Problems and their Troubleshooting for Nexus 6

10 Problems and their Troubleshooting for Nexus 6

The Google Nexus 6 which is also called the Motorola Nexus 6 is an amazing smartphone. Just like every other smartphone in existence it has its issues too. This article will list the 10 major and well known issues of nexus 6 and provide troubleshooting for Nexus 6 Problems. While the problems of Nexus 6 are nowhere near the problems faced by some other devices, they are still however present.

There is absolutely no denying that the while Google does make some awesome software, sometimes the bugs can also seep into the hardware side of things. We have already covered the problems faced by Nexus 5 in the past, now it’s time for the new one.

Note: I would like to thank the amazing folks over at the XDA forums which helped me in tracking down potential solution for the 10 big problems that Nexus 6 users face. I have compiled the best possible solutions for the problems. Read on ahead to find the problem you are facing and attempt to solve it yourself.

1. Nexus 6 Slow Charging Issue

Your beloved Nexus 6 is not charging as fast as you like. This is a common problem which plagued the owners since day one.

Solution I

If you keep running background apps all the time, they may continue to drain the battery. Even when the phone is charging they will leach the juice making the charging slower. Try to close or downright disable background and unwanted apps. Now if you exit the apps by pressing the home button, the app will continue to run in the background. To ensure the apps you exit are properly closed, press the back button twice.

Solution II

Please don’t play any video games while the phone is charging. Simply lay it on the table and leave it for a while. Running demanding apps may also result in slower charging.

Solution III

Connect your Nexus 6 directly to a laptop or PC’s USB port. Use the standard data cable which came with the phone. If the problem exists, use another cable.

Solution IV

Check if the cable is not damaged. Simply use another cable with the supplied charger to know if the cable was faulty or not. Similarly do the same with the charger itself.

Solution V

If there are still some problems, I recommend booting into safe mode. If the charging returns to normal, this means there was a faulty app on your smartphone. I would recommend a factory reset in this case.

2. Nexus 6 Dark Screen Problem

The screen is very dark outside and sometime nothing is visible in directly sunlight.

Solution I

You can go into the settings of the smartphone then navigate to Device and then Display. From there change the settings of the screen until it becomes clearly visible. The path should look like this:

Drawer > Settings > Device > Display

Solution II

Another way is to turn on adaptive brightness. This will adjust the brightness of the screen automatically.

Solution III

Manually adjust the brightness of the screen. There is usually a slider in the notification bar which can adjust the brightness easily but if it is not there, you can find it in the settings as well.

3. Nexus 6 Wi-Fi Problems

Nexus 6 is not connecting well to wireless networks. There are constant disconnections.

Solution I

A simple reboot might solve the problem. Yes this is an actual solution which can work almost 80% of the times.

Solution II

If you have access to the wireless router, restart it too.

Solution III

Forget the connection and re-enter the details. This can also work sometimes.

Solution IV

If this doesn’t work, go to the connections menu (where all the WiFi connections show up) and click on the vertical dots in the top right corner of the screen. This will pop up the advanced menu. From there go to the WiFi Frequency Band and change it to either 5 GHz or 2.4 GHz.

4. Nexus 6 Reboot Problem

Your smartphone restarts for no apparent reason. Sometime when its asleep and sometime when you are using it.

Solution I

Try disabling the active notifications. There are notorious of causing this issue in the smartphone.

Solution II

Sometime disabling the main messaging application and trying another one can help too. Try one from the best SMS apps list for further options.

Solution III

Enabling the GPS High accuracy has also helped some users. Some report enabling Google Play Services solved the problem.

Solution IV

If you know how, first wipe the cache partition of the smartphone. If that doesn’t work perform a factory reset.

5. Nexus 6 Fast Battery Drain Problem

The batter drains really fast, even when the phone is not in active use.

Solution I

Some applications which you downloaded from the Google Play Store might be doing this. Try disabling the ones which are draining the battery faster. Look for the battery info in the settings to know which apps are doing this.

Solution II

If you can uninstall power greedy applications, do it as soon as you can.

Solution III

You can turn off haptic feedback and vibration features to save battery.

Solution IV

Make sure your phone is up to date and all the applications are also updated.

6. Nexus 6 MMS Problem

You cannot send and receive MMS on some carriers using the Google Messenger app.

Solution I

This is a funny solution; simply stop using that abomination of a messenger app. Use Hangouts to bypass the problem easily. Or you can use another app to send and receive MMS.

