LG K20 with a good protective case.

12 Best Cases and Covers for the Lg K20

You can extend the life of your LG K20 with a good protective case.

LG has rolled-out a new model to add to their line of smartphones. The LG K20 features a slim body and sleek, attractive design. It also comes with a 13 megapixel camera for HD shots.

Aside from this, it also has a multi-functional fingerprint sensor that allows you to take selfies with just a tap of your finger.

However, owning a smartphone like the LG K20 requires a lot of care. You want to be able to protect it from scratches and cracks.

The good news is that there are Android phone cases out in the market today that will give your phone the protection it demands.

Check out these top cases and covers for the LG K20. There’s one that will surely fit your lifestyle and personal taste.

1. Zizo Bolt Series Military Grade Screen Protector

Zizo Bolt Series is one of the few military certified protective cases.

The Zizo Bolt series screen protector is designed for ultimate durability and strength.

This particular cell phone case has qualified for the the 12 Feet Military Grade Drop Test 810.1-G Certification. It is guaranteed to protect your phone from any drops and scratches.

  • You can choose from 10 color variations of the Zizo Bolt Cover. Each cover is the perfect platform to express your personal taste and lifestyle
  • Enjoy your phone hands free with its built in kickstand. The feature is designed with safety and convenience in mind.
  • These cell phone case covers come with an LG K20 Plus Screen Protector. It boasts of 100% clarity and a 9H hardness level, providing it a double protection feature.

It is versatile enough to be used with LG K20 Plus, LG Harmony, LG K20 V, LG V5, and the LG K10 2017.

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2. Incipio Technologies LTE Dual Pro Case

Incipio Dual Pro casing boasts of two layers of protection.

One of the best LG K20 case around, it is designed with two layers of protection for maximum phone durability.

The case’s main material is a Plextonium shell. It has the capacity to resist impact and absorb intensity when you accidentally drop your phone.

This LG K20 phone case is highly recommended for everyday use.

  • This LG K2 phone case’s hybrid design is highly recommended for everyday use.
  • The camera has a coated ring to ensure it is protected from accidental blows and scratches. Cameras are usually fragile so it’s vital that they’re provided protection.
  • The case is designed to be soft to the touch for ultimate comfort and ease of use. This gives you a phone case that delivers utmost protection while still being stylish.

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3. Skymy LG K20 Soft Anti Slip TPU Case

A minimalist and lightweight design that doesn’t skimp on strength.

Compared with other phone cases, this LG mobile cover is ultra slim and lightweight. The clear design adds minimal bulk to the device, making it easier to hold and to be grasped better.

You will still have full access to all the phone’s features even without removing the case.

  • Perfect design made with a premium TPU that is effective in surviving drops and impact. It is also scratch resistant.
  • Made with eco-friendly raw materials that has undergone high standards of processing.
  • Users are provided with a 6-months warranty.

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4. IDEA Line Shockproof Slim Cover

IDEA Line’s rubberized coating makes it easier to grip devices.

The IDEA Line Shockproof slim cover is a protective phone case that is versatile enough to fit the LG K20 Plus, LG K20 V, and the LG Grace LTE.

The case is made with a rubberized coat that makes it possible for users to grip their devices solidly and efficiently.

  • Case comes with a premium screen protector for additional protection against scratches.
  • The rubberized coating is highly durable and is capable of absorbing numerous shocks and bumps.
  • Case provides user with easy access to all the device’s functions, such as the volume buttons, camera, and microphone. You’ll find everything you need without difficulty.
  • Phone cover is easy to install and doesn’t need any additional tools to remove.
  • Comes with side grips that provides better control for when you are holding your phone.

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5. DueDue Dual Layer Hybrid Shock Absorbing Case

DueDue dual layer phone cover is guaranteed to protect your phone from scratches and dents.

One of the best looking covers for the LG K20, the DueDue Dual case has a carbon fiber smooth surface faux leather that is guaranteed not to scratch or fade.

It is also designed with a flexible TPU and a scratch resistant PC shell that provides form-fitting shock absorbency. The camera is also duly protected, thanks to the raised bezels.

  • Front Camera is raised to secure the screen when you need to place the device down.
  • Exterior casing is made from a hard PC while the case’s interior bumper is created with a soft TPU.
  • The textured slide is meant as an anti-slip feature. It assures that the user has a solid grip in order to avoid accidental drops. It also enhances its quality and aesthetic look.
  • The internal shield is developed using a shock absorbing material that reduces the force generated from drops. It also improves the airflow around the device.

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6. Senon Protective Cover Shell

The Senon Protective phone casing fits a variety of LG models.
The Senon Protective phone casing fits a variety of LG models.

