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Procreate for Android – Best Alternative Apps to Procreate for Android

Do you like to have Procreate on Android?

There is no doubt why artists hailed Procreate for digital art, it is one of the most powerful and best drawing app for iPad. It offers a bountiful set of brushes, advanced layering, filters, and other countless features that completes an artist’s box. Thus, it helps professional and aspiring artists create their stunning masterpiece through a digital screen.

But, what’s the chase? Is there a Procreate for Android?

Unfortunately, Procreate is only available on the iOS platform only. Artists who use Android devices cannot get a hold of Procreate. We know how drawing, sketching, or painting is your hobby and pastime. Digital art has been a great help in honing artistic skills and giving relaxation, especially when are in your house during a pandemic.

To help you in doing digital art, we have curated the best alternatives to Procreate.

Alternatives of Procreate for Android

1. ArtFlow – FREE

Procreate Andoid - Artflow App Logo

A powerful and intuitive drawing app, it garnered the Editor’s Choice App Awards on Google Play Store.

Artists can convert their physical sketchbook into digital art through Artflow. They do not need to prepare any of their physical drawing tools and sketchbook. It is an intuitive creative platform that helps unlock the full imagination of every artist.

This digital sketchbook offers more than 80 brushes, layer blending, and layer features. More so, it has a high-performance paint engine that gives inspiration, fluidity, and accessibility to the artists.

It removes any distraction controls with palm rejection and pressure simulations giving more fluidity to the process. Moreover, ArtFlow supports NVIDIA DirectStylus and Samsung S-Pen for an easy sketch. Lastly, artists can easily share, import or export their masterpiece as it is compatible with PNG, JPG, and PSD formats.

Features of ArtFlow:

  • High-performance paint engine
  • Supports import and export with PNG, JPG, and PSD formats
  • Supports stylus pressure
  • Supports NVIDIA DirectStylus support
  • Palm rejection

ArtFlow focuses on replacing physical sketchpad and set off as a universal studio type application for Android. Enjoy the features of ArtFlow by downloading the app through Google Play Store.

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2. Autodesk Sketchbook – FREE

Procreate Andoid - Autodesk SketchBook App Logo

Professionals need a platform with advanced creative tools to step up their game.

Autodesk is an optimized creative platform that allows artists to work with their fingers and stylus pen with their screen tablets. The platform mainly focuses on providing the maximum space to draw on. More so, the artists can draw on several layers and canvases up to 100 megapixels.

The alternative Procreate for Android has over 190 brushes and robust creative tools. Creative professionals can work on a maximized space with wide arrays of tools in an intuitive interface. The palettes can be hidden to minimize distractions when drawing or painting.

Autodesk Sketchbook supports PSD, JPG, PNG and other formats. Exporting the document is not a problem, the PSD layers are retained with their names and combined modalities.

All of the features in Autodesk Sketchbook effectively and efficiently translate every artist’s creative idea. More so, the Autodesk account provides easy access on all devices as the app is available in macOS and Windows. Artists can enjoy a natural drawing experience through their tablets.

Features of Autodesk Sketchbook:

  • Copic Color Library
  • PSD compatible on all devices
  • Supports PNG, JPG, BMP, TIFF format
  • Predictive stroke technology
  • Camera scan
  • Ellipse guides
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3. Adobe Photoshop Sketch – FREE

Procreate Android - Adobe Photoshop Sketch App Logo

Is the brush feature your forte? Adobe Photoshop Sketch is the right alternative for you.

Many artists are satisfied with the app. You have access to 11 creative tools giving you the freedom to create infinite possibilities. More so, it does not stop with its toolbar. Create your masterpiece with thick acrylic, paintbrush, pens, markers, and vibrant colors in Adobe Photoshop Sketch.

You may be familiar with the app because of the word Photoshop, that is another application. Unlike Photoshop that only focuses on editing with its do-it-all tools, Adobe Photoshop Sketch is absolutely designed for creating digital art.

However, its Adobe Product Integration is its best feature, it provides seamless possibilities. You can import Photoshop tools or export the artwork to other Adobe apps like Capture, Lightroom, and Photoshop.

Furthermore, Adobe Photoshop Sketch is supported by CreativeSync. The CreativeSync ensures that everything you need from settings to files is instantly available in the workflow. If you lack creative assets there are in-app Adobe Stock images and brushes available in its cloud library. Users have the advantage of incorporating high-resolution and royalty-free images from Sketch.

