Beware: FaceApp is back and so are the security and privacy concerns

Beware: FaceApp is back and so are the security and privacy concerns

Have you also been seeing a lot of FaceApp photos on your Facebook newsfeed? Well, you are not alone.

Your friends have already probably posted gender-swapped or aged/de-aged photos of themselves – all made possible thanks to the app called FaceApp.

There’s no denying that the app is very fun to use especially after seeing the different face transformations. But before you join the bandwagon, there is something about the app that you need to know.

Computer security experts are now warning users about the security and privacy threats that come with using the app.

Security experts warn against security and privacy threats

FaceApp is a mobile application that has become very popular thanks to its face transformation features. The application is not a new one, in fact, the app has already been popular from months back. But the fact that it uses a facial recognition technology, it posed some threats pertaining to security and privacy.

Upon downloading the app, we allow it to access our photos to be able to enjoy its features such as gender-swap, aging/de-aging features, and many more. But what many users don’t know, the app accesses more than just our photos.

“It’s a common habit for people to download apps without reading the fine print of the terms and conditions,” says Rodney Gullatte, who specializes in cybersecurity at Firma IT Solutions in Colorado Springs. “We download them to the phone, and who knows what they’re going to do with that information.”

Download FaceApp
FaceApp is available in Android and iOS

By allowing access to the app, you have also agreed to your data and IP navigation which are sensitive data. “And, even after you delete the app, the information you allowed it to access can still be up in the cloud,” Gullatte added.

Security experts have continued to warn users to be more cautious in the use of the application, although the creators of the app claim that the information gathered will not be used in any legal activities nor sell it to third parties.

Edit your face in just a few simple clicks

The app is once again back in the spotlight. It is fun to see yourself and other people transform into this beautiful long-haired girl or get some masculine features. Other than the gender-swap feature, you can also use the aging feature – change your age either younger or older.

The gender-swap feature in FaceApp
The gender-swap feature in FaceApp

Users can also make use of the AI to find the hairstyle and color that best suits you. And ever wonder what you would look like with a face tattoo? Well, with FaceApp you can glimpse into that.

At some point, we have posted some embarrassing photos on Facebook or other social media sites that we now want to delete. Others have seen FaceApp be a way to replace these embarrassing photos with ones that have been slightly enhanced – or in some cases heavily enhanced – to achieve the look you want.

You can add elements on your face such as tattoos and facial hair
You can add elements on your face such as tattoos and facial hair

The app is available to download both in Android and iOS and the best thing – it’s free. Although, if you want to access more styles and filters, you will have to pay for it.

The price starts at $4.99, but some features can go up to $29.99. Additionally, the upgrades can also remove ads and allow you to remove the watermarks at the bottom of the edited image.

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