4 Proven Methods To Root Android Without Computer in 2022

Are you tired of the same old complicated methods of rooting Android devices by using rooting apps? If you’re looking to root an android phone without a computer, pat yourself for landing here.

If you want to jailbreak or have root access on your Android device manually so that you can install custom ROMs and mods without a computer, then you’ve come to the right place. It’s possible to root your device without a PC. And I’ll show you how to do it.

Below are a few working apps and software to root android without a PC that should work on most Android devices. These methods work on all android devices that run on Android 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 (Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat, Oreo, and Pie)


How To Root Android – Everything You Need To Know

7 Best Android Root Software (With and Without Computer)

Step by step guide to root the Samsung Galaxy On5

Disclaimer: Root your device at your own risk and follow my instructions carefully.

Without further ado, let’s get that Android device rooted! I recommend that you use a rooting method specific to your phone in 2 mins using universal android root.

What to do before you begin to root Android without computer?

  1. Realize that rooting voids your warranty. Use these methods at your own risk
  2. Verify your device model number
  3. Enable Unknown Sources
  4. Perform a full backup

From Security, in the Settings menu, enable Unknown Sources so you download and install apps outside of those in the Google Play store.

  1. Charge your phone
  2. Enable USB debugging

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4 Best Apps To Root Android Without Computer

  1. Framaroot app
  2. KingRoot app
  3. Universal Androot app
  4. WeakSauce app

Method 1: Using Framaroot

Framaroot is the most popular and effective app to use if you want to root Android without computer. The app is basically a universal one-click rooting method for Android devices. Hundreds of Android devices from some of the most popular manufacturers have been successfully tested.

Not only does the app let you root your Android device in just a couple of seconds, but it can also unroot your device if you change your mind in the future. 

1. Download Framaroot APK

Download the Framaroot app on your Android device. Unfortunately, the app is not available on the Google Play Store due to Google’s terms and conditions.


2. Find the File

Open any file manager on your Android device. Navigate to the directory where you saved the APK file earlier and tap on it. If you don’t have a file manager installed, I recommend that you check our list of Best File Managers to help you.

3. Install App

Tap the Install button to get the Framaroot app on your phone.

Root android without computer using Framaroot
Install apk

4. Open Framaroot

Once the installation is complete, tap on Open button to launch the app.

5. Install SuperSU

Select Install SuperSU from the dropdown menu at the top.

Root android without computer using SuperSU
Install SuperSU


After selecting the option that supports your device, you’ll get a Success message in the Exploit result popup. That’s it! Your device is successfully rooted. Make sure that you reboot your device after getting the Success message.

Root android devices without computer using SuperSU
You have successfully installed SuperSU

Method 2: Using KingRoot

If you want to use KingRoot to root android devices without computers, then you’ll need to maintain a stable Internet connection throughout the process. KingRoot is in Chinese, although a lot of English is used in the APK version. Unless you want the exclusively Chinese version, I recommend using the APK (Android) version that can be downloaded directly to your phone.

1. Download KingRoot

Download and install the KingRoot APK on your Android. This app checks whether you already have root access.



2. Launch KingRoot

Open the KingRoot app. You can find it in your app drawer once installation is complete.

3. Check for button

Ensure that you can see the Start Root button at the bottom of the display. This tells you that your device is supported.

Root android devices without computer using KingRoot
One click root with KingRoot

4. Start rooting

Tap the Start button to begin rooting. Rooting may take a few moments. Once rooting is complete, you should see “Success!” on your screen and the KingRoot icon on your phone.

5. Restart your device

If your device is not compatible with the rooting software, you will be prompted to try the desktop version of KingRoot, which uses your PC to root your device.

Root android device without computer using KingRoot
Tap “Restart”

Method 3: Using Universal Androot

Universal Android Root is another app available for Android devices that lets you root your device without a computer. Unlike Methods 1 and 2, the app is not that popular and it might not work with some Android devices. That being said, if Methods 1 and 2 didn’t work with your Android device, perhaps this one will.

