The 10 Best Offline Racing Games for Android to Play without Internet

There are a ton of racing games out there, but there are not many great offline racing games for Android, which is unfortunate. Thankfully, there are some gems that don’t require a constant Internet connection to be enjoyable.

Sure, most games these days need an active Internet connection, either to keep track of leaderboard’s or for online racing, but if both of those are not your jam, the best offline racing games for Android will please you.

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Over the years I have played a lot of racing games on Android, partially due to the nature of my job and partially because I love racing games. They are fairly easy to pick up and play for any amount of time and they don’t require a time commitment like the best RPG games for Android do.

We all don’t have stellar Internet connectivity all the time and it makes sense to check out the best offline racing games for Android, so even if you don’t have Internet, you can have entertainment.

Note: The best offline racing games for Android will require an Internet connection to download and update. We highly recommend that you at least run the games once with the Internet on, so that they may download additional updates and files. After that you can take them offline and have hours of fun without the worry of having an Internet connection. Some features will naturally be turned off when you are offline but that is understandable.

1. Asphalt Nitro

The Asphalt series has been around for a while and has consistently impressed us with its stellar visuals and amazing gameplay. It is easily one of the best racing games on Android and we have thoroughly enjoyed the series over the years.

However, Asphalt Nitro may have divided the fan base, some people really love it while others completely hate the simplistic controls.

If you can stomach the new direction Asphalt has taken, there is a very enjoyable arcade racer. There are a lot of cars to choose from, you can upgrade them, and even change visual aspects with ease. There are beautiful looking tracks you can cruise around offline and take out opponents by ramming them off the road.

Overall it’s an enjoyable experience with exotic cars and beautiful locales thrown in.

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2. Racing Fever: Moto

Even though Racing Fever: Moto is a relatively new title, thanks to its brilliant gameplay and great game design, it is fast becoming one of the most popular ones around.

It is about racing your motorcycle through traffic in first person view all the while racing other people (AI) in a fast paced yet exciting game.

The graphics are absolutely stunning, there are a lot of bikes and the gameplay itself is very rewarding. There are smaller objectives that you may need to complete during the race and gain level. For example, you may need to finish a race without crashing even once.

This adds to the overall experience and gives you a secondary goal to achieve during a race, making it more involving and ultimately rewarding. It works perfectly offline and you won’t feel anything is missing if you don’t go online.

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3. Beach Buggy Racing

Until Mario Kart comes to Android, we are perfectly content with Beach Buggy Racing. It is a beautifully designed kart racer for Android and has some pretty unique ideas.

If you have already played Mario Kart, you already know how this kind of game plays out. There are several unique racers on the track with their own karts to race in. The tracks are well designed and have the usual jumps and twists.

However, the gameplay is where this game really shines. You have to drift around the corners, make good use of the brakes, pick up power ups, and really time the offensive projectiles you have collected.

It is an overall mix of an arcade racer with a shooter and there is a good amount of fun to be had in this game. Beach Buggy Racing works great offline and offers a lot of features to enjoy without the need of any connectivity.

You’ll have a jolly good time while playing this awesome racing game for Android.

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4. Horizon Chase

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Ever wonder what would result if you mix Outrun with Cruising USA? Me neither, but Horizon Chase aims to answer that question and it does so in brilliant style.

It is an arcade racing game for Android and has a retro aesthetic to it, it looks and runs remarkably well to boot. All the colors, the graphics, and the art design is drenched in 80s aesthetic and it looks absolutely beautiful.

When it comes racing, there are a lot of cars to choose from and many tracks to play around. All of the tracks are short and sweet but there is something unique about the backgrounds to differentiate them from each other.

For example, you may see the Golden Gate Bridge when you’re racing around San Francisco. What I really loved about this game are its simple yet tight controls that give you a lot of room to maneuver your car however you want.

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5. CSR Racing

CSR Racing has some of the best looking visuals in all the offline racing games for Android I tested. The car models alone are very well-designed and have a high polygon count.

They look amazingly realistic and you can notice there was a lot of work put into making them. The game itself is a drag racing game for Android and runs really well on smartphones as well as tablets.

