LG G5 Problems and Their Troubleshooting

10 LG G5 Problems and Troubleshooting Them

LG G5 Problems and Their Troubleshooting

The LG G5 is an amazing smartphone; it comes with a lot of unique features that are not available elsewhere. However, just like any other Android smartphone or electronic equipment, it comes with its fair share of problems. This article is going to address the most common LG G5 problems and their troubleshooting.

With its IPS screen and dual cameras on the back, the LG G5 has a lot to offer. It is a great phone through and through, and LG is trying something new with their flagships. If you want more information about the smartphone, check out the best LG G5 features article as well.

But as you are already reading this article about LG G5 problems and its troubleshooting, I think it’s better that we head straight into the problems themselves. A point to be noted here is that this is no way a complete thesaurus of the problems LG G5 made spring, this will only be addressing the most common ones.

1. The App Drawer Is Missing

You have just gotten the shiny LG G5 out of the box and booted it up. To your surprise, there is no app drawer available on the smartphone. Instead, all of your apps are displayed right on the home screens like an iPhone. But you’re not going to go for this simplified look, you need your app drawer back.


Solution 1:

The best solution here is to go to LG SmartWorld App. The app is preinstalled on the LG G5, and all you need to do is find it on the home screen and tap on it. From there, simply search for LG Home 4.0 and download it. After that, you have access to the app drawer.

Solution 2:

Alternatively, you can easily enable the EasyHome feature that comes with LG G5. It makes the smartphone easier to use by making the icons bigger and the text even larger. EasyHome comes with an app drawer by default. You can enable this by going into Settings > Display > Home Screen > Select Home > EasyHome. However, a downside to this method is that your home screen will become overly simplified.

Solution 3:

The third solutions the problem is quite simple, all you do is install a custom launcher and you’ll have access to an app drawer. I highly recommend checking out our best Android custom launchers list. I favor Nova Launcher above all but your choice may vary.

2. Fast charging Problems

The LG G5 does come with the latest QUALCOMM Quick Charge 3.0 capability and it works really well. However, some users have reported having problems with the fast charging not working as intended. In theory, your phone should be up to 80% from zero in around 30 to 35 minutes. But the next 20 percent will take a little bit longer as the battery will be filled at a slower rate.


Solution 1:

This one is the most common solutions, and it works really well. Simply don’t use the phone while it’s charging and it will charge exponentially faster. I would recommend turning your smartphone off, especially if you’re in a hurry, it will charge even faster.

Solution 2:

If you’re using any third party charger or a cable, the fast charging may not be able to work perfectly. I recommend that you only use the official Quick Charge 3.0 charger and cable.

3. Excessive Backlight Bleed

A lot of users have reported seeing backlight bleed on the LG G5. For those who don’t know, backlight bleed is the light you see on the corners of the screen when the screen should be completely black. While it is not a big issue, especially when you’re not using a permanently black layout, it is certainly annoying for those many who have shelled out a premium price for the smartphone.



Unfortunately, we cannot do anything about backlight bleed and blooming. It is purely a hardware issue and only can be resolved by LG themselves. You should take your smartphone to the service center or contact LG to resolve the issue. If the backlight bleed is not that annoying, you can use a lighter wallpaper to avoid looking at it all the times.

4. Notification LED Not Working

There is a glitch where the notification LED fails to light up whenever there are incoming messages or notifications. Some users have reported that the light works perfectly with the default apps, but it’s not playing well with third-party messaging apps.


Solution 1:

Head over to Settings > Sound > Notification LED and make sure that this feature is checked. Also, check if you have selected the appropriate notification types.

Solution 2:

If this still doesn’t work, you can download the light flow app to get a lot more control over the LED of your LG G5. There is also a free version of the app that allows you to demo it before purchasing.

Download at Google play7

5. Bad Battery Life

If your LG G5 is facing bad battery life, there can be a number of factors affecting it. While the LG G5 does have a substantial battery pack, it is not long-lasting as the one found on other flagship smartphones. So naturally, you’ll find the battery life a bit on the lower side, respectable but not impressive. Here is what you can do to avoid the bad battery life problem:


Solution 1:

One of the easiest ways to increase battery life is to reduce the screen brightness. If it is at hundred percent, you can easily tone it down to like 70%. I don’t recommend going below 50 because the screen becomes way too dull on the LG G5.

Solution 2:

You can also try turning off all the features that you don’t need. Simply go to the settings and start turning off the features that you don’t find useful. For example, you can turn off the always-on display if you’re not too keen on using it at all.

Solution 3:

You can check if some app is acting weird and draining all your battery life. You can either use the inbuilt battery status from the settings or employ a third-party battery saver app to monitor the stats. If you find that some app is not working as intended and is constantly draining resources, you can then disable it or uninstall it completely.

Solution 4:

You can also try deleting the cache and data from your device. You will lose some of the app data and might need to re-login your accounts but it still better than having an abysmal battery timing. To do it, simply go to Settings > General > Storage. It may take a few seconds to load up, after that tap on the cache to data and clear it.

