You can now find COVID-19 testing center in your Google Search results

You can now find COVID-19 testing center in your Google Search results

A pandemic.

That is what we are experiencing right now.

All across the globe, we are faced with a worsening situation. Sadly, countries’ number of infected and casualties are rising daily.

And the country that is most hit? The United States of America with almost a million positive cases as of today.

In these trying times, we see good samaritans rise to the occasion to help those who badly need it. And they are not just individuals, politicians, or some random strangers.

Even companies and businesses (big or small) have chimed in to fight this battle.

One example of this is America’s tech giant – Google.

Google makes it easier for you to find a COVID-19 testing center

The tech giant has already had its fair share of contributions amidst this coronavirus pandemic.

The company has developed and launched a coronavirus informational website last March to help inform people of what’s happening. Google News also has a dedicated COVID-19 section across its apps, Assistant, and Podcasts.

More recently, it has announced that it will be partnering with Apple to develop a contact-tracing – a technology that uses signals to warn the user if she/he has been in close contact with a COVID-19 positive person.

Google makes it easier for you to find a COVID-19 testing center
Google makes it easier for you to find a COVID-19 testing center

In addition to that, the tech giant has made it easier for you to locate a COVID-19 testing center in the US.

Good news, right?

When you search on COVID-19 related terms on Google, it will now display information for more than 2,000 COVID-19 testing centers in 43 states in the US, the company tells The Verge.

There are other changes too that you might notice.

When users search for something related to COVID-19, they will now see a new “Testing” tab on the left-side portion. This tab is now part of the information shown in Google’s COVID-19 SOS alert.

When users click or tap on it, they will see a number of resources about the COVID-19 testing at the top of the search results.

New "Testing" tab in Google Search (Credits: The Verge)
New “Testing” tab in Google Search (Credits: The Verge)

The information it displays also includes:

  • a link to the Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) online COVID-19 symptom checker
  • a suggestion to talk to a healthcare professional if you think you should be tested
  • a link to COVID-19 testing information from your local health authorities
  • a note that you may need to call a testing center ahead to make sure you can actually get a test done

More about the new “Testing” tab in Google Search

Finding all the information above helpful? Well, here’s more…

The Testing lab will also show you information about specific testing centers unless you are from these following places:

  • Connecticut
  • Maine
  • Missouri
  • New Jersey
  • Oklahoma
  • Oregon
  • Pennsylvania

Google says it is only showing testing locations that have been approved for publishing by local health authorities.

And for that same reason, Google is only listing a single testing center in Albany for the state of New York.

But the tech company expects to add more testing centers in New York soon.

Google has been constantly updating its results page with new features that make COVID-19 related information a lot more organized, easy to navigate, and easy to find since the pandemic began.

So, you will expect more updates not just on Google Search but also across its apps and services.

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