As the app is old, it should work with older Android devices and firmware versions. Like Framaroot, this app also features a built-in option for unrooting your device. The app can root supported Android devices in five to seven seconds.

1. Install the Universal Android APK

Download the Universal Androot APK on your Android device. You can get the apk file below. If you have difficulty finding the file afterward, try using a file manager.


2. Open the App

Once the installation is complete, open the app.

3. Install SuperSU

Select Install SuperSU from the dropdown menu at the top.

4. Specify Firmware

Select your Android firmware version by tapping on the dropdown menu.

Root android without computer using Universal Androot - SuperSU
Specify Your OS

5. Check “Temporary Root” (optional)

If you want to root your Android device temporarily, make sure that the Root temporary option is checked. This way, your device will be unrooted after you reboot it. Uncheck it if you intend to keep your device rooted.

Root android without computer using Universal Androot - Temporary Root
Select Temporary Root

6. Root your device

Tap on the Root button. The rooting process will start and it will take a couple of seconds.

Root android without computer using Universal Androot - Root
Tap on Root

7. Reboot your device

Once the process is complete, you’ll get a “Your device is rooted” message. That’s it! You have successfully rooted your Android device. Make sure that you reboot your device after the rooting process.

Root android without computer using Universal Androot - Restart
Select Restart

Method 4: Using WeakSauce (AKA Easy Rooting Toolkit)

WeakSauce is another app coming from the XDA forums that can root Android devices without a computer. Framaroot and Universal Androot are better, more reliable, and effective universal rooting methods for various Android devices. WeakSauce, on the other hand, will only work on HTC devices. This is your best option if you want to root an HTC One M8.

While the app was specifically designed for HTC One M8, it should work on several other HTC devices as the app was successfully tested on the older HTC One M7. WeakSauce doesn’t root your device permanently, as the root access is lost once you switch off your device. The app automatically roots your device again after about 30 seconds of a reboot. The app doesn’t come with an unroot option, but you can disable automatic rooting by uninstalling the app.

1. Download and install WeakSauce

Download and install WeakSauce on your Android device.


2. Find the file

Open file manager on your Android device and navigate to the directory where you saved the APK file earlier and tap on it.

3. Launch Weaksauce

Open your new Weaksauce app.

Root android without computer using WeakSauce
Click Yes

4. Start Rooting

After launching the app, you’ll get a Disclaimer popup with the terms and conditions. Tap on “Yes” to start the rooting process, then wait for approximately 60 seconds before exiting the app.

5. Download SuperSU

Download and install SuperSU on your Android device from the Google Play Store. You can download it through the Google Play button below.

That’s it! You have successfully rooted your HTC Android device.

SuperSU logo
SuperSU logo

6. After Reboot

If you rebooted your device, wait around 30 seconds and your device will be rooted again automatically.

Method 5: Root Your Smartphone Using the Universal Android Root App

Step 1: Download and Install the Universal Root App on your phone.

Step 2: Open it on your device.

Step 3: Agree to the terms and conditions.

Step 4: Click on the Root button.

Step 5: Wait until it’s done.

As soon as the process finishes, then your phone will be rooted.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a root access?

A root access to your device means you have full control of what you want to do with your device. For example, you will have the power to run Sudo commands and apps that can be run exclusively by rooted devices.

Will the root access method work for every Android phone?

No. The latest models of phones are equipped with better security which makes it harder for developers or hackers to find a rooting exploit. In such cases, we recommend you find a rooting method specific to that phone.

How to root Android 5 without computer?

You can use the 4 methods listed in the article to root Android 5 without a computer. Follow these steps: Download a rooting software, find the APK file and install it on your device, launch the app and start rooting Install SuperSU from the Play Store, reboot your device to complete rooting after SuperSU is installed.

How to recover deleted files on Android without rooting?

