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Easy to Use Offline Navigation for Android

There are a lot of quality GPS Navigation apps on Android, and Navmii GPS World can be considered one of the best. This easy to use navigation app for Android even has an offline mode.

I usually love apps that provide offline functionalities, and Navmii GPS World is no different. The app achieves it by actually downloading the maps on your device. Offline navigation apps are sometimes not accurate, thankfully this app avoids all that and delivers a great experience.

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The Good

Navmii GPS World has a very clean interface. Unlike other navigation apps, this one has a very colorful map. This map makes it easier to spot the differences and follow the bright line to your destination.

The maps take a little while to download and then you can use almost every function of the app offline. The app also comes with an inbuilt music player. While it is not as robust as the dedicated music players for Android, it is still a great addition.

The Bad

By no means is this an absolutely free app. A paywall locks some of the features. But there are no ads on the app that is a good thing.

Sometimes the app doesn’t locate fuel stations and parking and says there is nothing nearby. But when you tap on the Places icon, you can clearly see both of them in the near vicinity. The app could use a bigger location radius or just point towards the nearest gas station however far it may be.

The Bottom Line

Navmii GPS World is a great looking Android navigation app. However, it doesn’t offer something unique when compared to other navigation apps. Navmii GPS World is a solid offline app that can be used even without an active internet connection.

But if you are looking for a fully feature loaded experience, you will be better off with another app altogether. If you are willing to pay for the advanced features, the app has the potential to become your go-to navigation app.

Getting it Started

Downloading the app is fairly simple. Head over to the Google Play Store link and click on install. The app will start downloading instantly. The app itself is of small size and will download in a few moments. I would still recommend that you start up the app on a Wi-Fi network.


The reason I recommend you to download it on a Wi-Fi network is because you will have to download the maps separately. The maps range from as small as 5 MB to as big as 400 MB. So using a capped mobile data is not wise, unless you are on a company/unlimited package.


After the initial screen, you will be greeted with a map selection screen. From there you can select the country or state for the map you need. Below you can see I’m downloading Pakistan maps. There is also a handy pause button that can help you download at your leisure.


After the installation is completed, the app will be ready for use.


The interface of this app is very serviceable. Everything is where it needs to be, including the conveniently placed buttons. The main map page shows a clear view of your route.

However, this is a somewhat standard interface that we have seen a lot of times before. Don’t get me wrong, it is after all of very efficient design. But I would have loved to see some innovation from this app.


The app comes with a great location finding panel. The panel is activated anytime from the main screen. On the panel, you can define home and work locations and find interesting places nearby. There is also a favorites tab that can house in any number of often visited places.


There is also a side panel on Navmii GPS World. This panel gives you quick access to some of the most used features. You can search places, browse favorite places, look at your recent destinations and of course upgrade to the paid version.

The Map

I wasn’t expecting the map to be as detailed as it was. But the app surprised me pleasantly and provided a rich map for navigation. There are a lot of dynamically updated places marked on the map.

I’m not sure how the locations get added to the map as there are no options to submit a location. But I was never lost for directions. The map also marked a relatively new fuel station nearby.


All in all the map is a good one. All the lanes are very visible even from a distance. The app also keeps the map uncluttered. Some apps cram so much detail that it is hard to navigate through them. I noticed some small alleys were absent from the map, but that was to be expected.


Using The App

Using the app is very easy. Pinch to zoom and locate the address you need to find. Alternatively you can also enter an address and get the location automatically. The app does a great job in locating the addresses you enter.


After you have defined your destination, simply tap on button for the navigation to start. The app will give you a closer look from a different perspective. This view is what I call over the shoulder approach because it brings the view closer to your vehicle.


There is also a handy music player available on this GPS navigation app for Android. It is not a fancy one but will get the job done admirably.


The app for some reason can access your contacts. I see no reason for the app to access them without your permission. Maybe the app wants to map the addresses on the map but I didn’t see any such option in the app itself. The app can also share your location, but that is standard for all GPS navigation applications.


Navmii GPS World is a worthy GPS navigation app for Android. It can be highly useful if you’re traveling to new locations. The off-line functionality of the app makes it highly usable in bad weather.

Unfortunately, there was nothing new that the app brings to the table. Honestly, if you’re already using another navigation app, there is no reason to switch. But if you’re new to the Android navigation experience Navmii GPS World will do a satisfactory job.

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