21 Must Have Android Apps for Every Android Phone Owners

Today is the era of technology and everybody wants to win the race from others. There are over 2 million apps on google play store, in which many of them have the same functionality and have different names. So we are here to list down 21 Best Android apps that have must for new Android users to save your time.

21 Best Must Have Android Apps for Every Android Users

Here is the list of best android apps that are used in daily life and also very important because by using the app we work more smartly and efficiently.

1. DropBox (Best Online Storage App)

Dropbox icon

Dropbox is online storage service by in which you can access all the files in your Dropbox account and sync them with your Android. You can download files, upload images sharing images and links by using this android app.

DropBox automatically backup the photos and other data to the cloud.

It is also available in free or premium plans.

2. VLC Player (Best Free Media Player App)

VLC for Android Icon

VLC is an open-source and free cross-platform for Android users because VLC can handle any file format. This app is considered as the best free video player for Android users.

3. NOVA Launcher (Best Custom Launcher App)

Nova Launcher icon

Nova Launcher is the best app that must-have for android users, it’s the best launcher on google play store till now. Nova brings many advanced features and it’s a user-friendly choice for every android user. Its supports thousands of icon, support night mode automatically and give the facility of backups. Nova Launcher is free to download but many features are available after getting premium plans.

4. SwiftKey Keyboard

The swift keyboard is trusted by many people because it uses artificial intelligence that provides satisfactory predict for the user what he wants to type. The swift keyboard is used by many people because it never saves a password which is the positive point of Swift Key. Swift Key provides the facility of auto-correct spellings. It is the best android app for all time.

5. Google Assistant (Best AI Assistant App for Android)

Google Assistant works as your assistant and you can ask questions or make it do something on your device by voice command. You Can ask questions, playing games and many other tasks by using google assistants. Your Google assistant also find pictures for you. You can also control your home devices by google assistant by managing temperature, lighting and many other things when you are not at home.

6. WPS office (Best Office App)

This is the best office app that has all the features of MS Office, like Word, Excel, PowerPoint. When you download PDF convertor Editor it’s automatically downloaded with it. You can connect it with a cloud to save your data.
This is a free application and also the best android office application.

7. Evernote

App for Deaf Users - Evernote - App Logo

Every note is a platform where you can make any kind of notes like audio, video, with images and text, whatever you want you made on Ever Note. Ever Note also provide home screen shortcut to easy and fast access to it. Ever Note is managed and disciplined your life in a hectic day. It is the best android app that everyone must installed because it also provides OCR (Optical Character Recognition) by which we search the text on images.

8. ASUS File Manager (Best File Manager App)

asus file manager

Manage and organize your files efficiently with ASUS File Manager. The ASUS File Manager app helps you handle all your files whether they are stored in your device’s memory, microSD card, local area network, and cloud storage accounts.

The ASUS File Manager app is also considered as one of the best file explorer app for Android.

9. Google Drive (Best Cloud Storage App)

Google Drive is an app that store all of your data and file, so you can edit it by using your phone. On Google Drive, you can save documents that are necessary for you and open it whether you want on laptop, mobile or tab.

Google drive provides the facility to edit the documents you can make presentations, forms, spreadsheet and saves it for later use. Additionally, it is also considered as one of the best cloud storage app available to use for Android smartphones.

10. WhatsApp Messenger (Best Messenger App)

WhatsApp Messenger App icon

Whatsapp offers a ton of features. It is the most demanding and useful app for android users all the time. By using WhatsApp you can be texting, making audio and video calls, voice notes.

You can send images, videos to your friends and family members. You can put a status on it by using privacy and set privacy according to your needs.

It’s a free application downloaded or install from the Google Play store.

11. Google Chrome (Best Android Browser App)

Google Chrome Icon

Google Chrome is the best browser among all other browsers. Billions of users use Google Chrome in their android and windows. Google Chrome provides the facility of open multiple apps at the same window without getting in trouble.

Google is developed and designed by, Tech Giant which is always specialized in developing useful products. Google is free to download by play store and for its better performance keep updating it by Google Play Store.