Install and launch Wondershare Dr. Fone on your PC and connect your Android using a USB cable (make sure to enable USB debugging). Select the file types you need to recover and click ‘Next’. Wait for Dr. Fone to analyse the device for recovery. Once the scan is completed, review and select the files to recover and click on ‘Recover’. The files will be saved on your PC which can be transferred to your Android using USB cable.

Can you root a phone remotely?

We can safely root practically any Android device with our remote rooting service, including those that aren’t officially supported by One Click Root software.

Root Android without PC

Rooting your devices can be beneficial, depending on what you intend to do with it. But it can also create liabilities. Rooted devices are more vulnerable to security threats and data theft., especially if you’ve given untrustworthy websites access to your device.

Phone manufacturers constantly patch these exploits. Remember that the manufacturer is more interested in security than the freedom that rooting affords. This is understandable, given the damage a third-party app with malicious coding can wreak on your phone with root access.

Once you are rooted, you will have access to new features and many restricted apps. Some rooted apps allow you to improve battery life and performance. For guidance on new apps to try out, take a look at this article on rooted apps. With more power comes more responsibility, so be careful out there and only download from trusted sources.

Found another method that works? Help out your fellow Android users by letting us all know!

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  1. You are all retarded. I mean come on it says how to root without PC and what does step 3 say. You guessed it. Connect your android device to PC using USB cable. Are you fucking retarded? I mean please have the decency to not lie. Come on that’s fucking degrading. Please let me know when you have some truthful people.

    1. Hey John,

      Thanks for stopping by. Seriously, gosh, you have to slow down and read the article fully. Step 2 in Method 1 that mentions using PC is an optional step incase you prefer to download the APK via PC. Everyone in the android world know that you can skip this and download the APK directly on your mobile as per Step 1. We have tweaked the wordings now so it reflects more directly. Hope that makes you warm and fuzzy inside 🙂

      We are not retarded, nor, liars; We are normal human beings trying to give you the best information in the best possible way. The writer has indeed put a lot of effort into this and I hope you would be able to appreciate that. Always open to hear constructive criticism, feel free to shout back!


      1. Non works I’ve used every one click root app apk from towelroot towelpieroot framaroot iroot vroot poot and on and on…. Help verizon moto g user

      2. I have HTC desire 510, it’s version is 4.4.2. My carrier is cricket/at&t. None of these work for my phone. Please reply and help me. Thanks.

      3. It’s not yalls fault some people don’t pay attention to what they resd i mean it’s pretty self explainatory looks someone missed the First day in kindergarden when they were teaching manners if you ask me if you guys are so retarted then why doesnt he have his own meathod you guys are doing great with out yalls input we would never have the First step in doing all of this thanks for yalls time and efforts into making these things posdible

    2. To JOSH (8/28/2014) are you a child? Have you read what you wrote? I think your the one mentally challenged. The “R” word is NOT tolerated in public anymore, it is a HATE word. The flagrant use of the”F” word will not get the desired attention of others, it just pisses them off. Before spouting off with your simple minded rants, please run them by somebody that has common decency and a brain. And JOSH, please let us know when you grow up!!

      @YASIR thanks for the info. I didn’t even know about WeakSauce!! Also ignore the small minded people.

      1. make your own 0day for android and then you can make a vagrant attempt at criticism in regards to somones grammer, who in my opinion isn’t too far from the truth.. – pw

    3. Dude the more you text the dumber we get, please stop with the derogatory statements and fascist comments. It doesn’t help you to sound like a retard, or to be politically correct (mentally challenged). Maybe if you slowed your roll you might actually understand something (highly doubtful) worst case scenario you successfully achieve your goal without being belligerent. Best case you hard brick your phone so the lovely person who wrote this very helpful article, won’t have to hear your potty mouth. Have a blessed day MORON.

