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Twitter Blue is Open for Android Users

“Android, this one for you – Custom Navigation is now available”, says the official handle Twitter Blue.

“Android, this one for you – Custom Navigation is now available.”, the Microblogging site’s official handle said in a post. Twitter blue is a premium feature access of Twitter that lets users access several features for a monthly fee. The feature was previously available as an exclusive catch for  iOS users on a monthly fee, however it’s rolling out to Android now with options such as space icons and custom features on the go. The latest addition of the lot is the Custom Navigation feature for Android that lets users customize the bar. 

The custom navigation aids users to minimize the number of tabs that’s shown, to as minimal as two or align all five tabs at a time. The initial version of Twitter Blue was launched in the United States, Australia and Canada last year.

The announcement came via twitter on June 30. The new custom feature allows blue subscribers to edit the task bar to explore, search, communities, notifications, messages and space bar. Users have the liberty to reposition the icon or move them around however it is limited to the explore/search icon and not to the home button. The home button remains unchanged.The Twitter Blue subscriber can access these features at a monthly fee of $2.99.

How To Access The Twitter Blue Navigation Bar For Customization?

To access and customize the navigation barn tap the “Twitter Blue ” from the slide-out menu.  Go to the  bottom half of the screen. The active subscribers will be able to see it.         

Twitter is also working on introducing long-form content called notes. Twitter writer feature, allows the microblogging platform to create longer posts. The much anticipated writers space has begun the test run with few writers over United states , UK and Canada.

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