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How to pin an app to the Android Share Menu for easier sharing

The Android Share Menu  isn’t anything new, but it sure has taken a giant step in becoming more user-friendly and customizable with Android Nougat 7.0. As for the way Lollipop and Marshmallow handles the menu—well, your girlfriend or boyfriend might like it if they are trying to catch you cheating because it gives you far less control over WhatsApp displaying an incriminating contact there.

And once it’s there, it’s not easy to get rid of, which also sucks if you are a neat freak. The menu can easily become cluttered and overpopulated with apps you didn’t want there in the first place.

If you are on Android Nougat, you are living on easy street, and we will show you why. But even if you aren’t on 7.0, we’ll discuss how you can gain more control over the Share Menu on earlier versions of the operating system.

And if you still aren’t sure why you should even care about an Android Share Menu? If you’ve ever wanted to share a link you found in one app (such as your browser) to another app, this is the most efficient way to do it.

Method 1: How to Pin Apps

Time: 1-5 Minutes

With Nougat, you can pin whatever app you wish to the top of the Share Menu. There are two advantages to this: quicker access to apps you share content from frequently and to the contacts you share it with.

1. Open Share Menu

Launch the menu from any app. For instance, in the Facebook app, you can access it by tapping the More option to the upper right.

facebook more

2. Long-press App

Press and hold the app icon until a new window pops up.

share via

3. Choose Pin

Selecting this option will place the app at the top of the menu. Some apps will bring contacts with them. Any change you make within this app will automatically reflect within all relevant apps.

Method 2: Customize the Share Menu Using Andmade Share

Time: 5 Minutes

You might be feeling left out because you don’t have Nougat, but you don’t need Nougat to enjoy some of the advanced features that come with apps like Andmade Share. Andmade Share will allow you to share to several apps at one time. You can also hide what you aren’t using.

1. Download Andmade Share

Download: Andmade Share

download andmade

2. Tap Share Icon

Within any app, go to the Share Menu.

menu icon

3. Click on Andmade Share

You should see a pop-up asking you to choose between Andmade Share and the Android System.

4. Tap Always (Optional)

Of course it’s up to you, but if you choose to select Always it will make Andmade Share your default sharing app.

andmade always

5. Rearrange and Reorder

Now you can sort the Share list by dragging and dropping. You can place the apps you use most at the top, so basically you are pinning an app to the Share Menu.

6. Go to Settings

Press the gear icon in the upper-right corner.

andmade settings

7. Fast Share to Evernote (Optional)

This allows you to clip a portion of text to Evernote.

fast share

8. Go Pro (Optional)

The Pro version adds options to Fast Share even when you have no Internet connection or to use Wi-Fi only, group several apps you want to share with using only one click, fast share to Twitter and Facebook, and copy text to the clipboard. But it will cost you $2.

Download: Andmade Share Pro

Method 3: Customize the Share Menu Using Fliktu

Time: 5 Minutes

This app will set you back about a dollar, but it claims to make sharing faster and to enable sharing from places, you might not be able to otherwise. It organizes your apps by frequency and relevancy of use. Keep in mind that there have been reports that this does not work on Chrome and also the entire Marshmallow operating system.

1. Download Fliktu

Fliktu also offers more viewing options than just your default browser.

Download: Fliktu: Share Fast

install fliktu

2. Open Fliktu

After you complete the next step, you will be able to open Fliktu’s Share Menu if you gently flick or shake your Android within a few seconds of copying a link.

3. Set to Default

Tap Use Fliktu for Sharing and follow instructions. Enable Fliktu for links and copied links if you want to quickly be able to open Fliktu’s Share Menu with a flick or shake.

use fliktu

4. Tap the Share Icon in Any App

There will be three icons in the top row, but the rest is alphabetically organized for you to scroll through.

3 icons

5. Rearrange

You can change the order of these apps by going into Menu, where you can specify which apps you want to reside at the top.


6. Hide Apps

Tired of seeing an app icon you don’t use or want? The Hide Apps option allows you to remove it.

7. Customize Flick (Optional)

Note the Flick tab, where you can adjust Flick settings.

8. Select Hidden Apps

hidden apps

9. Choose Apps

Pick any apps that you want to remove from the Share Menu.

10. Specify Default Email (Optional)

This is nice if you like to share content via email.

default email

Method 4: Customize the Share Menu Using AppChooser Pro

Time: 5 Minutes

AppChooser Pro also lets you test its functionality before you buy with it’s free version. However, be warned that there’s no longer any support for this app, even when you do pay for it. For the time being it remains a viable option when you are pinning apps to the Share Menu.

Download: AppChooser

1. Install AppChooser Pro (Optional)

Download: AppChooser Pro

download appchooser

2. Click Share Button from Any App

Share this article if you want.

3. Select AppChooser

Your only other option will be to continue to use the Android System unless you decide to download one of the other apps listed in this article.

4. Reorder Apps

You can rearrange your apps to be in reverse alphabetical order, by the frequency of use, or by history.

rearrange order

5. Long-Press to Hide Apps

Hide an app by pressing and holding it.

hide translate

6. Share to Multiple Apps

Tap on the arrow in the upper-right corner.

share multiple

Method 5: Unpin Apps in 7.0

Time:1 Minute

Unpinning apps is easy on Android Nougat. And as you saw in Method 2, Andmade makes it simpler to hide apps in the Share Menu. If your Android is rooted, there is also a way you can disable selected Direct Share targets using a Xposed module. That method is addressed next. Here again, Android 7.0 provides the easiest method, as it’s just the same long-press function you used to pin the app or contact in the first place.

1. Open Share Menu

2. Press and Hold App Icon

A pop-up will appear with two options: Unpin and App Info.

3. Choose Unpin App

Method 6: Unpin Apps Using Xposed (For Rooted Phones)

Time: 5-10 Minutes

In addition to being rooted, you will also need to install Xposed on your Android device if you haven’t done so previously.

Must Read: The XPosed Framework for Android – Starting Out

Download: Xposed Framework Installer

1. Allow Installation from Unknown Sources

Visit Settings > Security > Unknown Sources.

unknown sources

2. Install CustomShare Module

You’ll find it in the Download section of your Xposed Installer app.

Download: CustomShare

3. Remove Apps from Share Menu

Now you get to decide which apps you want to see in the Share With and Open With lists. Tap on each icon you want to remove and it will turn red indicating it’s gone from the menu.

4. Disable Direct Share Targets

Alternatively, you can long-press the app icon until it turns pink, which lets you know that the Direct Share targets for this app have been disabled. To disable more than nine different apps, you would need to upgrade to the CustomShare-Donator app for $2.66. User reviews are mixed.

Download: CustomShare-Donator


Pinning apps to the Share Menu has never been easier. It doesn’t matter what version of operating system you use; there’s a way. Finally, Android recognized that the Share Menu should offer built-in customizations with Android Nougat. There still seems to be no way to pin a Messenger contact independently, however. It will add the entire app.

Tell us how you like these Share Menu customization options in the comments section below. What other annoyances has Nougat alleviated for you?

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