        1. Hi Daniel,
          It should work. Let us know how it went for you. Please remember to read everything carefully and feel free to ask us anything, we are here to help. =-)

    1. Hi Ruan, can you let us know at which step your handset is failing. Without deeper understanding of the issue, we can’t provide a solution.

  2. hi..i am using samsung galaxy y ,android version2.3.6 …as soon as i install framaroot..i am getting a weird message”check vulnerabilities- ur device seems not vulnerablr to exploit included in framaroot” i dont kno what to do now..can u plz help me out?

    1. I am getting same message when i try on mine. I have a LG model LGL22C. The other methods do not work on my device either

          1. Hi There,
            Have you tried TowelRoot or KingRoot? Many have been able to root with them. Hope they help. Thanks for commenting. =-)

    1. Nick, sorry to learn that this method didn’t work. Please let us know the exact step where it breaks. We would double check.

    1. Sorry to hear that. Sometimes these methods don’t go well with all phones / network as there are too many influencing factors. Let us know if you have found any alternate methods.

  3. nothing works on my mtk phone adcom thunder a400. i’ve tried everything. Can u please tell me how should i root.
    P.S: mtk droid was also not able to root it

    1. In an ideal world, yes, it should work. But there are too many factors that could affect this. Please try and let us know if it works.

  4. None of the methods worked on my Moto G… On framaroot, i just got the option of one exploit.. And it failed.

    1. Sushanth, unfortunately methods mentioned in this post will not work with all phones. You will have to try mobile specific rooting methods (which would use a pc)

      1. That’s really sad, since it was THE most easiest way to root, and it fails. I don’t want to use the other methods mainly because I’d be risking my data

        1. You can always de-risk this by backing up your data. You can backup literally anything to cloud from your mobile. Search in our blog and you will find a lot of info on how to backup things.

  5. Am using htc one m7 from vodacom,after installing my supersu it says there is no su binary installed and supersu cannot install it.if you just upgrade to android 4.3,you need to manually re root. Pls hlp me

    1. The only answer I could possibly give it try it out yourself. If it doesn’t work, try other methods too.

  6. Hey guys, just wanted to say thank you for the post! I have wanted to root one of my phones for a long time but I don’t have a computer right now and since I bought the HTC one m8 I’ve really wanted to pump it out. And thanks to this post I can.

    Thanks again,

  7. Shoot.. couldn’t get any of the methods to work on my AT&T HTC one m8. Any ideas? Even weaksauce failed

    1. Sorry to hear this, Alex. No any more ideas. As mentioned in this post this method will not work for all phones with all OS version 🙁

    1. Nicholas,
      We do not have ZTE source and we are unable to test it for now. But this blog post is written to root all android phones without computer.

    1. As said in the article, please read this article with pinch of salt. These methods are not designed to work in all devices especially new devices come with advanced security features.

  8. Does it matter if I install Framaroot on the internal memory or SD card? When installing on the internal memory it says “Unfortunately Framaroot has stopped” when I try to launch it, when installing it on the SD card it launches, but gives Error #9, whichever exploit I try.

    My Lenovo virus scanner seems to say Androot contains a virus, however I can not be comletely sure as it is in Chinese and I can not read it. It seems to uninstall it automatically so I’d rather not push it.


    1. Jerome, it should not matter where you install Framaroot. If you are getting an error, then your device is not supported. About the antivirus, I don’t really trust any antivirus apps as they’re useless to me. They’ll give you a warning for any app that tries to edit your phone’s settings.

        1. I don’t think you can root after the OTA update. You’ll probably be able to root through another method, but not using Framaroot.
          Hope this helps!

  9. Does framaroot work on the Samsung Galaxy Legend (a prepaid Verizon)? I just want to know before I try, as I have heard that a mistake rooting can ruin a phone.

    1. Yes it should ideally! These methods are common for all mobiles. But it may not work on all mobiles. So good luck !

    1. If you follow the instructions correctly it will not ruin your phone. But the methods instructed will not work in all mobiles. So there is always an element of risk!

