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What is Odin Mode on Samsung Phones?

If you’ve ever looked up how to root a Samsung phone before, you’ve probably seen something about Samsung Odin Mode. Samsung Odin Mode, or sometimes called Download Mode, is a special state you put your phone in to complete certain steps of the rooting process on your android device, and for flashing other software.

That’s at least what Samsung Odin Mode or download mode does for you, the user, but that doesn’t answer completely what it is, and how the download mode works on your android device. Samsung Odin Mode isn’t something you can quickly toggle off and on, but a state you need to boot your phone into, so let’s look at how the whole system operates.

What Does Odin Mode Do?

The most important question here is “What is Odin Mode or download mode used for?” or “What Does Odin Mode do?” Since Samsung Odin Mode or download mode only has one purpose, both questions are really the same; Odin Mode or download mode is used to help root your Samsung device, and flash software onto your android device.

download odin mode

While in Odin Mode, your phone communicates with a separate Odin program, letting you flash either the software, or the firmware you need on your phone to add a new program or root the device.

Odin Mode, aka Download Mode essentially opens the door to root and alter your phone in ways you couldn’t otherwise, all without downloading extra apps. Since you don’t need another app to access Odin Mode, that leads me to my next question.

How do You Enable and Disable Odin Mode or Download Mode?

Odin Mode or download Odin mode is akin to something like Safe Mode, where you boot your phone into a different state to accomplish something you can’t normally. All you need to do is enter a combination of hardware keypresses while your Samsung phone is powered off, and connected to a computer.

program odin mode

I’d mention the key presses here, but they’re different for each Samsung phone. Generally, it’ll use the volume and power keys together, but please look up your model specifically to know what keys to hold and press to boot into Odin Mode.

However, once you’re in Odin Mode or download mode, how do you get out of it? As useful as Safe Mode is, some users couldn’t get back out of it once enabled, and Odin Mode or download mode is the same way.

safe odin mode

To turn Odin Mode or download mode off, hold down all of the buttons available (the power, home, and volume buttons) while in Odin Mode until the phone powers down. If your phone doesn’t automatically reboot, turn it on again yourself and it will boot normally.

If this doesn’t work, hold all buttons down besides the volume up key instead.

Does Odin Mode Put Your Samsung Phone at Risk?

This question goes hand in hand with “Does rooting put your phone at risk?” since in most cases, you’re using Odin Mode to root your Samsung phone. Samsung Odin Mode itself does not put your Samsung devices at any more risk than it’s at normally. However, rooting, and more specifically unlocking your bootloader does make you more susceptible to attacks on your android devices.

avg odin mode

However, as long as you protect your phone with the right security measures and software, your phone will be just as safe as it has always been. Odin makes the rooting process as safe as it possibly can be, even though problems can still happen.

What’s Odin mode in the First Place?

While Odin Mode is what you use to communicate with the Odin program on a PC, what’s the Odin program? Odin is essentially the second part you need to root, or flash different firmware onto a Samsung device.

program odin mode

It’s an integral part of the safest way to root your phone, and usually comes packed into any chainfire zip file when you’re looking for all the pieces you need for a successful root. Odin Mode and the Odin program are just two parts of a whole, and is why Download Mode is usually called Odin Mode in the first place.


Odin Mode or Download Mode is easy enough to access and serves a great purpose to make the rooting process on your Samsung device as safe as possible. Odin Mode isn’t just for rooting, but it’s a great rooting tool, and essential to understanding if you want to flash anything to a Samsung phone or on your android devices. Just make sure to follow the steps in order for it to be successful.

If you have any questions about Odin, the program, the mode, or the mythological figure, please ask anything down below!

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How can I exit Odin mode on my Samsung phone?

You can use these ways to get out of Download mode or Odin mode on your Galaxy phone or tablet. You can quit download mode by holding down the Volume Down + Power buttons until the phone turns off. If not, press and hold the two buttons for another 20 seconds.

Will Odin wipe my phone?

Odin is primarily used to flash firmware binaries and custom recoveries by users. On Samsung Galaxy smartphones, Odin can be used to re-partition, flash lock, decompress data, flash user data, and delete all data.

Does Odin root your phone?

Odin doesn’t require root. It’s typical Samsung software for updating, upgrading, and downgrading stock ROMs and flashing basebands. However, your phone must be in download mode in order to utilize ODIN.

What is the use of Odin mode?

Odin is a Samsung-developed utility software program that allows users to interface with Samsung devices in Odin mode. It can be used to flash a custom recovery firmware image to a Samsung Android smartphone instead of the default recovery firmware image.

Is Odin download safe?

Odin is safe, but you should keep an eye on the files you use to flash. That’ll be the source of your issue. Although there are contaminated Odin programs, get your version of Odin from the official website (http://samsungodin.com), get your flash file from a trusted source, and you’re good to go.


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  1. I have a phone that used to be my daughter’s and she doesnt remember the pin. I looked up how to factory reset and now Im stuck in ODIN MODE, what is my next step to continue to reset? its been on Download mode for the past 12 hours.

  2. Does this work on Samsung J16??!!

    Can you please give me the instructions on just how to DL Odin Software or Firmware or whatever it is called onto my cell bypassing the computer??!!

    Thanks, apprec this!!

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