, charging port, and speaker.

Aside from saving the device from many falls, young girls will surely love the diamonds on the back of this easy to grip casing with slip profile.

The NageBee case has even been dubbed the unicorn phone because of its available colors – blue, clear rose gold, diamond rainbow illusion, and purple.

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5. Bastex Hybrid Slim Fit Silicon Cover with Screen Protector

Bastex Hybrid Slim Fit Black Rubber Silicon Cover with Screen Protector
Protect each corner of your smartphone with the Bastex Hybrid Silicon Cover.

The Bastex’ state-of-the-art texture makes the device easy to grip. The sturdy construction of the casing provides a long-lasting and ultimate defense for your phone against impacts and bumps.

It has a dual-layer protection that consists of polycarbonate and thermoplastic polyurethane. The inner rubber case is flexible and keeps your phone free of scuffs.

The whole phone case has a unique design for you to quickly access all the phone details, like the ports, speaker, and camera.

The increased thickness around the cover’s corners gives the Bastex Hybrid a distinct look. The design ensures that your phone will be able to avoid any shock or damage.

Meanwhile, the inner layer has extended boundaries to protect your screen from scratches. This item comes with a screen protector and a cleaning cloth.

You will surely love it for your LG Aristo, especially since it comes in two color combinations – Rose Gold/Black and Teal/Black.

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6. RUIHUI Flip Leather Protective Wallet Case

RUIHUI Flip Leather Protective Wallet Cover Case with Card Slots, Kickstand and Magnetic Closure
Keep up with the Joneses with the elegant and functional design of the RUIHUI Flip Leather Protective Wallet Case.

It’s a flip wallet case that will nicely fit your phone. The cover is made of genuine leather. The synthetic leather casing’s straight and secure stitching guarantees it remains strong even after lots of wear.

The case has a multi-angle kickstand that lets you enjoy a hands-free display experience. It also comes with slots to hold your credit cards, ID, and cash for emergencies.

The reversible magnet clasp grants you total convenience when receiving calls or watching the screen.

The elegant flip design replaces the screen protector’s purpose of saving your phone’s display screen from breakage, dust, and scratches. It also gives it a professional look.

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7. Evocel Rugged Holster Dual Layer Case

Evocel Rugged Holster Dual Layer Case with Kickstand and Belt Swivel Clip
Do away with bulky outlines with the Evocel Holster Dual Layer Case.

The Evocel’s hard exterior shell is made of polycarbonate material, thereby ensuring that your phone will be free of smudges and scratches.

The life-proof case is also excellent in resisting extreme impact. The inner silicone liner provides extra cushioning for your device, thereby doubling its protection.

An independent, removable 180-degree swivel belt clip attachment is included in the package, letting you conveniently carry your phone anywhere you go.

The item’s slim profile eliminates any bulkiness in your pocket. Meanwhile, the kickstand provides you with an excellent hands-free viewing experience.

The raised lip of the cover provides additional protection to your phone’s screen against a drop on a flat surface.

The Evocel protective cover is a perfect fit for the LG Aristo model. It also comes in black, green, pink, and blue colors.

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8. Mini Turtle American Shield Case

Mini Turtle Case Hybrid Holster Shell with Built Stand American Shield
Keep your device free of scratches with the hard shell of the Mini Turtle Case.

Marvel lovers are sure to love this protective smartphone casing. The package includes a kickstand for useful hands-free landscape viewing.

It also comes with swiveling holster belt clip for carrying convenience.

This ideal casing for your LG Aristo has double layered molding, and the raised edges will ensure that your phone screen will be free of scratches.

It will be difficult choosing which cool color you want. Is it the Sniper Camo? Or could it be the American Shield, Blue Gameboy, Blue Camouflage, Blue Fire Skull, Demon Cyborg, or Galaxy Specs?


9. Zeking Ultra Slim Anti-Scratch Soft Protective Skin

Zeking Ultra Slim Thin Anti-Scratch TPU Rubber Soft Skin Silicone Premium Protective Case
The Zeking Ultra Slim case merges state-of-the-art technology with old school glamour.

This remarkable LG Aristo case is a transparent, slim phone protector with a 1.5 mm thickness. The TPU is flexible and very tough, safeguarding your device from falls and breakages.

The cover’s surface is comfortable to the touch. And with its state-of-the-art design, you can easily and comfortably access all your phone’s buttons and details.

This shockproof durable case is waterproof and very easy to install.


10. Mulafnxal White Lucky Cat Case

3D Cartoon Lucky Cat Kids Girls Silicone Soft Protector Skin Shell
Fall in love and have fun with this lucky cat!

Cat and kawaii lovers unite! You will surely fall in love with the charming and cute cartoon design of this casing.

Meanwhile, this fashionable casing is made with materials that will protect your smartphone from scratches, impacts, and smudges. It also has a high shock absorbance feature.

All the holes have precise cutouts for you to access all the phone details and buttons. Plus, you can easily clean the case with water without losing its pristine condition.


11. Rainbow [Hybrid Armor] Protective Soft Silicone Slim Hybrid Protector Case

Rainbow [Hybrid Armor] Protective Soft Silicone Slim Hybrid Protector Case
Relax and enjoy a colorful day with the Rainbow Protector Case.
This phone case has composite layers (TPU and polycarbonate) that will provide total protection against falls and dirt.

Its  brushed metal finish gives it an elegant look. It will also be easy to bring your phone using this casing because it is light-weight and comes with a slim profile.

The layered silicone is shock-absorbing, with extended edges that will surely protect your delicate phone display screen. It’s also very durable.

You can also easily get to all your phone’s essential functions with the precise cutouts. The Rainbow Armor case is available in black, blue, and pink colors.


One More Before You Go

Thanks to these brilliantly designed cases and covers, you can take your LG Aristo almost anywhere without worry.

These covers and phone cases will ensure that your LG Aristo is safe from scratches, dents, and dirt.

So which style did you find the most attractive? Do you have any questions about the cases? You can leave questions or comments about these LG cases in the comments below.

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