Philips Smart Android TV (Review and Buying Tips)


Televisions, as we know it, are far more advanced than how it was back in the ’90s. The advancement of technology brought televisions to a more advanced form called Smart TV. Smart TVs can browse the internet, stream movies, or play video games.

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With that being said, Smart TVs are like smartphones, they come in various model, brand, and specification. Speaking of brands, one brand that comes into mind when we think about Smart TV is Philips. A Dutch company headquartered in the Netherlands specializes in healthcare technology, lighting solutions, and lifestyle products.

Philips offers a line of Smart TV that uses different pre-installed Operating System or OS. For this article, we will be focusing on their Android OS Smart TV. So, if you’re planning to purchase a new Android Smart TV from Philips, then this article is for you.

Philips Android TV in the US

Since the emerging of Smart TV, Philips used its proprietary NetTV platform in the United States for years. So, here are a few things you need to know about Philips Android TV in the US.

As of this writing, only two confirmed Philips Android TV will be in the country. These are the Philips 5704 and 5904. The 5704 TV should now be available in select retailers but 5904 will be available in late 2019. That’s according to Funai, the rights holder of the Philips brand in the United States.

Philips 5704 and 5904 Series Android TV

Philips PFL5704 first androidTV in the US
The First Commercially Available Android TV of Philips in the US, the Philips 5704

NoteAs of this writing, the Philips 5704 and 5904 Android Smart TV is not yet available on Amazon. We do recommend to check from time to time.

Out of the box, the Philips 5704 and 5904 series of TVs will both be running on Android 8.0 Oreo. They will also be available in 5 different screen sizes 43, 50, 55, 65, and 75-inches.

Both models will also have near-field microphones to access Google Assistant. One of the main differences between the two models is that the 5904 will have a better microphone. A far-distance type of microphone for longer distance use of Google Assistant.

Both TV models are considered a big upgrade against their predecessors, 5703 and 5903. From their proprietary NetTV platform to an Android platform. Despite losing some feature like “Black Stretch,” both models still gained a significant upgrade.

Bright Pro

Bright Pro is a new feature added to the latest Series 5 of Philips TV. It boosts the backlit of the display resulting in a brighter image by twice as much as a regular LED. Paired with HDR10, both models will come with these features and ensures excellent picture quality.

20w Built-in Speakers

Both Philips 5704 and 5904 will come with a built-in 2 channel 20W speakers (2 x 10W). Compared to their predecessors, both models gained about 10% upgrade in loudness and audio performance.

Refresh Rate

Both models will be capable of Ultra High-Definition resolution or 4K (4096 x 2160 pixels) that runs at 60Hz. Unfortunately, that’s another bad news for gamers. Both models will not just have a lower response time and a refresh rate limited to 60Hz.

Philips Android Smart TV Buying Tips

If you are new to looking at Android TVs or planning to buy one, here are some things that you need to know.

Android Operating System

As we have already mentioned above, Smart TV is like a computer. They run on an operating system that makes them what they are, a Smart TV. For Android TVs, they are Smart TVs that run on an Android operating system.

Bugdroid, Android’s Official Iconic Mascot

An Android OS is a mobile OS developed by Google. Based on a modified version of the Linux OS and other open source software. The latest Android version is Android 9 also known as Android PIE as of this writing.

Technically, Android TVs doesn’t get the latest version of Android since Android OS is more intended for mobile use. Thus, the reason why Android TVs usually has the older version of Android.

So, if you are looking to purchase an Android TV, look at its operating system first. Android OS have different versions but easy to identify. The very first version of Android is Android 1.

Then it gets developed and further progresses to Android 2 and so on. The latest Android OS is 9, as of this writing, for reference but for Android TVs, look for Android 8.

Choosing the right Android TV

Since the launch of the first Android TV in 2014, Televisions, in general, have achieved so far. So buying an Android TV may look complex for some but in reality, it’s quite simple. If you are planning to purchase one this year, make sure that it has the following features:

  • HDR10 – If you are not aware what HDR10 is, HDR10 is a standard for televisions that enables them to support broader colors. Resulting in darker blacks and brighter whites. It stands for “high dynamic range,” and it gives any televisions more comprehensive range of colors making pictures more realistic and lifelike.
  • QLED, OLED or IPS LED – To enjoy a rich color TV display, look for either a QLED, OLED or IPS LED display panel. All three can reproduce life-like colors without any limitation that VA or TV display panel has.  The only difference is that the IPS LED is the cheapest type while QLED and OLED are the expensive ones.
  • Local Dimming – Local Dimming is a feature that turns the LED of a certain area of the display on and off to enhance picture contrast. This feature is divided into 3 types namely edge-lit, direct backlit, and full array. Edge-lit and direct backlit are commonly found on entry-level TVs while the full array is found on high-end ones.


Ultimately, Philips is still a significant brand when it comes to Android TVs. Despite the lack of offering in the US, they still manage to be one of the leading brands.

What’s more — purchasing an Android TV from Philips may sound a bit complex but once you understand what you need to know, selecting the perfect one for you will be easy. So, what do you think about the first two Philips Android TV? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

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