9 Awesome Paid Live Wallpaper Apps for Android

Live wallpapers are something unique to the Android experience. Sure older phones had some capabilities, but it was Android that made them famous and easy to use. Paid live wallpaper apps for Android are plenty, and many of them provide amazing looking visuals. We have already listed some free live wallpaper apps, but they always had some restrictions. I highly recommend these paid live wallpaper apps for Android, if you want to have a stable and fully featured experience.

One thing I have noticed during my years of using live wallpapers on Android, they drain the battery a little faster. In the old days, the difference between using a standard static wallpaper and live wallpaper was around 10% per charge. Today, with the advancements in battery consumption the drainage is around 4%. The point is, live wallpapers either free or paid will drain your battery slightly faster.

Note: The 9 best paid live wallpaper apps for Android were tested on a Samsung Galaxy Note III smartphone. The apps worked just as intended and no problems were faced during testing. You will need to set the live wallpapers either from the app itself or long pressing on your home screen and selecting the option.

1. Galaxy Pack

This is perhaps the best bang for your buck you can get from the Google Play Store. The app comes with multiple galaxy themed live wallpapers for the price of one and I have to say, all of them are extremely pretty. I have used this pack since 2012, and it was one of the very first purchases I did on the Play Store.

If you like the vastness of our universe and swirling galaxies, this is the live wallpaper app for you. There are 19 different galaxies for you to choose from and the all come with deep customization options. There are a lot of options you can tweak to achieve the experience you want. I, for example, turned down the spinning speed and reduced the number of stars, but you can even change colors of the galaxies with ease.

Paid Version

2. Chrooma Live Wallpaper

While I have known about the first app in the list for a long while, Chrooma Live Wallpaper app just came to my attention. This is one of the best live wallpaper apps I have tested this week, and it clearly shows.

The app works really well with any device I have used it on. It is a material design live wallpaper app for Android which switches the wallpaper every time you visit your home screen. This amazing app randomizes different features of the wallpaper to give you virtually unlimited wallpapers. I really love locking my phone and unlocking it, just to check out another wallpaper snuggly swaying on my home screen.

Paid Version

3. Snowfall Live Wallpaper

This one is a simple addition to the list. It is a live wallpaper that can add snow to any picture you want. There are already around 10 standard pictures available, but you can also add your own to the mix. This app is very popular among older folks who like to get really into the festive mood.

There are some customization options available but don’t expect something unique or amazing from the app. The app, however, is stable and uses very little system resources. The included background images range from great to downright low-resolution ugly, so there is that as well.

Paid Version

4. Aquarium Live Wallpaper

This right here is an aquarium for your home screen. You can have up to 14 fishes in it, feed them and even move them around. The interactive nature of the wallpaper makes it a fun thing to own. There are a lot of different fish to select if you are into that sort of thing.

From Triggerfish to clownfish and from seahorses to jellyfish there are a lot of fish to choose. You can even have turtles in your aquarium if you so desire. But the downside is that the animations are jarring and odd, this takes away some of the fun for those who can notice the low frame rates. If you have purchased a tablet for children, install this on it, and they will have a great time.

Paid Version

5. Minima Pro Live Wallpaper

Minima Pro Live Wallpaper is going to be a huge deal in coming times as I have yet to see a developer so determined. The app already has over 90 hand crafted themes and more are on the way. The app has some intriguing parallax techniques that make it a joy to use and look at.

The app allows you to change the colors of the themes according to your needs. This is a great feature for those who just want their home screen color coordinated and sharp. That’s not all, though; you will also be able to create your personal themes with the built-in theme maker.

Paid Version

6. Digital Hive Live Wallpaper

Back in the days when Android Honeycomb was released this hive pattern was quite famous for wallpapers. I have seen this live wallpaper around from that time as well, and boy has it evolved!

There are many things you can change in this great live wallpaper for Android but I really appreciate the custom color picker. With the color control handed off to you, you will be able to make some amazing looking combinations. You can also control the breathing effect of the hive which makes it look more alive.

Paid Version

7. Pixel Zombies Live Wallpaper

Ever wanted to see a zombie outbreak happening right on your home screen? Want to see little badass pixels fight out against the zombie hoard? Want to look how the normal, scared civilians are gradually devoured by zombies?

If the answer to the above questions is HELL YEAH! Then you are at the right app. This app basically runs a live simulation of a zombie epidemic on your screen, and it looks phenomenal. You can even see the tiny fighters shooting laser guns at the zombies which is really cute. This is what an entertaining live wallpaper looks like.

Paid Version

8. 3D Image Live Wallpaper

If you are not a big fan of random and fast animations on your home screen, perhaps this app will make you happy. While it is not as “live” as some other Android paid wallpaper apps on this list, it is certainly as charming.

It has a few themes that look very good on tablets as well as smartphones. The app uses clever parallax techniques to capture the 3D-ness of the wallpapers and it is really fun to see in action. This is one app that I just can’t explain in words, you will need to check out its video to know how it looks in real world usage.

Paid Version

9. Electric Sheep Live Wallpaper

I don’t know why this Paid Android live wallpaper app is called Electric Sheep as there are no sheep to be found here. However, the app has a similar effect of counting sheep if you look at it long enough.

The mesmerizing patterns are a stark contrast to the above-listed app. The electric, or shall I say eccentric patterns are a great way to adorn your home screen with fast moving animations. However, this app is not for everyone. While the animations look cool and all, they drain the battery a lot faster than I anticipated.

Paid Version


There are a few more apps that I would love to add to this list but they are extremely new on the Play Store. As they mature, or as I like to say, get mass-beta tested, I will add them to the lists. What do you think about live wallpapers generally? A lot of people are not willing to pay for wallpapers.

Will you be interested in getting one or two of the live wallpapers? Do tell what you think in the comments, I would love to hear your opinion.

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