Samsung Galaxy 3 and Android

Perfectly made couple – Android & Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung Galaxy 3 and AndroidAndroid has no doubt transformed the mobile device industry, and this is mainly by opening up the market. Before Android hit the market, the major way of enjoying the use of a smartphone was by getting yourself an iPhone. This phone came with the closed iOS operating system, meaning that no other device that is not manufactured by Apple can use the operating system. However, Android changed all that, mainly because it is open source software. In the beginning, not many Android phones managed to compete with the iPhone; but the emergence and subsequent success of Samsung Galaxy SIII has changed all that.

Samsun Galaxy SIII

Samsung Galaxy SIII is a smartphone that has directly challenged iPhone as the top smartphone in the world. It comes packed with many useful and powerful features, some that are far much better than those found on the iPhone.

Samsung Galaxy 3 and Android

This phone has shipped more units in 2012 as compared to the iPhone, with the features found on it being quite amazing. First, it supports both 2G and 3G networks, making certain that you can always access the Internet at speeds that are available. For example, if you can only access 2G Internet connectivity, then your Samsung Galaxy SIII will automatically switch to 2G connectivity. If you need 3G, then switching over is pretty simple and fast. Samsung Galaxy SIII is the perfect phone to run Android on, since it renders the apps in a great manner. It has a Super AMOLED capacitive touch screen that supports 16M colours. This is an excellent resolution that makes it very easy to use Android apps that usually require a high screen resolution. With such a screen, you will also be able to enjoy surfing the web suing this phone. This touch screen has also been made to last, such that it cannot easily get scratched, thanks to the Corning Gorilla Glass 2 screen. Since Android is made with touch screen in mind, this TouchWiz UI feature makes it very easy and comfortable to use your Samsung Galaxy SIII with Android apps.

Incredible performance

Samsung Galaxy SIII is meant to perform pretty fast, and this is evident in its processor. Samsung Galaxy SIII has 1GB of RAM, and this is quite high. This kind of computing power will enable your phone to run very demanding Android apps without having to worry that the phone may end up freezing. This smartphone also has the Exynos 4412 Quad chipset, which essentially makes it very fast in executing functions. Coupled with the 1GB RAM, this phone is even faster than some old generation notebooks and PCs. The CPU of this phone, the heart of its processing power, is a demonstration that Samsung Galaxy SIII is meant to provide extreme performance. This is because the CPU is made if Cortex-A9 Quad-core 1.4 GHz, and this is very powerful for a smartphone. In order to comprehend how powerful such computing power is, you can download one of the Android apps renowned for using up intense computing power and run it on this phone.

Fitting hardware and software features

The hardware that has been packed into Samsung Galaxy SIII has been made with Android OS in mind. Since Android leverages on most Google services in order to boost user experience, the manufacturers of Samsung have gone ahead and made sure that the hardware on this phone closely integrates with the salient features on Android. For example, this phone comes with proximity hardware, compass and a barometer. There are a number of Google services, such as weather and Maps that usually need such capabilities. This integration has also been designed to be seamless and complementary in nature.

Cloud computing integration

Android Cloud ComputingGoogle has always been at the forefront of cloud computing, and its numerous services, such as Google Docs and Google Apps, are an indication of where this company is headed with its products. This has also been the crux of the design of Samsung Galaxy SIII. For example, this phone supports voice command and dictation for up to 5-voice natural languages. This is great support that easily complements with Google Search on Android, which has been optimized to work well with voice commands. The microphone on this phone has been greatly optimized to improve voice input quality through voice cancellation. You can also use this phone to type very fast using voice commands. This is one of the biggest wins with regard to the use of Android 4.1 on Samsung Galaxy SIII. As this phone also supports document-editing apps, you will be able to become more productive by using voice commands to type documents, as well as compose emails. This ensures that the voice command feature does not end up frustrating users more than is necessary. Also, when you purchase Samsung Galaxy S3, you will be given 50GB of free storage space on Dropbox. The idea behind this is that you will need to sync your smartphone with the cloud, thus the phone comes readily equipped to connect to the cloud.

Also, many Android apps on Google Play Store are interactive in nature, especially game apps. This thus calls for a smartphone that has the capability to effectively run such apps. Samsung Galaxy SIII supports HTML5 and Flash, two prerequisites to enjoying gaming on your smartphone. This also means that you can easily enjoy watching videos, from Google services such as YouTube, on your Samsung Galaxy SIII smartphone without any technical hiccups.

Android 4.1 Support

Android 4.1, also known as Jelly Bean, is fully supported by Samsung Galaxy SIII. Since Android 4.1 has been designed to bring about closer integration of Google services to mobile devices, its use of this phone is a great achievement. Natively, Samsung Galaxy SIII supports HD video recording as well as geo-tagging and smile detection. The media recorded using these features can be easily shared on Google services, and this close integration makes using both products fit perfectly with the increasing social connectivity of the Internet.  Thus, the use of Android on Samsung Galaxy SIII has given consumer a whole new experience of powerful mobile computation.

The verdict

The combination of Android and Samsung Galaxy SIII most definitely redefined the mobile device industry, especially with regard to the iPhone and iOS. Before this collaboration, iPhone was untouchable in the smartphone market, as it literally had no peers to give it a run for its money. However, Android and Samsung Galaxy SIII for once gave people an option to using the iPhone. Since Android is open source, tinkerers have a great opportunity to root it and test it on the excellent Samsung Galaxy SIII, although this is not usually advisable since it may end up messing your phone. Also, the new features of Android 4, which runs on Samsung Galaxy SIII, have brought much computing power with it. This version of Android has optimized performance, meaning that you will have a smooth experience when using the phone, even while running apps that are quite demanding on computing power. Thus, the combination of Samsung Galaxy SIII and Android is a worthy option to iPhone 5, so you can confidently go ahead and get one.

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