7. Nexus 6 Bluetooth Problem

The Bluetooth connectivity is dodgy and unreliable.

Solution I

First off, turn the Bluetooth of and on. If the problem persists reboot the phone.

Solution II

Go to apps and clear the cache of the Bluetooth. Follow the path to reach there:

Drawer > Settings > Apps > All > Bluetooth Share > Clear Cache

Solution III

If it still doesn’t work, clear the data as well. This will be the path:

Drawer > Settings > Apps > All > Bluetooth Share > Clear Data

Solution IV

If all methods fails see if the Bluetooth works in safe mode or not.

8. Nexus 6 Cloud Print Problem

The cloud print application doesn’t run for long and force closes.

Solution I

Make sure that the app itself is updated. I recommend uninstalling all the updates and doing a fresh update.

Solution II

Clear the data and cache of the app. This will be the path:

Drawer > Settings > Apps > All >Cloud Print> Clear Data

Solution III

If nothing works, perform factory reset.

9. Nexus 6 Front Camera Problem

The front camera is not getting any light in, resulting in very dark faces.

Solution I

See if your protector or case is not obstructing the front camera. Troubleshooting for Nexus 6 camera can be done this simple way.

Solution II

Disable Smart Lock Trusted face feature and see if the problem goes away or not.

Solution III

Update the provided camera app and check if the bug is gone or not.

Solution IV

Use an alternative camera app. We have some great ones listed in the best camera apps for Android list.

10. Nexus 6 Stutter Problem

Your device despite coming with a nice quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor clocked at 2.7 GHz lags and stutters.

Solution I

The encryption feature might be doing some tinkering in the background. Currently there is nothing you can do about that but we will make a guide if more users complain about it.

Solution II

Restart the phone. If the problem is still there, clear the smartphone cache.


These are the 10 major annoying problems of the Nexus 6 Smartphone. I hope the Troubleshooting for Nexus 6 guide will help you in solving some of the problems. If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments below. I know these are not the only problems Nexus 6 faces so if you have another problem, kindly state it in the comments and I will try to find a solution for you.

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  1. My device isn’t sending my push notifications while I’m on data while the apps aren’t actively open. I have to launch the app to see anything new. My settings do not restrict any background behavior whatsoever but I still don’t receive anything. Any ideas? This is very frustrating as this phone was stupidly expensive. I was promised a smooth pure android experience, and this has been nothing short of a huge disappointment.

  2. I have fought the Note 3/Android 5 loss of signal problems and cannot wait to get rid of that thing. I understand that it also caused problems on some Note 4’s as well. Because of my eyesight, I need a large display. The Notes have been a nightmare, at least for me, and I saw the Nexus 6 as the perfect replacement, until I read your article. Does any one make a phablet that isn’t subject to so many problems? I am not an Apple fan but may be forced to go that route.

    I had such high hopes for the Nexus 6.

      1. Thanks, yes I did look at the link you sent me. Many of the features on the 6P I would never use. I am just after a large format screen to help with a vision problem. I decided that as long as the 6 has been out, most of the really nasty bugs should have been handled by now and eventually the 6P would have it’s own unique list of issues.

        Thank you!

        1. Hi There,
          Welcome back! It is always a good idea to wait a while after a phone has been released to see what others are saying about it. If there are mostly complaining or only talking wonders about it. I am thinking of getting the Note 5, but will wait a little while after it comes out to see what those who have purchased it are saying about it. You are most welcome!

  3. I bought my nexus 6 new. It was great, but in time my phone started crackling when you can here the ringing calling someone. And when the person on the other end pick’s up the same thing happens. Crackling in there voice. I have insurance so I replaced it with the same phone , a remanufactured phone. It worked fine for a week then the same problem accrued. What could be the cause ? All I can guess maybe an app . The Apps I installed are yahoo mail , Netflix , Craig’s list , offer up , thanks for listening David …

    1. Hi David,
      First let´s see if it is an app. Please try uninstalling the last few apps you installed right before the strange sounds appeared. Hopefully, this will fix the issue. Please let me know how this works out for you. =-)

  4. when talking on the phone it sounds to other people like im under water. they cant hear me. if i use my headset it sounds loud and clear

  5. I knocked my Nexus 6 off it’s charger stand and although I know the phone is powered on because I can hear messages and calls coming in the display will not light up. I figure the drop knocked something loose. Any suggestions?

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