You can easily send the file to desktop applications of Lightroom or Photoshop with the layers preserved and intact. However, Adobe Photoshop Sketch lacks a third-party app or plugin.

Lastly, you can publish your masterpiece at the Community Sketches. You will surely gain more insight into the creative community.

Features of Adobe Photoshop Sketch:

  • Adobe Stock
  • Creative Cloud Libraries
  • Direct to Desktop
  • CreativeSync

Draw, paint, and illustrate artworks freely with Adobe Photoshop Sketch. For Android devices, you can download it on Google Play for FREE.

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4. ArtRage 

Procreate Android - ArtRage App Logo

An old fashioned artist would love to have ArtRage because of its remarkable watercolor and draw oil painting tool.

A full-fledged creative application is what every artist needs, it is one of the best alternatives to Procreate for Android. Artists can perfectly and naturally draw and paint. It gives artists the freedom and ability to mix colors like doing it with real paint.

It has several art tools for drawing and painting, which includes tools that mirror real-world properties. You can also create custom brushes and perspective layout tools.

ArtRage supports Samsung S-Pen to give an additional natural expression in painting strokes. Its stylus-only mode helps users avoid accidental finger painting.

More so, it supports Mult-Touch gestures to provide shortcuts whenever canvas manipulation and important tools are needed. Along with the familiar tools, ArtRage for Android supports the full range of Photoshop Layer Blend Modes.

With the intuitive interface of ArtRage, it is obvious that the developers did not want a sluggish process. They made sure the app is compatible with desktops and can be saved as image formats.

Features of ArtRage:

  • 14 work tools available with a range of settings
  • Supports full range settings of Photoshop Layer Blend Modes
  • Supports stylus-only mode
  • Supports multi-touch gestures
  • Supports Samsung S-Pen

However, to enjoy and use the features of ArtRage, you need to pay $4.99 upon downloading it from Google Play Store.

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5. ibis Paint X – FREE

Procreate Andoid - ibis Paint X App Logo

Ibis Paint X gives both pro and aspiring artists a way to express their masterpiece through digital art.

Both professional and aspiring artists are looking for a creative platform that offers stroke stabilization and various features to fulfill their digital artistic needs.

Ibis Paint X offers over 140 brushes, layering features, blending modes, and other artistic tools. Its highly functional and intuitive features are worth checking out.

Ibis Paint X offers an SNS feature that allows artists to have a learning experience from drawing processes of other artists. More so, ibis Paint X supports screen recording to capture the drawing process. You do not only have the ability to share the final masterpiece, but you can also share the screen recording process.

Features of ibis Paint X:

  • Records drawing process
  • Draws up to 60 fps
  • 355 types of drawing tools
  • Real-time brush previews

If you want to experience more features with ibis Paint X, register to their Prime Membership for $8.15. With their membership, you can enjoy the following features:

  • No advertisements
  • Prime Materials and Fonts
  • Filters (Clouds, Tone Curve, Gradation Map)
  • On-Data Collection with  SonarPen
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People May Ask About

Is Procreate worth it for beginners?

Yes, anyone who is fond of illustration and sketch can practice their hobbies on their tablets. Beginners will enjoy drawing, painting, and sketching with Procreate in their tablets. Procreate is an intuitive application coupled with user-friendly and powerful features.

Why is Procreate not on Android?

Procreate is only compatible with Apple Pencil and fully supports the settings for Accumulation, Azimuth, Flow, and Tilt. It is not compatible with Samsung S pen. The S Pen has greater pressure sensitivity than the Apple Pencil, making it hard to create sketches, drawings, and paintings with Procreate on Android.

Can Procreate be downloaded on Android?

For now, there is no news about having Procreate on Android. Artists may be pleased in having the Procreate app on Android, but there might not be any developer who is willing to create Procreate for Android.


We have gathered some of the best alternatives to Procreate for Android. It is our pleasure to get every artist– both professional and aspiring, to get on board with digital sketching, drawing, and painting. The use of the features may be subjective at hand, but the list of the best Procreate alternatives will help you decide on the best creative app suitable for your artistic needs.

Have you found an alternative to Procreate for Android? If so, share with us your preferred app. Share the article with your friends and co-artists to help them in their artwork. Furthermore, if you are using another app that is not mentioned above, tell us about it in the comment section below.

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