  10. ok i so tried rooting my f3 from virgin mobile and i use saferoot and it didn’t load then i use framaroot and it load and closes any ideas

  11. Hi i was wonder if any of you guys know an app that will root the KYOCERA HYDRO LIFE ??

  12. How do you unroot ? I really want to do this but if i don’t like it, I want to unroot my device.

  13. Doesnt work on my LG Optimus L3 E400 i tried all methods Q.Q .. There’s still Other methods ?? i want to root my phone without PC is it True ?

  14. I’m beginning to think this is actually a pagr linking to virus (especially since the OFFICIAL weaksauce actually worked – and yes, I downloaded the same apk release as the one you provided a link to). I’ve tried the methods on three devices – a note 4, galaxy S5, and an HTC One m8. None of the steps worked (with your file). They all failed at the point of choosing a”root process”. Yes, after choosing to “unroot” with ANY of the options, in ANY app, they still failed to root any of my devices.

    The OFFICIAL root apk’s for the S5 and M8 do work, but I’ve never seen so many people claim that they didn’t work – in one place – ever. Not to mention, you’ve left out some MAJOR steps of each process.

    Just one more reason why it makes me think you are providing some sort of virus in these fake packages you are linking your readers to.

    1. We didn’t test these apps on our phones. We did find them from other reliable sources.

  15. Yes the Universal Androot contains virus that makes my computer refuses to download it, or is this probably what’s happening if downloading a root file, as on other websites saying that to download the file you need to firstly unable your anti-virus software installed on your computer, etc.

      1. Can Samsung Galaxy trend plus be rooted without a pc? Such as framaroot or any others?

  16. Does anyone know of a way/guide to root 4.4.4 KitKat droid turbo? Either computer or device will do. I’ve looked for about 2 days and cant fine anything that will work

  17. How do i root my mi-3?i tried king root and all,i just want xmod games working,thanks

  18. Nice guide. Some people appreciate and some would not but in my case I appreciate the guide. It led me to peace knowing that android 4.4.2 and higher has higher invulnerability than the other previous versions and it makes me feel good knowing that it’s a challege finding a app without pc to root. I guess KingRoot is the only app in my case that works but the only problem is kingroot is just a temporary root to your device and instead of making itself (kingroot) part of the system, itself just operate using your sd card. Going back, nice guide. To other users I suggest KingRoot. Your phone won’t be harmed.

  19. Tried framaroot, got options of Aragorm and Gandalf, both not working, androot failed as well, any other easy ways without computer for moto X, xt1052, 1st gen, thnx.

  20. I have a ZTE ZMAX and methods one and two didn’t work for me. Do you know why?

    1. Hi Myles,

      The reasons why method one and two didn’t work for your ZTE Zmax device is difficult to say. However, as the article states, some methods may not work with new devices, your device is a relatively new one, with enhanced security. This may be the reason why these methods did not work.

    1. Isaiah, what is your handset and could you let me know more details on where you are stuck at?

  21. when i tried framaroot and install it show (your device seems not vulnarable to exploit include in framaroot)
    what can i do???
    reply plzz

  22. I have tried all of those programs that you all have listed for my 2.3.6, and not one of them has succeeded in rooting it. That also goes for all the PC programs that I’ve tried. All any of them do is fill up the phone memory.

  23. pls help me to root my samsung galaxy star 2 SM-G130E..i tried my maximum…and no rooting tech help….so u pls…help meee…

  24. plz help my pc is not working and i want to root my samsung galaxy s duos without pc i used many root apk’s not a single work for me . root apk and error as follows
    framaroot: error#5
    z4root(latest version):force stop.
    z4root (old version):rooting starts but i waited for like 3+hrs still no root so i force stop it(weird thing is even time on clock get stuck at time when i start rooting?)
    towelroot :fu.. so.. go(or something like tht)
    root master :root failed
    universal androot:device is not compatible yet.
    now plz help me to find new root apk or solve errors given above

  25. Is there any possibility that this whole process might damage my phone or result in the loss of my personal data???

    Waiting anxiously for your response….

