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6 Best PDF Editor Apps for Android: Fill, Edit, Annotate!

We all know this:

PDFs are used to give out and receive information. And, it is essential to have access to PDFs on our Android phones.

Moreover, it would be a hassle thinking that you still have to use a computer to edit your PDF file.

But, don’t lose hope!

Developers have found a way to make your life easier. PDF editor apps for Android are now available for downloads in the Play Store.

We are fortunate enough that developers have created applications that can annotate and edit PDF documents directly through our Android phones.

Jut imagine this:

What would life be without these applications? It must’ve been hard!

Now, here are the best PDF Editor Apps for Android that we recommend.

1. Adobe Fill & Sign: Easy PDF Form Filler

For some people—especially people who do a lot of paperwork mainly needs to have a PDF editor. The best PDF editor for Android to recommend for them is the Adobe Fill and Sign. They can sign documents, scan and fill it by only using their Android phones.

Adobe Fill & Sign -Best PDF Editor for Android
Adobe Fill & Sign lets you edit PDFs on the go

Fill: You are able to fill up the documents or forms with the important things you need. You only need to tap, drag and drop to the necessary field.

Sign: You can easily sign your signature with a stylus pen or with your finger.

Scan: You can scan important documents using your Android device and proceed to sign or fill it with the needed contents.

Save and Send: The forms you have edited can be saved and sent through email.

You do not have to worry about how much it cost to have this application. Adobe Fill & Sign is FREE to use. There are no ads to bother you and in-app purchases!

Google Play

2. Xodo PDF Reader and Editor

This is a full-featured PDF editor that became most popular and one of the best PDF editor for Android. Xodo PDF does not compromise your experience and it provides several options for you to utilize its features.

It has the ability to edit, fill, annotate, and scan documents just like the Adobe app. Moreover, you can sync it with your cloud.

Xodo PDF Editor - Best PDF Editor for Android
Xodo PDF Editor is a PDF editor with a modern design
  • PDF Reader and Editor
  • PDF Annotator
  • Sign and Fill PDF Forms
  • Convert and Create
  • Sync with Google Drive and Dropbox
  • File Manager
  • Annotate PDFs

Xodo PDF Reader and Editor is a free app, without any in-app purchases and apps that can disturb your use.

Google Play

3. PDF Viewer Pro by PSPDFKit

PSPDF Editor - Best PDF Editor for Android
PSPDF Editor lets you annotate PDFs

You would not have to worry about how to manage your PDF file. This PDF editor app has all the tools that you need. You can fill forms, annotate important parts of the file, sign and edit the document.

You can view the annotations in whatever device because the app writes the annotations like the standardized Adobe specifications.

Features of PDF Viewer Pro:

  • Easily opens PDF files
  • Annotate PDFs without a hassle
  • Create and Edit PDFs
  • Store, Share and Organize PDFs

You can enjoy this app for free, but if you want to have full access to its premium features you have to subscribe to it.

Google Play

4. PDF Reader by Kdan Mobile Software

The PDF Reader by Kdan Mobile Software is a known best PDF editor for Android. Why? Its developer can brag all they want because their app has been awarded and recognized as the:

  • Best Apps of 2016 on Google Play Store
  • Best PDF Reader Apps of 2017 on Tom’s Guide
  • Best PDF Reader for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android on PDF2Go Blog
  • Top 5 Free PDF Editor for Android on TechnOrange
Kdan PDF Editor - Best PDF Editor for Android
Kdan PDF Editor is a versatile PDF editor for Android

This PDF Editor App is easy to use yet has good tools to read, edit, and annotate your documents. You can even insert hyperlinks to your documents!

Key Features of PDF Reader:

  • File Manager and Viewer Mode
  • PDF Annotations
  • File Transfer and Backup
  • Document Scanner

The PDF Reader developed by Kdan has a free version but it contains ads. If you wish to remove the ads and have access to the premium features of the app, you can purchase the app for $19.99 a quarter.

Google Play

5. MobiSystems OfficeSuite

When you are looking for something similar to MS Office, then you should choose MobiSystems as the best PDF Editor for you! It is more than a PDF Editor, you can edit and create other files since it is compatible with all MS Office file formats.

MobiSystems - Best PDF Editor for Android
MobiSystems is a great PDF editor for Android

Key Features of MobiSystems OfficeSuite:

  • Desktop-style Interface
  • Fully compatible with all Microsoft formats
  • Support PDF files
  • 5GB Cloud Drive of MobiSystems
  • OfficeSuites Chat
  • Text-to-Speech

Try MobiSystems OfficeSuite to tend your needs in editing and annotating PDF documents. This app can be used for free and has ads. However, if you want to have all of its premium features and remove all the ads, you can have access to it just for $10!

Google Play

6. PDFelement

This application is not fully an editor. However, it is a good tool for PDF annotation. It is has a neat and simple interface that makes it easy for users. The only thing that is difficult with this app is it needs an account for you to annotate and edit PDF files.

PDFelement - Best PDF Editor for Android
PDFelement is an elegant and minimalist PDF app for Android
  • Annotate and Markup PDFs
  • Combine two PDFs into one
  • PDF File Management
  • File Sharing

PDFelement is free to use, it does not contain any ads or in-app purchases.

Google Play


How can I quickly open PDF files?

It is easy to open a PDF file with a computer. However, there are some devices that need a third-party app to open the file. If you are wondering if you can open a PDF file within a minute, yes you can. Read more on how to open PDF files on Android.

Are PDFs safe to open?

There are PDF files that contain malware virus. When it is downloaded to your Android phone, it can affect your phone and other files. To make sure that your phone and files are safe, download the best Android Security App on your phone.

How to Edit Documents on Android?

PDFs are not the only important documents, there is still Excel, Word, Powerpoint, and so much more. But, can you edit these documents with your Android phone? Surely, yes! Here is an advanced guide on how to use and edit documents on your Android phone.

The Verdict

Want to know more? Check this – Android PDF

Do you have other PDF editor apps that you can suggest? Share it below in the comment section. Moreover, share this article with your friends and colleagues. They might need it for editing their files!

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