Problems and Solutions ofSamsung Galaxy A10

18 Solutions to Common Samsung Galaxy A10 Problems

Are you experiencing Samsung Galaxy A10 problems? Don’t worry. You’re not the only one.

If you own a Samsung Galaxy A10, I’m sure you’re aware of its solid build and quality. For a budget phone, it has pretty decent features.

Couldn’t you agree more?

But there will come a time when our dear devices will fail us. Even the most high-end gadgets can fall victim to common technical issues.

Oh no! What should I do now?

Take a deep breath and compose yourself. It’s not the end of the world.
For every problem, there is a solution. That’s why I’ve listed common Samsung Galaxy A10 problems and solutions that users have been experiencing all over the world.

If you’re one of them, continue reading for solutions to your Galaxy A10’s issues.

18 Samsung Galaxy A10 Problems and Solutions

1. Can’t Connect to the Wi-Fi

No Wi-Fi Connection

I know it’s frustrating when you can’t connect your phone to the Wi-Fi. To fix the problem, here are some things you can do.


Check your router’s connectivity. Try connecting another device via Wi-Fi. If you can’t connect other devices to the Wi-Fi, the problem isn’t with your phone.


Soft reset your phone. Follow these steps.

1. Press the Volume Down and Power keys and hold for a few seconds.

2. Wait for the phone’s logo to appear.

3. Try connecting to the Wi-Fi again.


Reset the network settings. Let me warn you that doing this step will delete all stored networks and paired devices via Bluetooth. Personalized network settings will reset to default. Follow these steps:

1. Open Settings and choose General Management.

2. Tap Reset, then choose Reset Network Settings.

3. You need to confirm your action by tapping Reset Settings again.

After the network has reset, check if your phone can connect to the Wi-Fi now.


Turn on your device in Safe Mode. Do this to check if an app you recently installed caused the Wi-Fi issue.

1. Turn off your phone.

2. Turn on the phone as usual. But continue holding the Power key after the model name appears on the screen.

3. Once you see SAMSUNG on your screen, remove your hold from the Power key and immediately press the Volume Down key.

4. Hold the Volume down key until the device completely restarts.

5. Remove your hold from the key when you see Safe Mode on your screen at the bottom.

6. Connect your device to the Wi-Fi.

If there’s no problem in this mode, it means you installed a faulty app that’s causing the issue.


Perform a Factory Reset. Make sure to back up your stored data before doing this.

1. Go to your phone’s Settings, then the General Tab.

2. Tap on Backup & Reset and choose Factory Data Reset.

3. Finally, tap on the Reset Device.

4. Wait for your phone to reset.

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2. Battery and Charging Issues

Battery and Charging Issues - Problems and Solutions of Samsung Galaxy A10
Battery and Charging Issues

Battery and charging issues are common Samsung Galaxy A10 problems. If your Android phone’s battery is draining fast or has charging problems, then you should try these solutions.


Use your phone in Low Power Mode and disable background apps that aren’t in use.


Turn off network connections when not in use.


Perform a Factory Reset. (Refer to “Can’t Connect to the Wi-Fi” Solution 5 for the steps)


Replace your phone’s battery.


Try using a different cable and charger.


Try to plug in your charger in a different outlet or port.

3. Unresponsive Touchscreen

Unresponsive Touchscreen - Problems and Solutions of Samsung Galaxy A10
Touchscreen Not Responding

It’ll be difficult when your touchscreen isn’t responding. You won’t be able to do much with it. But here are some fixes when your touchscreen freezes.


Perform a Soft Reset. (Refer to “Can’t Connect to the Wi-Fi” Solution 2 for the steps)


Turn on your phone in Safe Mode. (Refer to “Can’t Connect to the Wi-Fi” Solution 4 for the steps)

4. Notification Problems

No Notifications - Problems and Solutions of Samsung Galaxy A10
Message from boss: I e-mailed you 4 hours ago!

When your phone’s screen is off, your phone can notify you of certain activities like receiving a message or e-mails. But when this fails, it could be a big problem.


Turn off the phone’s Do Not Disturb.


Check if you have turned on notifications for your apps.


Use a third-party app like Glimpse Notification.

Glimpse Notifications - Problems and Solutions of Samsung Galaxy A10
Glimpse Notifications
Google Play

5. Overheating

Overheating - Problems and Solutions of Samsung Galaxy A10
Overheating is not cool!