    (A Keen Observer)

    1. Hi There,
      Rooting your phone can be risky and the risk depends on which phone and/or method you use for the process. For example, if you use the wrong kernel you will brick your phone. Data loss is also a risk, that is why you are urged to create a backup of important files just in case something goes wrong. Hope this helps.

    1. Hi Scott,
      I don´t see why not. Thanks for your comment and please let us if there is anything else we can help you with.

  26. I managed to unlock my htc desire 510.. The boatloader.. I downloaded and ran kingroot.. It actually said my device is rooted.. When I would go in super su.. It said I had to update binary.. When I tried to do that.. My phone would reboot and I wouldn’t be rooted anymore… Ever hear of that.. I wonder if one of the options on here would work better

  27. I m using Samsung galaxy Y duos (S6102) and running on android 2.3 Gingerbread and I wanted to root my device to install jelly bean in it . How would i do it plz tell me…

    1. Hi There,
      It is possible to add a more modern Android version to your phone, but the specs for you phone will not handle the new version very well since the ram is too low for anything.

    1. Hi DeVaughn,
      Let me contact the author for you to get an answer for your question. Will get back to you. Thanks for your comment.

    1. Hi Tony,
      Doing some research as to why of the crashing I found a statement from the Developer of the app saying that if the app crashes it is because it isn´t compatible at this time and that he has no interest in adding compatibility. That it will work on some phone´s and will not on others, that it is about giving it a try and see if it works. Thanks for commenting.

  28. Won’t work with HTC one M8 lollipop. Tried each one. Going to just find a laptop and download drivers n the whole bit. I’ve rooted 3 phones before n never had so much trouble as I am with this one. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for all the hard work guys.

    1. Hi Michael,
      How unfortunate to hear that these apps didn´t work. I have read that KingRoot has worked for some HTC, but that app has gotten its good and bad reviews. Just wanted to let you know, just in case you wanted to try it out at your own risk. Please let me know what happens and thanks for commenting.

    1. Hi Marina,
      You are most welcome for the methods and please let us know if there is anything else we can help you with. Thanks for commenting.

  29. None of these work for me! Followed instructions. Enabled developer oprions. Could that be it? Htc ine m8 sprint up to date software

    1. Hi Terrie,
      Let me do some research and see what methods have worked for others with the same phone as yours. I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks for reading.

  30. Hey guys, thanks for your work and info.

    I guess a little early, but maybe anyone has some ideas how to root Marshall London Lollipop 5.0.2. ? Want to try, but I’m a little scared that I could make it unusable. Is that possible with these methods?


    1. Hi Voland,
      With rooting, there is always a possibility something could go wrong, even if you are suing a method that is safer than others. I know that Rescue Root will not brick your phone even if it is not compatible since it has been specifically designed to not damage or brick Android devices. If your device is a model which cannot safely be rooted, their software will automatically detect and prevent this. Hope this helps.

  31. Thanks for the info.
    I’ve rooted my phone for about a year now, but just few days ago my whatsapp stopped working. I updated the app but it still wasn’t working, so I had to delete and reinstall it again, but my phone number could not be verified, when I tried to find out why, I got a reply that whatsapp doesn’t support rooted devices.
    I’m thinking of unrooting the phone using my super su app, but then I’ll so much like to root it back.
    The issue is that I don’t know how to root the phone myself, and the person that helped me initially has travelled.
    I’m using a Nokia XL, I would like to know if the steps above will help me root my phone back if I unroot it to install my whatsapp. Thanks.

