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Lydia on Android: All-in-One Payment App Review

Are you curious about a virtual wallet app for Android called Lydia?

Worry no more, we got you! We tried and tested the Lydia app, and we are here to share everything we found out about it. So, sit back, relax, and read on.

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Here’s the thing:

Digitalizing everything has been becoming a trend in recent days. In line with this, a ton of digital wallet apps are being released and becoming well-known. And one example of this kind of app that is rising in the App Store is called Lydia.

But, before tackling the Lydia app, we have to answer an important question first…

What is a digital wallet app?

Digital wallet apps are applications you can install on your Android phones. The main use of these apps is to give users a virtual wallet where they can store their money. Also, using these applications, users can send and receive money from different users.

They are great mediums to transfer money. But, people mostly use these virtual wallet apps to buy from online shops since it is safer and more secure to use them rather than debit or credit cards.


With how many applications there are available in the market, you might be having a hard time deciding which digital wallet app to choose. So, we are here to share with you one option we found in the App Store, called Lydia. If you want to know more about this app, then without further ado, let us get to it.

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Lydia App’s Key Features

Lydia is an app you can use to buy with when shopping online or in real-life. It’s also a great app to use when you want to send or receive money from anyone around the globe.

But it is also more than that. So, here are the key features of the Lydia app to let you know the advantages you can get if you ever try to use it.

  • Pain-free payments
  • Simple and easy money transfers
  • Real-time notifications of every transaction anywhere and anytime
  • Single-click online store payments
  • Purchasing online tickets are faster and hassle-free
  • Paying for goods and services at physical stores are possible
  • Various discounts and exclusive offers made available through the app

After knowing these, if you are interested in installing this app, then go ahead and press the Google Play button we placed below.

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Lydia App’s Advantages

Now that you know the key features of the Lydia app you might still have some doubts about trying it. So we made a list of the advantages of the app.

1. Easier and Faster Online Payments

Every time you are at the checkout of an online shop you might come to think that you spend so much time filling out the payment form. Well, you will not have that problem anymore when you use the Lydia app.

Once you are on the payment page of online shops and select Lydia as your payment option it will autofill. So, you will not need to re-enter any payment information for when you want to pay while online shopping.

2. Lydia Mastercard

lydia app review lydia mastercard
Lydia Mastercard

Once you make an account in the Lydia app, you can also have a Lydia Mastercard that you can use as a debit card. So, when you are paying for goods and services in restaurants, boutiques, supermarkets, and more, you can use your loaded Lydia card.

Attaining a regular debit card from any bank can be troublesome. There are a ton of requirements that you have to accomplish before they let you have one. Also, it can take at least a week before your card is ready. But, with the Lydia app, it takes at most a day for you to attain a card.

3. Available for Free

Now, the worst part about getting a debit card is the fees you have to pay for so that you can create one. There is also a minimum amount you have to have to create one.

But, with the Lydia app, you do not have to pay for anything to create an account. Also, there is no minimum amount of money that has to be in your account. So, if you are looking for an app that can serve as a debit card for an affordable price, then you should check out this app.

4. Discounts and Exclusive Offers

lydia app review discounts and promos

Lydia has some partner stores that sometimes offer discounts and exclusive deals that you can only avail of inside the Lydia application. So, if you are a regular customer of any of the stores that are partnered with Lydia, then you should try and use the app.

5. Live Notifications

Lydia informs users every time they make any transactions within the app. It also gives information whenever they purchase anything using their Lydia card. This way, users will be alarmed wherever and whenever if any questionable transactions happen with their accounts.

And, the best part?

Users will also receive a notification via text.

Lydia App’s Disadvantages

Since we want to be fair in reviewing this app, we have to be honest and share with you the faults it has. In line with this, we also made a list of the Lydia app’s disadvantages.

1. Availability in Countries Outside Europe

It is great that the Lydia app is available in Europe since not many virtual wallet applications are available in that location. But, the thing is it is not available in other countries that are not located in Europe. So, if you travel a lot and want a virtual wallet, then we do not suggest you choose this app.

2. Availability in Physical Stores

lydia app review physical store shopping

We have got to admit:

Not all physical stores accept Lydia app payments. So, if you want to create a Lydia app account to make it your sole payment option when going out, then we do not recommend it. There are only a few partner stores that accept Lydia, and sometimes their payment through Lydia is offline.

So, we highly suggest that you should also have a backup physical cash or debit card inside your wallet when you are planning on purchasing anything in physical stores. Do not be solely dependent on your Lydia app.

3. Phone Dependent

Since you have to use the Lydia application to do any transactions using your Lydia account, then you have to have your phone with you all the time. But, there are times that you might forget your smartphone. Also, sometimes your phone’s battery might get drained while you are out shopping.

So, it is better if you avail of a Lydia Mastercard that you can also use as a debit card in case your phone is not available.


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Virtual wallet applications have become a trend recently. This is because online shopping has become a thing, and with a virtual wallet app, it is way easier to purchase anything online.

Now, there are a ton of wallet apps that are available in the Play Store, so you might be having a hard time deciding which application to use. Now, we want to help you decide which of the various apps to try and use. And, for this article, we tried and tested a digital wallet app called the Lydia app.

Did we help you understand more about the Lydia app? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment down below.

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