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5 Amazing Outdoor Movie Projectors of 2022

Watching movies is an experience like no other. Imagine having a cinematic experience in your backyard. Sounds good, doesn’t it? An outdoor movie projector can help you get a similar experience from the comfort of your home. 

What Is an Outdoor Movie Projector?

An outdoor movie projector is for people who want to watch movies the way they are supposed to be seen on the big screen. Watching movies or series on a big screen elevates the overall experience. An outdoor movie projector is perfect for chilling in the backyard and watching movies on weekend nights. Ideally, you watch them at night with ambient lighting to set the mood.

Who Is It For?

Outdoor movie projectors are aimed at people who love movies and the big screen experience. It is also perfect for families to get some family time and enjoy movies with their kids and for couples looking to spend their weekends at home. 

Advantages of an Outdoor Movie Projector

These are the benefits of having an outdoor movie projector:

  1. They are great for spending the weekend with your friends and loved ones doing something special. They are also a great way to entertain your guests.
  1. Outdoor movie projectors are also portable and easy to set up so moving them from the house to the backyard is not a problem. You can watch movies and shows inside and outside the house whenever you want.
  1. The experience of watching your favorite movie or TV show on a big screen is magical. Sitting in your backyard and enjoying a movie outdoors at night is an experience like no other.

5 Of The Best Outdoor Movie Projectors

Here are some of the best outdoor movie projectors:

  1. Epson Epiqvision Mini EF12 Smart Streaming Laser Projector.
  2. Anker Nebula Solar Portable projector.
  3. BenQ X1300i.
  4. Xgimi Horizon.
  5. Xgimi Horizon Pro.

1. Epson EpiQvision Mini EF12 Smart Streaming Laser Projector

outdoor movie projector-  Epson EpiQvision Mini EF12
Outdoor movie projector- Epson EpiQvision Mini EF12 / Image source: Amazon

The Epson EpiQvsision is an excellent outdoor movie projector with smart TV capabilities. It has Android TV integration, play store apps, and games. The EpiQvision eliminates the rainbow effect, using the three LCD chips present inside. The portability of this projector makes it easy to carry with you. 

It has a native resolution of 1080p and supports 4k ultra UHD input and HDR. The projector is bright enough for outdoor usage and has excellent color. It even comes with six different color options to choose from. It is a 1000-lumen light source projector that can project a bright 80-inch image with a good level of brightness for using it outdoors. Android TV is present here, which is suitable for people who like streaming, although Netflix is a bit unreliable, which is something to keep in mind. Fortunately. Epson has promised to improve that later on. The Epson EpiQvision is a really good 1080P laser projector and is worth checking out. 

1080p resolution supports 4K UHD input Brightness could be better
Three LCD chips for eliminating the rainbow effectThere is no support for 3D
Android TV integration

Price: $989.88

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2. Anker Nebula Solar Portable Projector

outdoor movie projector-Anker Nebula
Outdoor movie projector-Anker Nebula / Image source: Amazon

The Anker Nebula Solar projector is a solid outdoor movie projector, especially considering its price. It is one of the best portable projectors in the budget segment.

The Anker Nebula has a 1080P resolution, supports 4K UHD input, and HDR content, along with Android TV support and decent brightness. This makes it an excellent value-for-money outdoor movie projector. 

The Android TV integration is good for streaming over WI-Fi and screen mirroring if you want to play games, and there is also a rechargeable battery that can last long enough to watch a full movie and then some. The image produced is good enough in ambient lighting and is good in dark conditions. The Anker Nebula is a great outdoor movie projector, especially if you are on a tight budget.

Pros Cons
Native 1080P resolution with support for 4K UHD and HDR.Color accuracy is average.
Good battery life.
Good value for money.

Price: $559.99.

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3. BenQ X1300i

outdoor movie projector-BenQ X1300i
Outdoor movie projector-BenQ X1300i / Image source: Amazon

The BenQ X1300i is catered more towards gamers but is still more than capable enough of being an outdoor movie projector. 

The X1300i produces some excellent colors and is great for watching movies and shows. It has three modes for gaming and even comes with an Android TV dongle bundled in the box. The higher brightness combined with the 1080p resolution means the picture quality is sharp and beautiful. The brightness is measured at 3000 lumens, so watching in ambient lighting is good. The latency is also low at 1080 120hz, which is good for gaming. 

Pros Cons
1080p resolution.The rainbow effect is slightly visible.
High brightness 3000 lumens LEDThe black contrasts could have been deeper. 
8.3ms minimal lag for gaming
Supports 4K UHD and HDR
Android TV dongle in the box

Price: $1425.27.

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4. Xgimi Horizon4

outdoor movie projector-Xgimi Horizon
Outdoor movie projector-Xgimi Horizon / Image source: Amazon

The Xgimi Horizon is a solid outdoor movie projector with great specs. Looking at the specs, you might even think that it is a suitable TV. 

The Horizon is small, lightweight, and portable, making it easy to carry around from the house to the backyard. You can switch between watching inside the house and the backyard very easily. Setting up is hassle-free and smooth, thanks to the size. The LED light source is reliable and steady and can easily last a long time. The resolution is 1080p with support for 3D. You also get Android TV 10 for streaming content. All things considered, the Xgimi Horizon is a great outdoor movie projector, and most families can watch movies and shows comfortably.

Pros Cons
Native 1080p resolution with support for 3DThe rainbow effect is present.
Bright enough for outdoor usage.The image quality could have been better
Android TV 10 integration for streaming.
Portable, light, and easy to set up.

Price: $999.00.

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5. Xgimi Horizon Pro

outdoor movie projector- Xgimi Horizon Pro
Outdoor movie projector- Xgimi Horizon Pro / Image source: Amazon

The Xgimi Horizon Pro is for people who want gorgeous visuals with rich colors, high contrast, and sharp images. The color accuracy is excellent, with great deep black contrasts, which is crucial when watching movies and shows at night. It has a high brightness of 2200 ANSI lumens, which means you can watch in ambient conditions without any issues. 

The Xgimi Horizon Pro has full Android TV integration for streaming. There is also support for watching 3D content that has all the necessary ports that you would expect from such a high-end device. The Horizon Pro is, overall, a great outdoor movie projector. 

4K native resolution is top-notch.The rainbow effect at this price is concerning.
Light and easy to set up
3D support for watching content
2200 ANSI lumens brightness
Android TV integration for streaming

Price: $1529.00.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How many lumens do you need to watch outdoors?

To watch comfortably on a projector outside in daylight, you need 2500 ANSI lumens.

2. How many lumens do you need to watch at night?

To watch at night, your projector must have more than 500 ANSI lumens at the very least. If it is more than 1000, then you can watch comfortably in ambient conditions.

3. What color screen is best for an outdoor movie projector?

A white color screen is the best for an outdoor movie projector because white reflects more light, accurate colors, and has better viewing angles compared to other grey screens.

Final Thoughts

Enjoying a movie with your loved ones is a great feeling. Watching them in the comfort of your home under a starry night is even better and can be magical. This is why outdoor movie projectors are the way to go when you want to have the perfect movie night. 


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