The Senon LG protective case gives your phone ultimate protection from crashes and drops. It is designed from a hybrid double layer of TPU and polycarbonate that can withstand pressure.

  • Amazing aesthetics that also fits other LG models like the LG K20V, the LG K20 Plus, the LG Harmony, LG V5, and the LG K10 2017.
  • Made from durable hybrid TPU and polycarbonate to guarantee maximum protection from blows, drops, and messy scratches.
  • Simple snap-on installation process for quick and easy access.
  • Solid screen protection thanks to the raised bezels.
  • Users are given a warranty period that lasts 90 days.

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7. MicroP Silicone Plastic Armor Phone Case

MicroP Silicone phone case
Invest in a MicroP Silicone phone case and enjoy its anti-slip features.

The hybrid MicroP Silicone Defender Armor phone cover for the LG K20 provides outstanding style with dual protection for your device, keeping it safe against abrasions and dents.

The back casing’s exterior is made from hard PC material with a rubberized coating. Meanwhile, the interior is made from durable silicone material that is soft and flexible to the touch.

  • Excellent drop and less slip feature. The soft bumper and anti-slip feature assists in absorbing the tension and impact of drops and bumps.
  • Precise cut for easy accessibility of buttons, charger, and microphone.
  • Easy installation via attachment of first layer cover to the secondary layer.

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8. Nextkin Multi-Card Slot Phone Case

Nextkin case
Have all your IDs, credit cards, and smartphone in one place with the Nextkin case.

The Nextkin Multi-Card phone case is made from premium faux leather, and comes with extra card slots for cards and I.D’s.

This multi-card slot for LG gives you a privacy flap as a divider that will cover your personal I.D and credit cards.

  • Extra card slots for I.D and card storage.
  • Additional privacy slot for covering up your I.D and card information.
  • Supplies full protection from drops.

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9. TJS Shockproof Rugged Armor Case

TJS Shockproof Armor cover.
Get the ultimate protection from shocks with the TJS Shockproof Armor cover.

This multi-layer armor case provides the ultimate protection from shocks, with the outer and inner shell offering equal protection in the event the device is dropped.

  • Compatible with models like the LG K20 Plus, the K20 V, the LG Harmony, and the Grace 4G LTE.
  • Multi-layer armor case provides shock absorption via the air protection cushion located in the corners.
  • Imbued with a protective scratch-resistant coating to ensure the casing looking new

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10. Mulafnxal Cute Cartoon Animal Case

Mulafnxal Cartoon phone cover
Bring your favorite cartoon character everywhere with the Mulafnxal Cartoon phone cover.

Teens and young adults will definitely adore these cases with super cute cartoon characters. Each cover is unique and has an eye-catching design.

The cute and colorful styles will appeal to users of all ages. So get ready for compliments about your phone and its protective cover.

  • Its foamy shock absorber offers excellent protection against accidental drops or when the device hits a hard substance.
  • Boasts of unique and adorable designs that suit users of all ages.
  • Cover is made from high quality silicone and comes with a strong rubber grip.
  • Durable and washable casing.

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11. Amenq Smooth Phone Case

Amenq smooth case
The Amenq phone cover is as smooth as it’s thin.

Do you hate bulky phone cases? Then the Amenq LG phone protective case is the one for you.

The Amenq phone cover is designed as a thin rubber casing that is also great at absorbing impacts caused by hits or falls.

  • 3 in 1 durable and high quality phone case made from touch rubber and PC materials.
  • Has a matte shell casing that provides good traction and is resistant to fingerprint stains.

Precise cutouts for buttons ensures that they remain responsive and will still give swift  reaction times.

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12. Techvibe Magnetic Car Vent Phone Mount

Techvibe Magnetic Phone Mount.
Drive safely while remaining connected with the Techvibe Magnetic Phone Mount.

This protective casing is designed with the idea of multi-functionality, flexibility, and total device protection in mind.

The raised bevels and lips ensure that the integrated camera remains secure.

  • Slim case design that provides device with a high level of protection.
  • Improved ring kick stand.
  • Designed with an air vent magnetic car mount.

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Last Words on the Matter

A reliable, durable, and well-designed protective phone case or cover will ensure that your LG K20 is protected. After all, accidents happen.

You never know when you might inadvertently drop your device or if someone sits or steps on it. Luckily, there are a number of covers that are perfect for your LG phone.

Choose one that has a snug fit but still gives you easy access to the function buttons. You should also check that the cover is made from durable materials.

Which of these LG K20 protective cases did you find the most appealing? Do you have a different favorite? Comment below to ask questions or to share your thoughts.

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