Overheating can cause long term problems to your Galaxy A10. If your phone often overheats, try these solutions.


Don’t use your phone while charging.


Unplug immediately after charging to 100%


Avoid playing games for long hours.


Turn off and uninstall unnecessary background apps.

6. Sluggish Performance

Slow Phone - Problems and Solutions of Samsung Galaxy A10
A slow phone can be irritating!

Samsung Galaxy A10 phones should perform faster than its predecessors. When your smartphone suddenly becomes laggy or sluggish, it may become a useless device.


Uninstall launcher apps you installed. Then, reboot your phone.


Do a Factory Reset. (Refer to “Can’t Connect to the Wi-Fi for the steps)


Install an anti-virus app. Viruses can sometimes cause your phone to slow down.

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Make sure your phone’s operating system is updated.


Your phone’s storage could be loaded. Delete or transfer data to other devices to free up storage space.

7. Apps Suddenly Crash

If some apps suddenly crash when you’re using it, don’t worry. Follow these solutions to solve the issue.


Clear the app’s data.

1. Go to Settings, and tap on Apps.

2. Choose the app that’s crashing.

3. Clear the app’s data and cache.


Check which apps are crashing. Once you determine which ones are failing, try reinstalling them.


Update the app from the Google Play Store.

8. Bluetooth Problems

Bluetooth - Problems and Solutions of Samsung Galaxy A10
Bluetooth Icon

When you’re Bluetooth isn’t working, you won’t be able to connect to other devices. It can be inconvenient and frustrating. If this is happening to you, try these ways to solve the problem.


Check if your phone is updated.


Make sure that your phone and other devices are discoverable.


Try to turn the Bluetooth on and off several times.

9. Unable to Install Play Store Apps

Are you trying to download and install an app from the Play Store and it just fails? Then, these solutions may help solve your problem.


Clear the Google Play Store’s app data and search history.


Check if you have enough space left to install the app. If your storage is loaded, delete unnecessary files or transfer them to an external device.

10. Can’t Read SIM Card

A common problem many Android phone users face is the SIM card issue. If you’re facing this problem, here are some solutions.


Reboot your Galaxy A10.


Reinsert the SIM card properly.


Check for any dust, debris, or damage on the SIM card. If it’s permanently damaged, you should replace the SIM card.


Turn on the Airplane Mode and wait for a few minutes before turning it off. This should refresh your network connection.

11. Can’t Receive or Make Calls

Calling Issues - Problems and Solutions of Samsung Galaxy A10
Can’t Receive or Make Calls

When you can’t receive calls, check your Blocklist. Make sure that contacts you don’t intend to block aren’t under this list.

If you can’t make calls, you should try to send text messages. And if this fails, it could be a network issue.

You can contact your service provider to confirm if the problem is on their end.

When there’s no problem with your network, you may need to perform a factory reset. (Refer to “Can’t Connect to the Wi-Fi” Solution 5 for the steps)

12. No Sound

No Sound - Problems and Solutions of Samsung Galaxy A10
Can’t hear anything from your phone?

When your phone’s internal speaker isn’t working, try to troubleshoot using these solutions.


Check if the volume is turned down or on mute.


Make sure your phone’s Do Not Disturb mode is disabled.


Try an external audio device like Bluetooth speakers. If you can hear sound from the speaker, your phone’s hardware could be the issue.


See if objects are clogging the speaker. If there are, remove them carefully.

13. Earphones Not Working

Earphones Issues - Problems and Solutions of Samsung Galaxy A10
Are your earphones not working?

If you always use earphones, you’ll probably freak out if they suddenly don’t work. To tell you the truth, it could happen with any kind of phone.

You can try these solutions and see which one solves your problem.


Try connecting the earphones to other devices. If they’re not working, the problem is with your earphones.


Examine your phone’s earphone jack. There could be objects inside that’s causing the issue.


If you’re having problems with Bluetooth earphones, the issue could be with the connectivity. Try connecting the earphones to another device.

14. “Warning: Camera failed”

It’s puzzling when an error such as “Warning: Camera failed” pops up even when you’re not using your camera. This is one of the irritating Samsung Galaxy A10 problems you can experience.

There could be many reasons why this is happening. But here are some solutions you can try.


Close running apps especially ones that could be using your phone’s camera. Once everything’s closed, open your Camera app.


