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How to Remove Google Photos From Gallery

Are you annoyed or just wondering like me why your Google plus picture is showing up in your phone’s gallery app. Well, all hail to Google! Mr. Android always tries to make things easy for you, but unfortunately not everyone (like me) would appreciate that. This is why I’m going to tell you how you can remove Google plus photos from your Gallery app.

To make things worse, these pictures are still on the cloud. So when you click any picture, it will use your data to download it. I personally find this annoying because let’s face it, if I want to see Google Plus pictures I will go to that app. That is because the main app will provide a lot more options than simply downloading and viewing pictures.

This guide becomes important if you have already removed the auto backup feature from Google Plus. I like everything neat and clean and want the gallery to exhibit top level of management. I don’t want random folders to be popping up among the albums and messing up the symmetry. Moreover some photos are very personal in nature and you don’t want them showing up on your gallery.

This is why I use one of the best alternate gallery apps for Android on my devices. I remember some embarrassing photos of me and my friends showing up when I was trying to play a slide show to my dad! Turns out dad do not like me going on skiing trips. So let’s see how you can remove Google photos from gallery of your device.

Remove Google Photos

Step 1: Go To Settings

The first step in removing Google Photos from Gallery is to locate the settings of your Android device. The settings can easily be found in the app drawer, if the icon is not easily visible try the search feature of your device. Once the settings are located, tap on the icon and you will be taken to a screen like the one shown below. This is a screenshot from the TouchWiz version of Android 5.0 Lollipop so you might see a slightly varied version of essentially the same screen.

Remove Google Photos from Gallery

Locate an option called “Accounts”. It can be found in general tab.

Remove Google Photos from Gallery

Tap on it and you will see all the accounts you have linked with your Android device.

Step 2: Remove the Stuff

Now simply tap on Google to access all the functions associated with that account. As Google Plus and Picasa albums are from Google, you will need to find those.

Remove Google Photos from Gallery

Once you have located them simply tap on them to uncheck the sync options. This includes Google+ Uploads and Picasa Web Albums. Now your device will not try to download images from those services.

Remove Google Photos from Gallery

Step 3: Don’t Show

Now go to the default gallery app of your device. Tap on the menu key to access the settings. Click on “Content to Display” option.

Remove Google Photos from Gallery

Simply unselect content in Picasa to remove any pictures.

Step 4: Making Double Sure

Now if there are still albums in the gallery which you don’t want to see. You will need to go to the application manager. To access that option go to the settings again and look under the General tab.

Once there, select the All tab and locate Gallery.

Remove Google Photos from Gallery

Tap on that and a new screen will appear. From there you can clear the app data.

Remove Google Photos from Gallery

However this will also delete any pictures you have downloaded from the internet. Your camera pictures and the ones on the external SD card will not be deleted. Make sure you have backed up the pictures you need before following through.

Now you have successfully removed Google photos from Gallery of your Device.


If you have any questions about this ‘How to Remove Google Photos From Gallery’ guide or need help in any of the steps, feel free to sound your concerns in the comments below. I will try my level best to guide you through any problem you face.

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  1. Hi. This is driving me crazy, so any help would be greatly appreciated. My google acct sync is off but I have 1000’s of pics in the google folder of my gallery and I am very limited on storage space. I went to my google photos app on my laptop and deleted some photos. Those photos are still showing in the phone google folder and when I select a pic that has been deleted via laptop it says it can’t be shown. Is it still taking up storage space? I’m so confused. I downloaded the android google photos app (samsung galaxy s4) in hopes to free up space, but it didn’t remove the existing google folder, it was freeing up the 13 pics I took with my phone. I don’t need these pics in google land as the originals are all saved on my computer. ANY help would be much appreciated! Thank YOU!

    1. Hi Joi,
      You can try going into settings and tapping on Free up device storage. That will erase all the pictures that you have on your phone that has been backed up to the cloud and free up some valuable space on your phone.

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