How To Reset Nexus 5 for the Freshest of Starts

The Nexus 5 is one of the most well-known devices available and even though it’s a bit old, it is still a premium device that lets you do almost everything that you can do on the latest Android smartphones.

While the phone brings impressive hardware and software, Android users face issues and bugs with nearly all Android devices. Therefore, you should learn how to reset your Nexus 5.

The resetting option is available on all Android devices and it has been a life saver for many users. From minor software glitches to major bugs, resetting can fix nearly all problems. That being said, if your phone has a hardware issue, resetting won’t be able to fix it.

In this guide, I’ll show you two different ways to reset Nexus 5. Whether your phone is working fine or it’s not booting up properly, you’ll be able to reset the device using any of these methods.

Why Perform A Reset On Your Nexus 5?

Resetting an Android device is really easy, but you’ll lose all your data. However, resetting can be worth the hassle due to these reasons.

  • Fix software glitches and bugs after an update. Software updates can really improve Android smartphones and tablets, but some updates bring in minor software issues. Resetting the phone can fix these issues.
  • If your Nexus 5 has suddenly started to malfunction, then resetting it can be a life saver. If you know the root cause of your problem, then you can easily solve it without resetting your device. For example, you can uninstall an app that is causing the issue. However, when you don’t know about the root cause, then resetting the device is probably the only option.
  • Clean up your old Nexus 5 when you’re selling it to someone. If you want to sell your Nexus 5 to someone, then resetting the device will not only clean up your private and confidential information, but the buyer will also get a fresh new device.

What You Need To Do Before Resetting Your Nexus 5

Since resetting deletes everything from the Nexus 5, you should try out alternatives to resetting your phone in order to avoid losing your valuable data. The first thing you can do is perform a reboot on your phone. If you haven’t restarted your phone since you started facing the issue, then it might get fixed through a simple reboot.

If a reboot didn’t fix your issue, then I would suggest uninstalling third-party apps. Some third-party apps can mess up your phone and if you feel that you got the problem after installing a specific app from the Google Play Store, then you should uninstall it and reboot your phone to check if the problem remains.

If none of the alternatives worked for your device and you’ve decided to reset your Nexus 5, then there are certain tips you should follow before proceeding with the resetting process. While resetting any Android device is safe, the tips mentioned below should make your life a bit easier.

  • Backup all your phone’s data. As all your phone’s data will be deleted, backing up your entire phone is the smart thing to do. If you’re looking for third-party backup apps, then you can take a look at our list of the best Android backup apps.
  • Using a Google account can make things a lot easier and you should keep your Nexus 5 in sync with your Google account. This way, when you log into your Google account after resetting your Nexus 5, you’ll get some of your data back, such as your phone’s contacts.
  • Make sure that your Nexus 5 is charged at least 50% so that your phone doesn’t run out of power during the resetting process.

Method 1: Reset Nexus 5 Using The Settings Menu

This is the most common and easiest method for resetting any Android device. Some of you might be thinking that resetting is a complicated process. The second method below might be a bit complicated but this particular method is extremely easy.

If your phone is turned on and the display is working fine, then you should follow the steps below in order to reset your Nexus 5. If your phone is having a problem while booting or if the display is not working properly, then you should proceed to Method 2.

Step 1 – Turn Your Nexus 5 On

Turn on your Nexus 5.

Step 2 – Select Backup & Reset

Open Settings and tap on Backup & reset under the Personal tab.

Nexus 5 backup reset

Step 3 – Select Factory Data Reset On Your Nexus 5

Tap on Factory data reset below the Personal Data tab.

Nexus 5 factory data reset

Step 4 – Select Reset Phone On Your Nexus 5

Tap on Reset phone. If you have a security lock on your Nexus 5, then you’ll need to enter the PIN code, pattern or password.

Nexus 5 reset phone

Step 5 – Erase Everything On Your Nexus 5

Tap on Erase everything. That’s it! Once the resetting process is complete, wait for your phone to reboot. You have successfully performed a reset on your Nexus 5.

Method 2: Reset Nexus 5 Using Recovery Mode

The second method for resetting Nexus 5 might seem a bit complicated to some of you, but it’s really not bad. This method is perfect if your phone is having a problem while booting or if it’s unresponsive.

Step 1 – Switch Your Nexus 5 Off

Make sure that your Nexus 5 is turned off.

Step 2 – Go To Recovery

Press and hold the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons simultaneously. Without letting go of both the buttons, press and hold the Power button until you see Start on the screen.

Nexus 5 recovery

Step 3 – Enter Into Recovery Mode On Your Nexus 5

Press the Volume Down key twice in order to select Recovery mode and press the Power button to go into recovery.

Step 4 – Press The Hardware Keys On Your Nexus 5

While pressing and holding the Power button, press the Volume Up key once.

Step 5 – Wipe Data On Your Nexus 5

Go to the Wipe data/factory reset option using the Volume keys and select it using the Power button.

Nexus 5 wipe data

Step 6 – Reset Nexus 5

Go to the Yes – erase all user data option using the Volume keys and select it using the Power key.

Step 7 – Reboot Your Nexus 5

Wait for the resetting process to complete and this might take a while. Once the resetting process is complete, select the Reboot system now option. That’s it! You have successfully performed a reset on your Nexus 5 using recovery.

Nexus 5 reboot


The Nexus 5 is an excellent Android smartphone and you should keep it up to date in order to get the latest bug fixes and performance improvements. While the phone is great, I believe no Android phone is perfect as there can be software issues and bugs on all Android smartphones and tablets.

If you’re having some problems with your Nexus 5, then I would highly recommend trying out the alternatives that I mentioned above. If you’re unable to fix the issue or if you want to remove everything from your phone, then you can reset your Nexus 5 using any of the methods mentioned above.

Make sure that you follow the tips mentioned above before proceeding with the resetting process. Follow all the instructions properly and feel free to drop your queries in the comments area below.

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