Force restart the phone by holding the Power and Volume Down buttons for more than 10 seconds.


Turn on the phone in Safe Mode and try using the camera. (Refer to “Can’t Connect to the Wi-Fi” Solution 4 for the steps)


Do a Factory Reset. (Refer to “Can’t Connect to the Wi-Fi” Solution 5 for the steps)

15. Won’t Turn On

Sometimes, a Samsung Galaxy A10 will not turn on because of simple reasons. In rare cases, the root of the problem can be severe.

Go through this list of solutions and see which one will work for you.


Charge your phone. You could have drained the battery that’s why it’s not turning on. Give it ample time to charge.


Use a different charging accessory. If your device isn’t turning on after charging, your charger could be faulty.

You can also try to plug it into a different power outlet.


Check the screen or other parts of the phone for damage.

The problem could be your screen if your phone still vibrates, has an LED light, or makes sounds. In this case, you need to bring it to a service center.


See if there’s any moisture or water damage. Any liquid that penetrates the phone can damage your phone. In this case, let your Galaxy A10 dry out completely.

Put the phone in a container with some silica gel packets to dry it quickly.


Reboot or turn on the phone in Safe Mode. (Refer to “Can’t Connect to the Wi-Fi” Solution 4 for the steps)

16. Gallery App Constantly Crashes

Gallery Icon - Problems and Solutions of Samsung Galaxy A10
Gallery Icon

Some users complained that their Gallery apps have been crashing after updating their devices. Because of this, it has become one of the most common Samsung Galaxy A10 problems.

To fix this issue, try these solutions.


Do a Soft Reset on your phone. (Refer to “Can’t Connect to the Wi-Fi” Solution 2 for the steps)


Clear the Gallery app’s data and cache. Make sure to backup your photos just in case.


Reset your phone’s settings to default.


Wipe your Galaxy A10’s cache partition. Follow these steps to know how.

1. Reboot your phone.

2. When you see the SAMSUNG logo, press and hold the Volume Up and Power keys.

3. Release the keys when you see the Recovery menu.

4. Navigate through the Recovery menu using the Volume keys. Go to “wipe cache partition” and push the Power key to select that option.

5. Choose “Yes” to confirm.

6. After wiping the cache, the Recovery menu will appear again.

7. Choose “Reboot system now”.


Do a Factory Reset. (Refer to “Can’t Connect to the Wi-Fi” Solution 5 for the steps)

17. Flickering Screen

Your phone could be useless ones the screen starts flickering all the time. When this happens, you should troubleshoot the problem using these ways.


Do a Soft Reset or turn on your phone in Safe Mode. (Refer to “Can’t Connect to the Wi-Fi” Solutions 2 and 4 for the steps)


Wipe the phone’s cache partition. (Refer to “Gallery App Constantly Crashes” Solution 4 for the steps)


Do a Factory Reset. (Refer to “Can’t Connect to the Wi-Fi” Solution 5 for the steps.


Check for any physical damage especially on the screen. If you find any, go to a service center to fix this problem.

To avoid your phone from getting damaged, it’s important to buy a durable protective case for it.

Durable Case - Problems and Solutions of Samsung Galaxy A10
Samsung Galaxy A10 Shock Absorbing Case

Buy one that has a shock absorption feature that will protect your phone when dropped.


18. Bixby Voice is Stopping

Bixby Voice - Problems and Solutions of Samsung Galaxy A10
Bixby Voice

Samsung Galaxy A10 is Bixby Voice-supported. Some users try to disable it and that’s where the problem usually starts. When you want to use Bixby Voice and it constantly stops, here are the things you can do.


Perform a Soft Reset on your phone. (Refer to “Can’t Connect to the Wi-Fi” Solution 2 for the steps)


Reset the Bixby Voice. Follow these simple steps.

1. Go to the Settings and tap Apps.

2. Look for and tap on Bixby Voice.

3. Tap on Storage. Then, Clear Cache.

4. Finally, tap on Clear Data.


Wipe your Galaxy A10’s cache partition. (Refer to “Gallery App Constantly Crashes” Solution 4 for the steps)


Do a Factory Reset. (Refer to “Can’t Connect to the Wi-Fi” Solution 5 for the steps)


Does Samsung Galaxy A10 have Samsung Pay?

No, Galaxy A10 doesn’t support Samsung Pay. Try looking into other phone models if you rely heavily on Samsung Pay.

