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Pocket Assistant App Review Android

Some people need a static looking virtual assistant app. Some people want their virtual assistants to move and interact. For those who need a little life in their assistants, Pocket Assistant is the best app out there.

Fully 3D and animated assistants are available with this great looking assistant app for Android. Gone are the days of starting at a static looking screen and saying commands. This Siri like app for Android will deliver an experience that is remarkable just not in a utilitarian way, but an entertaining one.

I understand that some people do prefer static and professional looking screens for their virtual assistants. For them, I recommend the Assistant, the number one app on our list.

The Good

The app features a moving and talking blonde. The animations are fun to watch and interact with. The app runs smooth on almost all smartphones or tablets. There are some interesting features in the app as well. The standard virtual assistant tasks are handled quite well by the app.

The Bad

The animations get repeated a lot. After a while, the app just stops being witty and funny. This app is more of a dress up fantasy app than an actual assistant. If you are looking for a serious app, this is most definitely not it.

The app also comes with micro-transactions for clothes and what not. I would feel ashamed to take out a bikini clad blonde virtual assistant out in public. And I’m pretty sure many of the users will feel the same.

The Bottom Line

If you need an assistant to tell you a joke or provide you with your horoscope, this is a great app. However, if you are looking to get work done in a fast and timely manner, this app just won’t do.

The animations will hog the system resources as well as make the Pocket Assistant a hard sell.

I would recommend the Assistant app if you are aiming to be more productive. Otherwise, Pocket Assistant will do small tasks for you easily.

Installation and Welcome

Pocket Assistant can be downloaded directly from the Google Play Store page. Simply follow the link and tap on install, the app will start downloading automatically. The app is not that big, so it will be a quick download.

After the app is installed, you will notice that it is not exactly called Pocket Assistant. Instead, look for the app named Pocket Blonde for some reason.

This is really annoying if you are using custom icon packs on your smartphone.

Pocket Assistant 001

The first screen you see is where the language is selected.  You are given no control over the language you can select.

In my instance, the app recommended Dutch for some reason.  There was no way to change that, so I tapped on the icon hoping for a pop out menu. The Blonde actually thought I wanted Dutch as my preferred language and set it.

After I wiped the cache and data, the app basically asked the same question but this time I tapped on other places until it went away.


The interface of Pocket Assistant or Pocket Blonde is nothing remarkable. However the options it displays, are very good. The main virtual assistant takes the center stage here.

There are around 4 different assistants you can choose from, but the other choices are only accessed if you pay. Free users have no choice but the blonde.

Pocket Assistant 002

The app makes it easier to interact with the assistant features of your phone. You can use voice input as the main interaction between yourself and the app.

The mic button, however, is not always present on the main interface. Then there are the always present icons on the interface which can actually help you navigate the features well.

Pocket Assistant 003


The app does come with some beneficial features. For example, the app can set alarms for you with ease.

The steps are always well explained, and the assistant asks for details every step of the way.

Pocket Assistant 004

Sending a text message, calling contacts, setting up reminders and taking notes are all quite comfortable with the app.

Pocket Assistant 005

The app also has the option to integrate with social media and emails. It can also map routes automatically on Google Maps.

All in all, the app has some great assistant properties that can come in handy even for a casual user.


The app had trouble with hearing my voice. While other Android virtual assistants had no trouble hearing me in crowded areas, this one had some problems.

Pocket Assistant 006

I emailed the developers, and they told me about the Wolfram Alpha technology they are using. It can make the app learn how you speak and also predict patterns quite efficiently. The only catch is that you need to use the app for a bit longer period and actually interact with it.

Pocket Assistant 007

Apart from that, the app works great on almost any smartphone or tablet. It will be a pleasant albeit a casual virtual assistant for you.

Pocket Assistant 008


Naturally, there are a lot of things the app will need to access. Emails, phone contacts, SMS privileges and even your location are accessed by the app. These all are part of the package and are not suspicions at all.

You can use the app knowing that they need access to your entire phone to assist you. They are not going to deliberately steal your information.


Pocket Assistant will be a hit or miss for you. People I know love the light-hearted nature of the app and like the little interactions. On the other hand, however, others deemed it childish and unprofessional. Personally, I would have preferred a badass cyborg as my personal assistant.

What are your thoughts about virtual assistants on Android? Tell us your specific needs in the comments below.

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  1. how to change the language in this aap, by default dutch was a option and i choose that and it got selected. i want to change it to english. help me plz

    1. Hi Sunny,
      Have you checked in settings? That’s where these kinds of changes can be made. Thanks for commenting. =-)

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