12. Google Maps (Best Road Navigation App)

Google Maps is a web mapping service that navigates GPS, real-time shared location traffic and much more detail about peoples. By using Google Maps, you can find every area, street even house where you want to go.

Google Maps also provide the facility of the best and shortest way to find. And also help the user by entering their current location to the destination point. Google Maps is the best android app for new users. Keep updating it by Play store for outclass results.

13. Alarmy (Best Alarm Clock App)


Wake Up early in the morning for going to the office, school and college is the biggest problem for heavy sleepers. Alarmy, considered as one of the best free alarm clock app, is an app that has louder ringtones for those heavy sleepers and for those who wake up till late at night.

Alarmy provides the facility for both regular and heavy sleepers by un snooze the alarm by shaking your phone and also by capturing a picture put them on and snoozed it You can easily download it by Google Play store.

14. Plex


Plex is a streaming app that streams your music, videos, Tv-Shows from your computer to your Android Mobile. You just need to install it on your computer first then you can contact it no matter where you are. You can share the file with other computers or phones.

It’s a free application but has a limit of file size, but If you spend 5$ per month for the premium you will never get worried about file size.

15. 1Weather

1weather icon

1Weather is a weather application specially designed for weather forecasting. This app is telling the user about temperature, weather and coming 24-hour weather forecast. Also, provide a handy graph by which users easily understand it.

The weather is even not good but the design that describes the weather is eye-catchy. This is available on Google Play Stores.

16. Avast Antivirus – Mobile Security & Virus Cleaner (Best Antivirus App)

Avast Antivirus Mobile Logo

Avast is the best security app among others because it also offers a version which performance is also good. AVAST keep secure your mobile phone from virus threats and junk files. You easily download it using the Google play store.

17. Sleep as Android: Sleep cycle tracker, smart alarm

Sleep as Android Sleep cycle tracker smart alarm

If you haven’t your sleep partner, then android is became your sleeping partner. When you ready for sleep keep your phone beside you and Sleep as Android monitor everything like how well you sleep, how many times you blink the eyes and also about the noise. This is the best android app.

18. CamScanner – Scanner to scan PDF

CamScanner Logo - Best Scanner App for Android

Camscanner provides the facility of digitizing the paper documents. You can crop and enhance the images easily by using Camscanner. You can also join the documents written on it and save as PDF as well as JPG. You can use its various features by paying 5$ for their premium plan.

19. Twitter

Twitter is a social app using by billions over people around the world. This is the best social app where you can post about yourself, about politics, celebrities. You can tweet, retweet on twitter. You can also follow the trend on twitter by using the name of trend and # symbols.

20. Facebook

Facebook is also a social app by which you can chat with your friends, family members, colleagues, and many other people by using your smartphone.

Facebook allows updating the status, comment on your own and public posts. It also provides the facility to sync your contact list to Facebook to help them on Facebook.

21. Amazon Shopping – Search Fast, Browse Deals Easy (Best Online Shopping App)

Shopping online can be quite troublesome sometimes since you have to go to your computer desktop or open a laptop before you can start browsing for items. Fortunately, you can now do your online shopping using your Android phone with the Amazon Shopping app.

If you love shopping online with, you can now do so whenever and wherever you are with this app.

The Amazon Shopping app is also the most popular shopping app and one of the best one in its category.

Shop with Amazon Shopping app and browse through millions of products. Additionally, you can manage all your Amazon orders from anywhere with this app.

Using the app, you can browse items online by the department as well as compare prices, read reviews, share products with friends, and check the status of your orders. With this app, you can use your phone’s camera to scan barcodes and compare prices as well as availability. You can also use your voice to command the app.

Learn more about this app here:

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I download any app from the play store?

It’s a simple method for downloading an app. Go to Google Play Store, Write the app name in the search box and download it easily without any difficulty.

Is the app being free?

Some apps are free, while some app gives a free trial of one month after that you should go for premium if you want to enjoy more features.

Is download the app from the Play store is secure?

Yes, it is secure to download an app from google play store because when a new app becomes available in the play store. Google checks the Malware and other antivirus software to Android users.


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To Sum up…

So, these are essential apps that are mostly installed in every Android phone. You can install it and enjoy its free and premium version and give us your feedback about these apps.

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