    1. Hi Ella,
      The quick answer is … probably. It really depends on the phone and the process it required to gain root access. A lot of times “unrooting” is simply uninstalling SuperSu, which leaves your phone in a modified state but does not give the user access to root (or more correctly, the root manager that allows apps to elevate privileges.) Sometimes the only way to truly unroot is to flash the factory firmware, especially if you are trying to apply an OTA update. See if you can wait until your friend who rooted your phone comes back. =-)

      1. Thanks Joa
        Please one more thing, what will happen to my phone if I uproot.
        All those applications I enjoyed as a result of rooting, will they be gone afterwards or what?
        Will there be any damage to the phone?

        1. Hi Ella,
          Welcome back! You can ask as many questions as you want, we are here to help you. Unfortunately the apps you used when the phone was rooted will no longer work since they are made especially for rooted phone´s. =-( Do you mean if there will be damage to your phone if you unroot?

  32. I have an LG Volt Android 4.4.2 on Boost Mobile. Never tried rooting a phone before. If you use a computer, does your computer have to be online? I have a windows PC that I could use if it doesn’t have to go online. My phone can go online though. Also, I don’t have an SD card. You don’t have to have one, right?

    1. Hi Joy,
      You will need to be online to download and install appropriate USB drivers on your computer. You should be able to do it without an SD card,provided you use a recovery that allows flashing from internal storage. Thanks for commenting!

  33. have gts7262 and none of the methods work including odin………………….. Any other idea???

    1. Hi There,
      Method 1 and 2 should work just fine, but remember to read the instructions carefully. Thanks for commenting!

  34. Both the promising ones, framaroot and androot didn’t work. Haven’t tried using a pc yet. The androot one only works for androids upto 2.2 so no luck there as my s3 is 4.3 and framaroot unlike I’ve heard and seen showed only one exploit option which didn’t work and was asking me to try another exploits. But as you know , they weren’t there. In a fix ! Help?

      1. Thank you for going through the trouble. I have successfully rooted my device using the cf root method. It was so easy I did with my eyes close, you know , metaphorically.

  35. am searching 4 a way to unistal com.goodluck.look(version 19-Zh10317)
    which keeps opening data connection and location in tecno p3 please help

  36. Thx so much i was looking for an app to root my htc one x and weaksauce finally successfully rooted it i never really comment on anything but i was so thankful for it i had too

  37. Are there any root apps that has exploited MM yet? Lost root zipping the firmware I can’t use the computer to root because my charge port isn’t syncing with computer at all. It can charge but my computer doesn’t recognize it. I’m on HTC M8 Sprint

    1. Hi Noyon,
      That´s great news! I´m glad you were able to root your device. Enjoy. Thanks for commenting. =-)

  38. Hey! If I root my HTC One M8, will the Sense UI get uninstalled? I kinda like the Sense UI and dont want to lose it.
    Kindly help!
    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Pratham,
      Yes, you can keep your sense UI if you root your phone. Some ROMs do remove, or try, but they explicitly say so. Thanks for commenting. =-)

  39. Hey I am on HTC desire 510 didn’t work but I understand seeing how I cannot even transfer files pics video music ect to or from external sd on this phone. I wouldn’t expect your awesome lil app to do much software freakary with such a small download I just wanted to say I did use this app and a few others to root a few other previous lg phones I had and unfortunately soft bricked when installing roms. So for everyone saying it doesn’t work you are wrong it only doesn’t work on your phones. Use a pc and Odin go to a library or friends house or whatever. Seeing how you are so easily frustrated you may not have friends but the library should still let you in.

    1. To transfer your files to your SD card, you can go to Apps>File manager>if it’s faulted to SD card tap on that and select phone storage. Select the files you want to transfer, for example, you can tap and hold on a folder and select cut. Now you should be asked where you want to move your files, tap on the upside down pyramid beside phone storage and select SD card and choose where you want to paste. Hope this helps.

  40. I got a zte max duo z963vl I’m trying to find a one button root don’t have access to PC I’ve tried most of them anyone have any advice?could use some help plz

    1. If you’ve tried most of what’s available, you might need to look on the XDA Forum. They are usually pretty active with rooting. If it’s not possible, they will say so.

