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3 Popular Recipe Keeper Apps For Your Android Device

For those who are lucky enough to be on quarantine, their main issue is how to deal with boredom. If you are one of those people, cooking is probably how you primarily deal with it.

Luckily, in this day and age, where technology has helped people much, recipe manager apps can help save the day. Sure, recipe keeper apps are everywhere, but which of these apps make the most out of the technology?

Best Recipe Keeper Apps

Cookbooks can be helpful when you need a quick fix; however, it can be quite limited. Recipe keeper apps on the Play Store generally enable users to download recipes from the Internet. The apps on this list are the most popular recipe keeper apps, and we are here to dissect what makes them the best.

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1. Paprika Recipe Manager

Paprika Recipe Manager

Paprika is probably the most widely used recipe keeper app available on the Play Store.  It comes with a simple interface that lets users browse for recipes online. Upon getting started with Paprika, the app will give instructions on how to download methods from trusted websites such as Bon Appetit and Epicurious.

Personalized Recipes

What is impressive about Paprika is that it lets users find a specific recipe. For instance, upon startup, the recipe keeper app will list down all the websites where you can download ready-made recipes. But with it comes a search bar that can help in looking for cuisines that are not widely popular.

These recipes are on display through a built-in clipboard for easy viewing. This clipboard is specifically for cuisines that are from non-supported websites.

If you want your recipes organized according to classifications, you can do so by creating custom categories. You can classify each recipe multiple times according to your taste or plans.

Paprika recipe keeper app enables you to jot down notes and consolidates a grocery list. Meaning, if you choose a recipe, it will immediately list down its ingredients for you to analyze. This recipe keeper app can also provide you with meal plans weekly or monthly, depending on your choice, and keeps up with your preferred diet.

This meal planning feature is perfect if you do not want the hassle of thinking about what to eat daily.

Paprika allows Cloud syncing, so you will be able to access your meal plans and recipes even when you’re offline. You can also access your Paprika account on your browser.

Paprika Recipe Keeper
This is the home page of Paprika.

A Recipe Keeper and a Magazine, In One

What is very interesting with Paprika is that it gives you access to different magazines. For instance, when you click on the Bon Appetit link, it will direct you to various articles and videos hosted by the magazine. So, it seems like you have an all-access pass to the contents of magazines that cater to the food and beverage industry.

When you find the particular article and recipe, you can now proceed to download it and save it on the app for future use. It is that easy.

Google Play

2. Pepperplate

Pepperplate Logo

Pepperplate is easily the recipe keeper app that people use as an alternative for Paprika. It’s simple, stylish, and personal. Upon signing up, Pepperplate will ask you regarding the cuisines that you prefer.  The app will also ask if you are allergic to some foods like seafood or nuts. This customization is what makes Pepperplate a popular recipe keeper app among Android users.

Pepperplate on Browser
Pepperplate UI

Simplicity is Key

Pepperplate’s most unique feature is its simplicity. This recipe keeper app comes in a black and white aesthetic with easy-to-navigate pages. However, if you are a new user, the app will remain blank until you go to their website and download recipes.

It is reasonably easy to use because everything you need is right in front of you. All recipes in this recipe keeper app are customizable: you can arrange it in menus and categories. Pepperplate comes with a cooking timer and lets you add your homemade meals and recipe. In turn, the recipe keeper app allows you to share your recipe in the database for other users to explore.

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3. Yummly

Yummly Logo

If Paprika and Pepperplate prefer the laid-back and straightforward design, Yummly will overwhelm you with photographs and colorful interface. The whole selling point of this recipe keeper app is the feast for the eyes that these photographs provide. Think of Pinterest food boards that come with recipes: that’s the overall feel of Yummly.

Upon signing up, the app will ask you the type of cuisine you prefer and will give instructions on how to operate the features. All you need to do is tap the “Yum” button in case you find a particular recipe you like. When you tap the button, it will automatically save the recipe to your dashboard.

The home page is an explosion of food photos

The recipe keeper app will also ask you if you are subscribing to a type of diet — whether it is vegan, keto, or even paleo. Yummly will suggest recipes that follow these diet plans, and all you have to do is tap on the button if you like it or not. You can explore articles on different dishes within the app as well as trying popular recipes.

You can have a lot of choices just by exploring the app. For instance, if you have kids, you can go directly to the kid-friendly category and browse upon the different menu that will surely encourage children to eat healthily.

Google Play

Frequently Asked Questions

Are recipe keeper apps free?

Unfortunately, not all services of the recipe keeper apps listed above are free. For instance, Pepperplate, which started as free, now requires some fee for you to gain access to their premium features.
With Yummly, paying for Premium will give you access to a diet-specific menu complete with an instructional video prepared by chefs. Aside from that, the app provides skill-building tips and techniques if you want to improve your way of cooking.

Can I Scan Recipes With These Apps?

As a matter of fact, yes. The main design of these apps is for you to browse and save any recipe that you like.

Can My Saved Recipes Be Accessed Without Internet Connection?

Yes. Most of these apps enable downloads so that you can check it out whenever you want, wherever you want.

To Sum It All Up, Cooking is Not Just a Quarantine Activity

Sounds impressive, right? Nowadays, we are facing a pandemic, and doctors advise that the best way to combat it is to eat healthily. If you are lucky enough to stay at home during this health crisis, it is best to invest in keeping yourself and everyone around you healthy. How can we keep ourselves healthy? Aside from social distancing, eating healthy foods can help in boosting the immune system.

These recipe keeper apps aim to eradicate the intimidation that people usually feel when it comes to cooking. With these recipe keeper apps, it is now easy to try and experiment with dishes and cuisines.

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You don’t need to do extensive research if you want to subscribe to a particular diet. With the recipe keeper apps available on the Play Store, — especially these three listed above — you can just do a quick search, and voila!

Recipe keeper apps are now getting into the trend of developing meal plans that are helpful to people on a diet. You can also customize these meal plans depending on what you want to eat for a week and the ingredients that are readily available to you.

In a way, these recipe keeper apps are like social media for food enthusiasts. Since most of these apps enable you to share your recipe, fellow subscribers can try it out and give comments and suggestions — allowing growth and skill improvement.

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