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10 Must-Have Restaurant Building Games for Android

There’s something with restaurant-themed games that make them appealing.

Is it because of the food or the fact that you’re running a restaurant?

Who knows?

If you’re looking for restaurant building games for your Android device, then continue reading.

I’ve tried many restaurant games to test out which ones are worth your time. From those apps, I listed down ten great apps that you should try today.

Here are the best restaurant building games for Android.

10 Best Restaurant Building Games for Android

1. Food Street

Food Street Logo - Restaurant Building Games
Food Street

The first on the list is Food Street. I’ve played this before and enjoyed months of playing this game.

In this restaurant game app, you’ll be managing a restaurant. You’ll be in charge of decorating, purchasing new equipment, and growing raw ingredients.

Food Street - Restaurant Building Games
Grow ingredients, cook food, and serve customers!

There are tons of items to buy, but you need to level up to unlock them. Continue playing to make your restaurant bigger and grander!

Food Street - Restaurant Building Games
Level up to unlock new items for your restaurant

The 3D graphics are bright and relaxing on the eyes. Besides that, there are mini-games and events where you can compete with your friends online.

Google Play

2. Star Chef

Star Chef Logo - Restaurant Building Games
Star Chef

Another great app is Star Chef. Like Food Street, you’ll run and grow your dream restaurant.

Create new recipes and buy ingredients from the market. To cook new recipes, you have to purchase kitchen equipment that you can unlock as you play the game.

Star Chef - Restaurant Building Games
Level up by playing and expand your restaurant

You can grow food items in your restaurant’s backyard. Star Chef also has a drive-in and take-away feature!

Isn’t that cool?

Star Chef - Restaurant Building Games
Buy equipment and décor for a fancier look

Log-in your Game Center or Facebook account so you can view your friends’ restaurants and even send gifts. They can do the same for you!

Google Play

3. My Cafe

My Cafe Logo - Restaurant Building Games
My Cafe

Build a restaurant and relationships in My Cafe.

The game has a more grown-up feel to it. The graphics and ambiance can connect you to the cafe on an emotional level.

My Cafe - Restaurant Building Games
My Cafe Loading Page

The idea of this game is that you’ll buy equipment and furniture. Design your place to your liking.

Apart from that, you need to chat with your customers. They may request dishes and drinks, so you need to buy new equipment to deliver quality service.

My Cafe - Restaurant Building Games
Serve customers, earn, and decorate your cafe

As you progress into the game, you’ll have a better bond with your customers. They’ll start asking you for life advice giving more depth to the game.

Google Play

4. Cafe Nipponica

Cafeteria Nipponica Logo - Restaurant Building Games
Cafeteria Nipponica

Who says pixels are out in this day and age?

Cafe Nipponica is a testament that you don’t need insane graphics to be a great game.

Take note: This is a paid game.

The game is more focused on managerial aspects of owning a restaurant.

Cafeteria Nipponica - Restaurant Building Games
Decorate and manage your cafeteria serving Japanese food

You can customize your restaurant’s furniture and decorations. Still, you’d need to focus more on using business plans and hiring staff.

You may consider this a type of idle game that’s more challenging.

Google Play

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5. Chef Town

Chef Town Logo - Restaurant Building Games
Chef Town

Chef Town’s gameplay is somehow similar to the other restaurant games on the list.

Still, it deserves a spot since I appreciate the daily rewards included in the game.

Chef Town - Restaurant Building Games
Log in and claim your daily rewards

Purchase furniture and equipment to make a more fabulous restaurant. Grow ingredients and cook delicious meals for your customers.

Chef Town - Restaurant Building Games
Make your restaurant’s interiors more fabulous

You can even personalize the doors, walls, and floor to fit your taste.

Invite your friends to play with you and join cooking competitions.

Google Play

6. Restaurant Tycoon

Restaurant Tycoon - Restaurant Building Games
Restaurant Tycoon

Are you bored with managing just one restaurant? Try Restaurant Tycoon to own and run five restaurants!

Each restaurant already has a preset design. But you can still add more decor to spice up your restaurant.

Restaurant Tycoon - Restaurant Building Games
Unlock other restaurants and manage them effectively

You need to focus more on managing the restaurants. Change up the prices of your dishes and buy ingredients for your pantry.

Play more to level up and unlock the other restaurants.

Google Play

7. Cafeland – World Kitchen

Cafeland Logo - Restaurant Building Games

Cafeland has tons of food from various cuisines that you can serve.

The gameplay is simple with bright graphics. You’ll start with a small snack bar until you can build a world-class restaurant.

Cafeland - Restaurant Building Games
Build your restaurant from humble beginnings

You can cook and fill counters with tons of food and leave the game. When you log back in the game, you’ll have a lot of money that you can use to improve your restaurant.

Hire staff, decorate your cafe, and give the best service to your customers.

Google Play

8. World Chef

World Chef Logo - Restaurant Building Games
World Chef

One of the best restaurant building games is World Chef.

Build a world-class restaurant with cuisines from different parts of the world. You can have access to decorations to fit the food you’ll serve.

World Chef - Restaurant Building Games
Unlock new features as you level up

Your goal is to become a three-star restaurant. Level up and unlock chefs, furniture, and kitchen equipment.

World Chef - Restaurant Building Games
Hire chefs from all over the world

If you’re up for the challenge, import exotic food items by building a dock outside your restaurant.
VIPs will flock your restaurant and become regulars if you play your cards right.

Google Play

9. Bakery Story 2

Bakery Story 2 - Restaurant Building Games
Bakery Story 2

Bakery Story 2 could be a part of Animal Crossing because of its graphics and ambiance.

The 3D bakery can become a busy scene as customers flock to get a taste of your delectable sweets. You can choose and decorate it with tons of decor you can choose from to make it as amazing and colorful as possible.

Bakery Story 2 - Restaurant Building Games
Amazing 3D characters and food

But the game is not all about looks. You need skills to manage the restaurant to become successful.

You can invite your friends to chat with them and visit their bakeries.

Google Play

10. Night Restaurant

Night Restaurant - Restaurant Building Games
Night Restaurant

Do you want to help out drunk customers with their hangovers? Night Restaurant is the game for you.

This relaxing game features adorable anime characters. Serve classic Japanese food and drinks to customers looking for a place to eat in the middle of the night.

Night Restaurant - Restaurant Building Games
Decorate your restaurant front and interiors

Each customer has a unique story that you can uncover as they become regulars.

One thing I liked about Night Restaurant is that you can hire entertainers like a DJ and a magician.

Night Restaurant - Restaurant Building Games
Purchase furniture, kitchen equipment, and new recipes
Google Play

Boost your Japanese food gaming with a sushi-themed clear case for your smartphone. Just don’t start munching on your phone.

Sushi Phone Case - Restaurant Building Games
Sushi Phone Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 10


Do restaurant building game apps require the latest Android versions?

Not all games need the latest versions. When downloading the game from Google Play, the app will immediately inform you if the game is compatible with your device.

Can I download paid restaurant game apps for free?

Downloading free APKs from other websites risks your phone from getting infected with viruses. Also, it’s better to support the developers by legally buying the apps.

If I install the game on my smartphone, can I continue my progress using another device?

Some game apps allow you to sync your saved progress, so you can play them on multiple devices. You have to check the game description carefully to confirm if the game you choose supports this feature.


Phew! This list made me hungry!

Don’t just restaurant building game foods whet your appetite?

Become the boss of your own restaurant and play one of the games from the list. Play with friends and exchange tips and tricks on how to become a successful restaurant owner.

Is there a restaurant building game that you can recommend?

Share with us in the comment section below!

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