What is the difference between a hard reset and a soft reset?

A hard reset deletes all stored data on your phone. A soft reset won’t delete data on your device.

What is FACan I use the Samsung Galaxy A10 to play games?

Yes, the Galaxy A10 can handle games at 60 FPS. However, some gaming apps may require a higher RAM that this phone can’t run.


I hope that these solutions have solved your Samsung Galaxy A10 problems.

These issues can happen to anyone, so don’t feel bad.

The best way to prevent problems is by proper maintenance and care. Take good care of your phone to enjoy your phone longer.

Did we miss any issues?

Did you try the solutions and it’s still not resolved?

Feel free to ask in the comment section below and we’ll try to answer your questions.

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  1. I am having problems sending and downloading photos sent to me via text message. I just see it spinning and eventually get message that download failed.

  2. I keep getting a pop-up saying “Email has stopped working” when usimg other apps and I can no longer open the app. I have cleared cache, but cant disable or uninstall. It is constant and can interrupt me every 2-3 minutes sometimes, other times less frequently.

    1. Hello Allison. Maybe the app is running on the background that’s why it stops even though you are on a different app. What you can do is close all the background apps so that your device will run more efficiently.

    1. Hi Sandra! Did you install or update it recently? Does it still boot up? If you bought your device recently, check if it still has any warranty and get it serviced!

  3. When I try to talk to someone on my phone I can hear them but they cannot hear me. If I turn on the speaker they can hear me.

    1. Hi Connie, if you’ve recently installed an app that can access your microphone, please delete it and restart your phone!

  4. My Galaxy A-10 lock screen won’t turn off. Can’t open phone. Won’t accept un-lock numbers. Says to double tap but does not tell you what to double tap. Tom

  5. After calling any of my contacts my A10 looses the signal and I can’t hear them, this happens on most of the calls I make. The contract with three started on 05/05/20 so it’s a new phone and I have not downloaded any apps, wifi signal seems good, very annoying problem. I went to our local Three shop today and they made some adjustment to the settings but the fault is still there.

    1. Hi Terence! Your contract started fairly recently. If you’re having problems early on, get your phone replaced if it’s still within warranty. Also, check if your location has any evident signal problems.

  6. Please help.iThe pin that i set up on my phone was always working.Suddenly it doesnt want to take my pin.Please help

    1. Hi Sarie! Restart your phone. Wait for a couple of days. If it still doesn’t work. I suggest that you factory reset your phone thru the recovery mode.

  7. My phone when unlocked is going haywire, is starts opening all different apps and settings does its own selections and different settings. Has even a made whats app calls even though the app had not been opened. Phone has not fallen and still new, all software updates are done. I have restarted and powered off the phone several times but the problem still persists.

    1. A message to you Rudi! Did your phone get wet recently? This is evidently a screen problem. Something must have damaged your screen – either a magnet or a heavy object. If it’s still new, I highly recommend that you get it serviced or replaced, especially if you still have the warranty.

  8. My friends Samsung A10 has suddenly lost access to her Contacts via the Contacts icon (original app). However if she looks at her Phone or Messages apps, she can see all her contacts on the Contacts option on thee. Help! I’ve looked at all I can think of and compared it to my Samsung and can’t see what is wrong. Thank you

    1. Hi LMB! Free up some space! Believe it or not, a phone with terrible performance will malfunction – if your phone is too slow, free up space. Also, check your app permissions and see if your device has “Contacts” disabled.

  9. I was playing a game and suddenly apps started popping up then my phone restarted. when it was done restarting i had to enter a password but I never had a password in the first place now I can’t open my phone.

    1. Hi Sunshine, third-party apps may have affected your device. I advise you to do a factory reset on your device (through safe mode if possible) and refrain from downloading from third-party websites.

  10. It’s a piece of crap. I have an A10s and it won’t turn on. I have tried everything. I am so sorry I bought it. I will not use Samsung anytime soon.

    1. Hi Carrie! We’re sorry to hear that, did you buy a second-hand device? Otherwise, check if the device is still within its warranty period.

  11. Hello, my friend phone turned off the screen and when someone called the voice will be heard but nothing is showing in the screen . what is the problem and can it be solved?

    1. Hi Adelina. It’s probably because the proximity sensor of the phone is broken. Search proximity sensor on your device and turn the feature off.

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