      There is absolutely no access to a computer to root it?

  41. Delani

    Thanks for the excellent article and guides for rooting Android phones.
    I was looking for help for rooting my Asus Fonepad7 K004 ME 371 model with Android 4.1.2 OS.
    Many of rooting apps do not support this model phone.
    Can you guide me as to which is the most suitable rooting apps I should try and also the suitable firmware ROM for my phone.
    Waiting for reply
    Bhasker Raj

  42. I’m sorry, but none of these will work on J320VPP. Everyone is stumped, everyone on xda as well.
    Apparently the bootloader cannot be unlocked no matter what

    1. Hi, Jim. Unfortunately I can’t find a root method either. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before someone figures one out, though.

  43. My phone was not rooting facing an error before this now it did thanks a lot for sharing a great stuff

  44. hey, hows it going? i have a metro pcs lg-ms428(k10). let me just start off by saying im not really tech savy (you know what i mean) this will be my first attempt at rooting a device. it is a phone i use. but i have a spare. i would appreciate if you would point me in the right direction. which apk would you use? thanks for your time.

  45. This nonsense was written in October 2018?

    All the software tools are dated 2010-2015, which was the last time when something like a one-size-fits-all rooting approach worked on the last phone that was still done like older models from years before. There is a reason why all these obscure .apk and .exe files cannot be found any more — they are defunct and deprecated and have stopped working long before this October’s fool waste of electrons has been written.

    This is nothing but a clickbait post for search engine ranking optimisation (SEO) and to ram down a couple ads down visitors’ throats. Other than that, useless junk outside the WayBack archive of Internet history.

  46. So far no rooter programs have worked, though I have yet to try using a PC (plan to later today). I’m attempting to root my Moto e5 play with Android and Google play. I’m new to rooting. The only reason I chose to is that I’m tired of the short trading range on Pokemon go.

  47. I have samsung from t mobile devide unlocked permanently but gsm doesn’t work in my phone , how can i do it unlcoked .thank you ??

  48. Greetings and thanks from your great info
    Non of these methods helped me since I’m using android version 9.1 and I was wondering that if there’s any app that can root my phone. And I should say that if it’s possible I want to do it without using any computer so I will be glad if you help and assist me further

    1. Hi Abdul, it’s quite difficult to root Android 9.1 without the need of a computer. Since it’s the latest Android, it is more complex and requires more workaround to root it.

  49. Hi, Ive been trying to root my samsung galaxy j3 2016 from att. Nothing has worked. it is on Android 7. Any help is appreciated

  50. Hi…i have some problem with Mi account..
    2mnth ago i broke up with my exbf…n he gave back all the stuff i gave him before inc the Mi phone…..,but unfortunately i can’t use the phone anyway i dont know how n why but i tried many step 2 get over this prob… Even i couldnt reset delete or add a new acc bcoz ned 2 login with the available MI account on this phone… Could anyone help me with this (stupid smart) phone? Stupid or smart huh ??

  51. Hi, guys, exist more simple way in my opinion, you can try use one click PC tool RootKHP.Pro 3.2 for getting root on Android 10, i had experience with two phones (on Android 9 Pie & 10 ), this tool works fastly, but not always stable works with Android 10.

  52. I have tried everything but nothing seems to be working for my itelA14, please help me on how to root my device without a PC.

  53. Gee, that was a fun waste of my time…. I have a Samsung-SM-G891A aka S7 Edge. Framaroot doesn’t support my device. The King one led to a 400: Error page. The other two methods don’t work for my device. Now I have to go back and uninstall even more useless stuff on my phone. Next time I will go tear up newspapers and then attempt to read them. That sounds like another fun way to waste my time…

  54. Pls am using Itel A16, with Android version 8.1. Is it possible to root my device without a PC?

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