4 Portable Cell Phone Signal Booster: Signal Follows You

There are office and home signal boosters, and there are vehicle phone boosters. One can be used indoors, while the other can be used inside the vehicle. But if you want something that can be used for both, a portable cell phone signal booster is exactly just what you should get.

Most signal boosters are designed to be fixed once installed. These are the kinds used in homes, offices and large buildings. These boosters have 2 antennas: the outside antenna is usually mounted on the exterior wall or the roof. A cable usually connects it to the other antenna installed inside. This is why they can’t be just easily moved around.

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While there are wireless signal boosters for home and office, they are not permitted to be used in vehicles. This is because most of these wireless amplifiers have more than 50 dB gain, which is the maximum gain allowed by the FCC.

So if you want to get consistent and strong signal anywhere, whether outdoor or indoor, the best solution is to get something portable with less than 50 dB gain; that is, a portable cell phone signal booster.

The Best Portable Cell Phone Signal Booster

Best OverallweBoost Drive Sleek
CheapestSureCall N-Range
Best Value for MoneySureCall Fusion2Go
Highly RecommendedweBoost Drive 4G-X

Best Plug and Play Portable Signal Boosters

Plug and play signal boosters are lightweight and handheld. They are usually used in cars, RVs, trucks, vans and other vehicles, and can be easily moved from one vehicle to another without requiring any additional parts.

portable cell phone signal booster
portable cell phone signal booster

However,  they can be moved and transferred to the home too. You just simply unplug it and remove it from the car and transfer it inside your home. But using them to your home may require a power supply accessory, such as an AC to DC converter.

Now here are the best plug and play portable cell phone signal boosters:

1. SureCall N-Range

Lightweight and handheld

The SureCall N-Range is basically designed for the vehicle (cars, SUVs, trucks, even RVs). However, you can also use it at home. With its 3-step installation, you can easily move and use it from one place to another.

Convenient, lightweight, and hands-free, this device can deliver improved voice, text and 4G LTE signals to all carriers. With this booster, you can enjoy more miles of uninterrupted reception and mobile data even in remote areas. Thanks to its extended range technology.

It works for all North American cellular carriers. However, it can only enhance the signal of 1 device at a given time.


  • Quick and easy installation
  • Extended range technology
  • Reduces missed and dropped calls
  • Improves signal and data speed
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2. weBoost Drive Sleek

Single-user cradle

If you’re looking for the ultimate single-device booster, check out weBoost Drive Sleek. Basically designed for in-vehicle use, you can also use it at home, the office or anywhere you can install it on. It’s quick and easy to unplug and install since it’s highly portable and lightweight.

It can boost the signal up to 32X stronger. This results in better voice quality, fewer dropped calls, faster data speed for 3G and 4G LTE. In effect, it extends the battery life for 2 hours in remote areas.

This cradle booster is designed to fit even newer phone models of various sizes. But, like other boosters of this type, this can only be used for 1 device. It’s definitely not for you if you need something for multi-users.


  • Better voice and data
  • Quick, easy, step-by-step installation
  • Boosts signals for all North American networks
  • For 1 device at a time
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This type of signal booster allows you to get a decent signal anywhere.  You can easily transfer and use them anywhere. But there’s one major drawback. Plug and play signal boosters can only boost the reception of 1 device at a time.

Best Easy-Install Portable Signal Boosters

Most cell phone signal boosters work with a specific power supply. For instance, a vehicle phone booster normally has 6 to 15 VDC supply. Home or office signal booster works with a 110 VAC supply. This is why this type of boosters is not portable. You can’t simply move them from one building to another.

However, easy-install signal boosters can overcome this problem. By using an AC power supply adapter, they can be used for both the home and vehicle. They are portable and easy to remove and re-install.

However, when using this type of signal booster at home or office, you must separate the exterior and interior antenna properly to prevent feedback or oscillation. One way of doing this is to place the exterior antenna outside the window. The window and wall will properly separate it from the inside antenna.

1. weBoost Drive 4G-X

For Vehicle and Home

The weBoost Drive 4G-X is a professional grade booster. Although it is primarily an in-vehicle booster, it can be used at home since it’s portable and easy to install.

It has a 50 dB gain, which is the maximum gain allowed by the FCC and other regulatory agencies. This gain is already powerful enough to be used at home or in the office. With this device, multi-users can experience faster data speed, improved download and upload speed, better voice and text quality, and fewer dropped calls.

This makes it a highly reliable booster wherever you use it. It works in suburban, urban, remote and semi-rural areas. Compatible with all US-based cell carriers.


  • Simple DIY installation
  • Boosts signals for multiple devices
  • Flexible and versatile usage
  • Up to 50 dB gain
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2. SureCall Fusion2Go

Use inside the vehicle or at home

The SureCall Fusion2Go is an in-vehicle signal booster, which can also be used indoors (at home or in the office). It can be easily removed and re-installed in just a matter of minutes, which makes it very portable and movable.

With a maximum gain of 50 dB, it can provide a clear and consistent signal for multiple devices, resulting in faster data speeds, reduced dropped calls, and better voice and text quality.

The Fusion2G kit includes the booster, interior patch antenna, magnetic antenna (which can be roof-mounted), and 12V DC power adapter.


  • Improves 4G LTE data
  • For all North American carriers
  • Better coverage than other portable boosters
  • For multiple devices
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Unlike the plug and play, this type of booster can support multi-users at the same time, making it better for home and office use. However, it’s still not as powerful as the fixed boosters. You need to be within around 4 meters from the device to enjoy a boosted text, voice and data signal.

FAQs About Portable Signal Boosters

Can a portable cell phone signal booster be used for camping?

Yes, that’s what portable boosters are for. They can deliver a stable signal both indoors and outdoors. They can be used even in remote areas where you go camping. The only requirement is that there has to be at least any signal so that the booster can have something to amplify.

How many dB is a good signal?

-50 dB is considered a good signal and anything better than -85 dB is usable.

How to check the signal strength on your phone?

For Android phones, you can check the signal strength in dB by doing the following steps: 1) Go to settings; 2) Choose General; 3) Go to About Phone;  and then 4) Click Network or Status.

Are portable cell phone signal boosters really worth it?

Cell phone signal boosters are really worth it. Home security appliances and IoT devices which rely on signal connection definitely need faster and better network signals. In such instances, cell phone boosters are worth every penny of its value. 

Do portable cell phone signal boosters work?

Yes, of course. When in an emergency and your signal is low, the connectivity takes a hit. Signal boosters are used to boost the cell phone signals. However, cell phone signal boosters do not create any cellular signal, rather they increase the available signal.

Vehicle and Home Signal Booster

Portable cell phone signal boosters can boost reception in the home, small office, and vehicle. You can bring and use them anywhere, as long as there’s any signal to rebroadcast and amplify. They can even deliver a decent signal in rural or remote areas.

However, these signal boosters cannot be used for larger areas. They cannot cover the entire office or home. You need to be close to the antenna in order to receive a strong signal. So if you need devices with more coverage and faster performance, check out the best home and office signal boosters.

But if you’re more interested in portability and flexibility, then these portable signal boosters are your best options.

Let us know what you think of this article. Kindly leave your comments and suggestions below.

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