Is Popcorn Time (Free Movie Streaming App) Worth the Risk?

Popcorn Time Free Movie App
Find out more about the Popcorn Time!

Netflix and chill is one great way to start the weekend. But what if you don’t have a subscription for that streaming site? Don’t worry; we got you covered.

Let’s hear it for Popcorn Time, an open-source software and free movie app for Android.

In the ever-evolving world of technology and fast-paced culture, movies are becoming more accessible to everyone. A television or a laptop isn’t even necessary to watch movies anymore.

You can enjoy your favorite movie or watch the latest flicks on the gadget of your choice.  Let us enlighten you on the reasons why its worthwhile to have this app:

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Popcorn Time for the Android Phone Has a Great Collection of Movies and TV shows 

Popcorn Time boasts of thousands of movies of different genres.

Popcorn Time boasts an amazing collection of movies and TV shows. Use the app’s search feature to see for yourself.

Browse through thousands of movies and episodes of TV series. You’ll see that all the different genres and categories are represented.

Popcorn Time’s streaming and download feature utilizes the BitTorrent protocol. This means that like other BitTorrent clients, the app shares your downloaded content.

This sharing is called “seeding” and is available to other users that are downloading the media as well.

You will be helping other users (and that’s millions of them) in the BitTorrent pool to access their desired content. How amazing is that!

This distinct feature means you can enjoy the easy access and comfort of having a movie or show at your fingertips whenever you want and wherever you may be.

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Users Have Little to Worry About the Legality

Developers say the site makes no money from streaming content.

As with other open-source apps offering content for free, arguably the important issue to be addressed here is the user’s security and the legality of the site.

This sharing content app was created in a bid to break away from the monopoly of copyrights. The idea was explained in the official blog of Popcorn Time’s developers.

They wrote that it was forecasted that the sharing of content and information online will continue to expand. One offshoot of this is the relaxation on the monopoly of older content.

The less than rigid stance on on old movies or shows will stem from the idea that more content providers will replace sharing sites that would be shut down.

Plus, these old content files will remain out on the web. Their sheer numbers and range of disbursements will mean there will always be sharing sites.

One of Popcorn Time’s developer also explained that the site has no ads, no premium accounts, subscription fees or anything similar to those.

Therefore, no money is being made from sharing the links to streamed content.

Professor Jim Gibson, the director of the Intellectual Property Institute at the University of Richmond Law School, had a different view.

He said in a Business Insider interview that copyright-holders and law enforcement probably would not waste time and effort going after minor private users anyway.

On top of that, another developer interviewed on Wired explained that everything is “automated and all working on existing open source technologies and existing websites online.”

The bottom line is, not technically legal, but it’s not an issue that’s really enforced, at least in the United States. The developer also emphasized that living in a free society means that “what is not forbidden is allowed.”

So use at your own risk.

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Enjoy Easier Viewing Through Dubbed and Subtitled Shows

Watch your favorite movie in the language that you prefer.

Spreading culture and the love for the project are two of the motivations behind the development of Popcorn Time.

The developers made it possible for dubbed movies in a variety of languages to be available for international users.

This can help people save money that they would otherwise use to buy expensive DVDs and subscribing to cable.

It also gives them the advantage of watching movies and shows in the language they prefer. These are matched by the infinite number of subtitled movies or series episodes.

Children are the ones who would benefit the most from these dubbed movies or TV shows as they don’t know how to read yet.

But parents must be careful that they don’t allow their kids to watch for too long as it can have negative consequences on their development.

It is still better for parents to play and engage with their kids more and not just let them watch TV for hours.

You Can View Movies on a Bigger Screen

Popcorn Time for Android can be viewed in different devices.

There’s no denying that a bigger screen is always better when it comes to watching movies or TV shows.

You can use a fork version Popcorn Time for Android TV that looks great on the television. The process may take more time than the Android device version but it will be worth the effort.

The Android TV must enable installing from unknown sources. Go to Settings > Personal  >  Security & Restrictions.

The ES File Explorer and Sideload Launcher must be installed.

The Popcorn Time for Android TV apk can be downloaded here and uploaded to Google drive or Dropbox.

Using the ESFE, select the cloud service where you uploaded the apk and then tap on Popcorn Time to install. Lastly, open the Sideload Launcher to use the app on your Android TV.

By having the app installed in your Android phone or tablet, the app’s cast interface (the small Cast icon in the display’s top-right) allows Popcorn Time to stream on Chromecast.

While this is a faster and easier way, you can also stream movies through Wi-Fi using the PC version of Popcorn Time.

Check the bottom-portion of the device on the movie or show page, click “Watch Now.” There should be an option menu for playback devices.

Access your Popcorn Time for Android box by ensuring that your Android TV and Android phone or tablet are completely synced.

These two devices should have same local network, ES File Explorer browser installed, and the Popcorn Time Android TV apk file downloaded to the regular Android phone or tablet.


Before You Grab Your Popcorn and Chill

Popcorn Time is a great way for non-Netflix subscribers to enjoy classic movies and the latest offerings.

With improved features and an amazing brand-new user interface, you can easily download Popcorn Time for Android and start watching.

Are you caught up with the latest season of your favorite series? Tell people about your Popcorn Time experience in the comments below, or ask any questions you have. Then share this article with your friends and family.

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