Samsung Starbucks Accessories

Do you like your Samsung earbuds dipped in Starbucks Coffee?

Samsung has been upfront when it comes to collaborations. But this is the most unexpected collaboration of all time. The coffee don Starbucks is tying up with Samsung, for a pair of earbuds dipped in espresso. Yes, you heard it right. 

Starbucks has now brewed a very interesting accessory at the Samsung warehouse. Here’s the list of the crazy-looking accessories: Cappuccino-inspired cups, earbud holders and even a bunch of phone cases with the theme: “Count Stars in Your Galaxy”, with pun intended. 

Samsung starbucks
Image Credits: Sammobile

However, the show stopper is the Cappuccino-inspired earbud holder. This has to be the craziest, fanciest and funniest accessories ever, depending on who you ask. But it has indeed garnered enough attention as intended. 

These accessories are specially handcrafted in Starbucks’ brewery in South Korea, exclusively available for Korean fans, with a limited-edition tag. 

The new bunch of cases are available from today. The Samsung Starbuck duo is launching cases for Galaxy S22, S22+, S22 Ultra, and the Galaxy Buds2. However, this array of interesting lines is only available in South Korea. 

One can only imagine what led to this funny tie-up. Maybe a Samsung engineer got lost between coffee machines and came out with this swanky collection. But, nevertheless, this collection has been applauded and praised from all quarters. 

The accessories’ design is very cute and stylish with the mermaid logo on the front. This can be used as a tabletop designer accessory and a conversation starter. But to stuff them in any pocket might be a bit of chaos.

The Price of exclusive Korean wear as per the official website is somewhat in the  45 to 50 USD range, which might look a bit overpriced for a coffee mug but not for a fancy table accessory. 

These Galaxy bud cups are compatible with Galaxy Buds 2, Galaxy Buds Pro, and Galaxy Buds.  For a brand like Samsung, crafting swanky cases is not new. Prior to this launch, Samsung launched some fun-looking cases including a Pokeball. 

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