The controls are simple, as there is no steering involved in this game, you have full control over gear shifting.

If you are familiar with drag racing, you’ll know that timing the perfect shift is what makes you win races and CSR Racing puts a lot of emphasis on that. So if you want to win, you’ll need to time your shifts perfectly and make sure you are running your exotic machine to its full potential.

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6. Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 is a remarkable looking videogames, it was featured on our best racing games as well as the most graphically impressive games list.

However, the graphical prowess is not enough to make a game stand out, there has to be quality content behind that all. Thankfully, Real Racing 3 delivers on that as well.

The car models are incredibly detailed, the textures are of high quality and the driving mechanics are superb. Simply put, if you want to have an authentic racing experience on Android, Real Racing is the way to go.

The amount of customization this game allows is also really impressive. Once you start playing, it will be really hard to put the game down again.

When it comes to offline content, Real Racing 3 delivers on that as well. However, there are certain features that are only available online. The main racing experience is not compromised and you can have a few great races without the worry of being connected online.

7. Asphalt 8: Airborne

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Asphalt 8 is one of the best arcade racing games released on Android, its fast, it’s smooth and most importantly, it is fun. I’ve spent countless hours with this amazing game and loved every second of it.

It is one of the few free to play games that doesn’t constantly force you to towards micro-transactions. Sure, they are there, but they are never pushed hard.

The best thing about this offline racing game for Android is its pace. The cars zoom around the track at an alarming speed. You can also smash other racers off the track by wrecking their car, which is always a treat to watch, especially at the last second.

Offline, Asphalt 8 works fine. There are some components that are closed off because of obvious reasons but the core experience is still intact. You can easily enjoy this game offline without any problems at all.

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8. Hill Climb Racing 2

If you are looking for a fun game that allows you to race around 2D tracks, then Hill Climb Racing 2 is the best one out there.

The first one was a solo experience, meaning all you did was drive around alone on an endlessly generated track. This time around there are other racers too. The trailer for the game also makes a big deal out of that.

There are also some epic customization options available for not only your character, but also the vehicles.

The controls are immediately accessible and simple to use. Despite them being easy, they offer a lot of control in the game.

The game is easily playable offline, too, as there is no live multiplayer. Sure there are leaderboards but who cares about them anyways, especially when you are having so much fun playing the game.

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9. Drift Max Pro – Car Drifting Game

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Not everyone wants to simply race around tracks and win, some people like to do all of that in style too. Drift Max Pro is a game that values style a lot more than other racing games around and it shows not only in the game itself but also how it is presented.

You can modify your cars to your personal liking; changing paint jobs and applying different vinyl is just scratching the surface. There are several different rims, glass, caliper, wheel and suspension heights, and spoilers to choose from.

The controls are also very well handled and you will be pulling off amazing drifts in no time at all. The whole game is available offline as well so you can take that drifting action anywhere you want.

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10. Clicker Racing

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I wanted to include a simple to play racing game in the best offline racing games list simply because not all people want to have elaborate controls and fancy graphics. Sometimes you need a simple game to relax and kill some time waiting at the train station or at the dentist.

Clicker Racing is exactly that type of game; just as the name suggests, you play it by tapping on the screen.

That’s right, you tap and the car goes.

There are some different customizations you can do to your vehicle that gives a sense of progression and a much needed performance boost to your ride.

There are also several collectibles to collect in the game which will keep you busy for a while as well.

The game is available offline, so you don’t have to worry about having an internet connection to have some good quality tapping fun.

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Crossing the Finish Line: The Best Offline Racing Games for Android

Overall, I was really surprised to see not many racing games offer offline support, of course they run on ads revenue but it was still a little bit of a shock.

I certainly had a blast playing them all. Some of them were already on my smartphone but many were new to me as well. Android games are quickly improving as years go by and I cannot wait to see where the industry goes next.

This concludes the best offline racing games for Android list, I hope you find a few of them great and a couple of them really awesome. If you have any more suggestions or recommendations, I always love to try out a new game.

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