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5 Best Plug-in Speakers for Android Phones

I know everyone loves music with their own taste or preferred genre. But, one thing is sure, we would all love to have a high-quality speaker to play our favorite song.

Android smartphones have been upgrading and improving through the years, but the quality of their speakers are not that top-notch across all brands and models.

Most of the smartphone manufacturers focused on upgrading the software or the camera. Just like lately, new smartphone models introduced double lenses then triple lenses, etc. Why won’t they upgrade the speakers like that too? Be that as it may, the good thing is that you have an option to get the best plug-in speakers for Android phones that sound better than the one that’s built-in on your phone.

The Best Plug-in Speakers for Android Phones

Best OverallAudioengine A2+
Best Value for MoneyBose Companion 20
Highly RecommendedAmazon Echo Dot + Divoom Adot
Runner Up Sanyun SW008

Top 5 Plug-in Speakers for Android Phones

1. Amazon Echo Dot + Divoom Adot

This is not your typical bucket list. The first one on our list is about merging two devices to make the best out of your music experience. Well, not only music, because these two are for Alexa Echo.

Echo Dot is the smart speaker made by Amazon everyone knows about. It’s like Alexa’s megaphone. But I’m not including this product on our list for no reason. It works amazing with Adot.

The Amazon Echo Dot is a great speaker for Android

Let’s start talking about the plus one device, Adot. Adot’s maker, Divoom, is an international audio brand that has been manufacturing refined audio products for 10 years. Therefore, you can expect something from their products. Adot is a device used to boost Echo Dot and works as Echo Dot’s battery speaker.

The Divoom Adot works seamlessly with Echo Dot

Why would you buy these products?

  • Combination of Dolby + DSP processor technology
  • Impressive 360°omni-directional fine audio
  • 20W audio power with two full ranges and two passive radiators
  • Voice control
  • Not only plays music but also anything you can ask Alexa

2. SoundSOUL

I’ll be straight to the point. This product has a really low price. For those who are looking for real HD quality, you might not like this one, but the quality isn’t bad and will still pass the taste of many. But, what’s peculiar about this product is that it comes with dancing light water and it really looks good as a home decoration or party props.


Why would you buy this product?

  • Lightweight speaker
  • Has a light show water fountain inside
  • High Amazon rating
  • Very affordable
  • One pair of two speakers

3. Bose Companion 20

If you don’t want the previous product and would love to opt for maximum audio quality, check this next product. Companion 20 is a product from Bose which is very a popular audio brand. Bose has been innovating amazing audio speakers for years up to now.

Companion 20 produces a wide and natural sound and has a sleek design that anyone would love to use for their computer or smartphone. Its brand boasts about their Truespace technology creating a surround sound effect which is amazing for its size.

It comes with a control pod to adjust the volume of the speakers and to allow another audio device to connect.

The Bose Companion is a premium speaker for Android

Why would you buy this product?

  • Proven and trusted brand
  • Truespace technology for surround audio
  • Comes with a control pod
  • Clean and clear sound
  • Balanced low, high, and mid frequencies
  • Made of metal mesh

4. Audioengine A2+

Around the same price range with the Companion 20, this speaker also works amazing for its size. It is supposed to be used as a desktop speaker but A2+ comes with versatile connections which will work on Android devices. It is a small but high-performing speaker that has gotten a lot of good reviews on the internet.


Why would you buy this product?

  • High-end warm rich full stereo sound
  • Compact design
  • Easy to set-up
  • Versatile

5. Sanyun SW008

If you are looking for a Hi-Fi stereo surround sound but can’t afford expensive brands like Bose, then this one’s for you. For thrifty audiophile people, you can still find the best product that suits you. SW008 could be what you are looking for. It’s also a small speaker that suits the size of a smartphone and works amazingly great.

Although the design of this product isn’t like your typical pair of speakers, it’s a soundbar that has an auto power management ability that you don’t usually find from more expensive speakers.

The Sanyung SW008 is a powerful Android speaker that won’t break the bank

Why would you buy this product?

  • Hi-Fi sound quality
  • Dual built-in subwoofers
  • Intelligent, Convenient and Saving Energy.
  • Versatile


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Final Thoughts

When choosing for the right speakers, always consider the purpose why you are buying one as smartphones already have speakers and can work alone unlike TVs or monitors. So, you are probably looking for better audio quality or your Android phone’s speaker is broken that’s why you are buying a plug-in speaker.

If you just want to upgrade your music experience, then go for the speakers with Hi-Fi quality. If you have a broken smartphone speaker, make sure first that you can’t really fix it anymore. There’s one article that explains how to fix speaker problems on Android phones.

Do you have a favorite plugin speaker for your Android phone? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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