WhatsApp now lets you set custom wallpapers for individual chats

WhatsApp now lets you set custom wallpapers for individual chats

WhatsApp has rolled out a major update bringing in new features to its messaging platform for both Android and iOS –– particularly in improvements to wallpapers. The feature now allows users to customize their wallpapers for individual chats.

In addition, the messaging app also includes a sticker search feature. This long overdue feature has been anticipated by users for a long time now –– and at last, WhatsApp has made it available.

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Wallpapers on WhatsApp gets major updates

One of the reasons why WhatsApp is such a beloved app is that it continually rolls out new and exciting features for its users. The messaging app brings in four major updates on Wallpapers.

Wallpapers on WhatsApp gets four major updates
Wallpapers on WhatsApp gets four major updates

The updates include custom chat wallpapers where users can set custom chat wallpaper for each individual chat, making it more personal and fun.

WhatsApp also expanded its wallpaper library by adding doodle wallpapers, updating its stock wallpaper gallery, as well as setting the ability to separate wallpapers for light and dark mode settings. How fun is that?

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The wallpapers that users set will now correspond to the Light and Dark theme settings of the app. So, if you enable (or disable) the dark theme on the app, the wallpaper will change accordingly.

According to WhatsApp, the following updates are to ensure that the chat stands out and most importantly, so users don’t mix up chats and end up sending wrong messages to the wrong person. Imagine how embarrassing that is –– not that any of us hasn’t already had that experience.

Here is how you can set custom wallpapers on individual chats:

  • Make sure that your WhatsApp app is on the latest version. If not, go to the Play Store or App Store and update the app.
  • Once the update is done, launch the app. Open the chat you wish to set a wallpaper to and tap the contact’s name to access their contact info.
  • Tap on Wallpaper and Sound
  • Select “Choose a New Wallpaper”.
  • Then, you can choose from the latest stock wallpapers from WhatsApp. Alternatively, you can choose from old wallpapers in the library that can be accessed by selecting the Wallpaper Archive.
  • Users can also choose a custom photo from your device’s gallery as a wallpaper.
  • After choosing the wallpaper, you can preview the wallpaper. Just swipe right or left to see.
  • Finally, tap on Set. You can also adjust the Wallpaper Dimming for adjusting the brightness.

New animated sticker pack

Additionally, WhatsApp has also rolled out an update that brings animation to WHO’s ‘Together at Home’ sticker pack. According to WhatsApp, this particular sticker pack is one of the most popular sticker packs across the platform. And the animated form will be even more expressive.

This is also available with text localized for 9 languages, including Arabic, French, German, Indonesia, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Turkish.

WhatsApp also introduced the Sticker Search feature. Up until now, users could search for GIFs and emojis in the gallery within the platform. Now, users can use the similar move to try and look for a sticker of your choice.

Just remember, your WhatsApp app should be updated to the latest version to enjoy these features.

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