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Maverick GPS Navigation: A Great Android Navigation App

There is a ton of options when you have an Android smartphone in your possession. Some are amazing, and some are well just mediocre. Maverick GPS Navigation App is a good app, but it fails to impress. There are a lot of free navigation apps on Android, which provide a much better experience. Should you write this one off completely? That is not the case, though. Read on to learn more.

I used the app to travel from my home to my university. This route a standard test I do with all the GPS navigation apps. Unfortunately, Maverick GPS Navigation App did not provide an ideal experience.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some great features in this Android navigation app. However, the chunkiness of the app got in my way every time.

Note: Research for this review was done in collaboration with my uncle using a Sony Xperia Z and my friend with his Nexus 5.

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The Good

All the maps you load are automatically cached for offline usage. The app also captures maps from a lot of sources to give you the best experience. The multiple regional and global maps make the app reliable to use even when traveling.

Sharing your location is extremely easy. The navigation is good and will help you navigate unknown waters with ease. You will also be able to save the locations you frequently visit in the app.

The Bad

I had a bad time trying to put my destination into the app. I tapped, I long tapped, I pressed the location, but it just didn’t select. I closed the app and forced it out of the recent apps list as well. Again the app didn’t want to start the navigation process.

My best friend who is currently in Germany had no trouble selecting destinations and using the navigation features. My uncle in Dubai reported the same problem with the app.

Even after a destination was selected the app just showed a straight line to it. Maybe it thinks I’m Superman who can fly above everything and don’t need roads. Overall, this was a pretty bad experience for me.

The Bottom Line

If the app works, it works great. If it refuses to actually start, the one thing it is supposed to, I would recommend you simply uninstall it and move to better apps.

Some of the basic features that are free elsewhere are locked behind a paywall in this app. If you are the in US or Europe, the app will work great for you. If you are somewhere in Asia, it will be hard to make the app work.


Maverick GPS Navigation App can be downloaded from the Google Play Store directly. All you have to do is follow our link to the app and tap on install. The app will take a few moments to download on your Android smartphone or tablet. You can, however, download the app on mobile data; it’s not that large an APK file.

There are no lengthy tutorials in the app. There isn’t a login or welcome screen either. The app directly drops you on the map when it starts.

Some information about the app would have made things easier for a new user, though, especially when the app can’t reliably mark a location.


The interface of Maverick GPS Navigation App is usable at best. The forgettable and somewhat clunky interface works for what it’s meant to do, but could use some much-needed adjustments.

The icons and color schemes look from the Windows XP era, and the icons are a little too big for my taste.

If you’re going to use Maverick GPS Navigation App, I would highly recommend you use it on a tablet. The tablet interface looks more balanced and is easier on the eyes.

The big compass button is a good addition, but I highly doubt everyone will use it regularly. The button is too big for a feature only some will use daily.


Maverick GPS Navigation App goes above and beyond when providing multiple maps for your navigational needs. Sure the maps are gathered from free map sources, but the option of selecting the one you like is welcomed; not many navigation apps do that. This is the reason I was so disappointed I couldn’t use the app like I should be able to.

The readability and details are great, and you can even select the source you like. For example, some map services provide a better map for the US while others do a great job with Europe.

You can check them all out and then select the one that suits your needs. The map was also accurate and well updated. Just a few months back a there was a new road put in near me, and the map already had it.


I would have given the app a low score and called it a day. But I was curious when I saw numerous positive comments on it’s Google Play Store page. I called my best friend who also happens to write for a tech website to take a look at it too. The app worked fine for him in Germany and he even praised its accuracy.

However, I was not able to use the app to its full extent for some reason. I thought maybe my smartphone or 3G connectivity was the issue so I asked my uncle in Dubai to check the app out as well. He also reported the same problem I had. The following paragraph is written by another writer, not me:

“The app works great on my smartphone. The map selection is amazing and it loads very fast. The navigation features work as intended, however, there is no map rotation whatsoever. Map rotation is extremely important in a GPS Navigation app for Android.”

The app also comes with a dedicated compass that is almost as good as the dedicated compass apps for Android. I know this feature will be well loved by a lot of backpackers and those of you who like to get their trucks dirty going off-road.

However, I highly doubt that the navigation features will work in the woods or mountains for obvious reasons.


Maverick GPS Navigation App needs to know your location and is able to share it with others. This is the fundamental need of an Android GPS Navigation app. Nothing suspicious was spotted in this app and I believe it is an honest one.


Maverick GPS Navigation App could be made into a powerhouse of an app if the developers work out some bugs. I would like the app to have similar user control as Google Maps because they are extremely intuitive.

The app could also use an interface design lift. The icons should also be made a little smaller; they look gigantic on a device smaller than 5 inches. Maverick GPS Navigation App is a good app, however, it is grounded in mediocrity.

What do you think of Maverick GPS Navigation? Was it a winner or should other readers not even bother?

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