Solution 5:

Another solution is to reset your LG G5 to factory default settings. But I only recommend it if none of the methods work at all.

Solution 6:

As the LG G5 is amongst the few flagship smartphones that come with a removable battery, you can easily purchase a new one from the LG store. This will solve all your battery life and related problems in one go.

6. Fingerprint Scanner Not Working

A few users have reported that their fingerprint scanner on the LG G5 is not working properly. Either it doesn’t work at all or even if it works it takes several times to unlock the device.


Solution 1:

The first thing you need to do is simply delete the fingerprint data you have currently on the device. In order to do that head over to Settings > General Column > Fingerprint and Security > Fingerprints > Enter Pin > Add Fingerprint. From here you can delete the old fingerprint data. I also recommend scanning multiple fingers while you’re at it.

Solution 2:

The fingerprint scanner is reportedly not working with some cases. Obviously, the cases with no fingerprint cut out will automatically block access to it. However, some cases make it hard for the full finger to make contact with the fingerprint scanner surface. I recommend trying out your scanner without the case and if it scans with ease, check out the best LG G5 cases and covers to select an alternate one.

Solution 3:

If the problem is still they are, then you can only go to LG and get your device checked.

7. Camera Not Working Properly

The LG G5 comes with two cameras and a lot of improvements. So it’s a shame that some people are having problems with the camera. The reports of “Warning: Camera Failed” message popping up whenever users activate the app are fairly common. Here is what you can do to remedy this problem.


Solution 1:

Sometimes stopping the camera app can help. You can go to the Settings > Application Manager > Camera App. From there tap on Force Stop. You can also clear the data and cache of the camera app from here.

Solution 2:

Simply restarting the camera app can help as well. To restart the device press and hold the power button for a few seconds and tap on the restart button. I also recommend removing the battery by shutting down the phone first and then reinserting it.

Solution 3:

If nothing else is working, you can reset the device to factory default settings. However, I highly recommend that you backup older data before doing it because it will be lost when the settings are reset. To reset your LG G5 to factory default settings, head over to Settings > General > Backup and Reset Factory > Factory Data Reset. Your device will take up to ten minutes to fully reset to factory default.

Solution 4:

If none of these solutions work for you, it is time to take your device to the LG official service center near you. There is a high likelihood that your LG G5 is facing hardware problems.

8. Wi-Fi Not Working

There is a common problem for almost all the smartphone owners, not only LG G5. Even if the Wi-Fi is working, the phone is unable to connect to the Internet. If connected, the speeds are way too low than expected. Here is what you can do to make it all better.


Solution 1:

A basic solution is to reset the Internet modem/router as well as your LG G5.

Solution 2:

Head over to Settings > Network > Wi-Fi Internet connection and tap on forget. From there tap on the connection again and enter all the details.

Solution 3:

LG G5 has been updated with a lot of bucks cushion and performance boosting patches. Go to Settings > General > About Phone > Update Center > Software Update > Check Now for Update. This will ensure that you are running the latest firmware from LG on your device.

9. Proximity Sensor Is Acting out

A few LG G5 owners have reported that their proximity sensor is acting weird. This means that they are unable to use the smartphone during a call because the proximity sensor thinks the phone is still near your ear.


Solution 1:

Go to the dialer app and dial “*#546368#*[Model Number]#” this will open up a testing menu. From there, select Device Test > Service Menu Manual Test > Key Press Test > Cal Start. This will recalibrate the sensor.

Solution 2:

Also, check out a proximity sensor testing app on Google Play Store. This will allow you to know whether your device is faulty or there are some other issues.

Solution 3:

If you have a tempered glass protector on your LG G5, remove it and see if the proximity sensor works or not. A lot of users have reported that protectors made out of tempered glass are the problem.

10. Overheating

The LG G5 is a cool smartphone, but some users have reported that after extended usage, it becomes overheated. This can happen when you are playing graphically intensive games; or if you’re charging your smartphone during gameplay. However if the smartphone is getting overheated simply laying down, then there is a problem.


Solution 1:

I recommend wiping your cache partition by heading into Settings > General > Storage and USB. Click on Cached data > OK.

Solution 2:

Don’t charge your phone while it is in use.

Solution 3:

If the problem persists, you will have to take the smartphone to the LG service center.


These were a few common LG G5 problems and their solutions. If you are still facing any problems, feel free to talk to us, and we might come to a solution.

What are your opinions about the LG G5? Is it a great phone or not? Tell is in the comments.

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  1. There are a lot of people spending money on tempered glass screen protectors and complaining that they won’t adhere to the bottom corner (right side on mine) some think they have a bad screen protector but if you look at the phone the corner actually is indented which makes it impossible to use with this particular screen saver. I have been on chat with LG and they actually admitted to not being able to use the tempered glass screen saver yet there is no warning from the vendors selling the phone with the screen protector. This is really disappointing and after spending the $45 for it I am left to having to just live with the bubble on that part of the screen.

    1. There should definitely be a warning, but if they do put the warning, that would mean less money for them and that´s a big no no in business, I guess.

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