How To Root HTC Evo 4G LTE

How To Root HTC Evo 4G LTE to Boost Your Phone’s Usefulness

The HTC Evo 4G LTE  smartphone was the company’s signature device in 2012 and the successor of the older Evo 4G model. While the device isn’t the newest Android device from HTC at the moment, it is still a fantastic Android flagship device which lets you experience the best of Android and HTC’s Sense UI. As  Android is a developer friendly OS, rooting your Android device takes the experience to a whole new level and enhances the overall experience.

Rooting the HTC Evo 4G LTE is simple and straight forward. After rooting your device, not only can you install apps from the Google Play store that require root access but you can also install mods and custom ROMs on your device to change the overall look and feel of your device. The methods mentioned here are simple and have been tested extensively by HTC Evo 4G LTE users. However, you should only root your device on your own responsibility.

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Method 1: One Click Root

This is possibly the simplest and safest method to root your HTC Evo 4G LTE. It takes just a couple of minutes to root your device using this method and it cannot brick your device in any way. While this is the most reliable way of rooting your device, this method will only work with firmware version 1.22.651.1 or earlier versions. Make sure that your device has no less than 70% battery remaining before starting with the rooting process.

Step 1

Firstly, download and install the HTC drivers on your computer. For Windows 32-bit, you can download the drivers here and for Windows 64-bit, you can get the drivers here. Once downloaded, simply extract the zip file and install the drivers on your computer.

Step 2

Next, download the rooting tool for your PC using this link. After downloading, simply extract the folder on your computer.

Step 3

Now go to the Settings app on your device. Click on Applications and go to Development. While under the Development menu, make sure that USB Debugging is checked.

USB Debugging

Step 4

Connect your Evo 4G LTE to your PC  using a micro USB  cable and make sure that you click on Charge Only on your device.

Charge Only Mode

Step 5

Go to the folder where you extracted the rooting tool and open runme.bat. A command prompt window should now open on your computer.

Runme.bat file

Step 6

Press the Enter key on your computer while in Command Prompt. After hitting the enter key, press any random key to start the rooting process.

CMD One click root

Step 7

The rooting process should now start and your phone might boot a couple of times during the process. Once the rooting is complete, your device will automatically restart and you will get a message on Command Prompt saying All Done. You can now unplug your device and you will have root access on your phone.

Method 2: RegawMOD

RegawMOD is another popular method for rooting the HTC Evo 4G LTE smartphone. The method is fairly straight forward and should work with most EVO 4G LTE devices. It is recommended that you make a full backup of your device and charge it to no less than 70% before rooting.

Step 1

Download the RegawMOD rooter utility for your PC. You can get the x86 version here and the x64 version here.

Step 2

Enable USB Debugging on your device by following Step 3 of Method 1.

Step 3

Open the RegaqMOD app on your computer and connect your phone to your PC using a micro USB cable.

Step 4

After the app recognizes that your phone is connected, a new window will pop up on your computer with the button ROOT ME. Simply click on the ROOT ME button and select Yes to start the rooting process.

Step 5

The rooting process should take a couple of minutes and you might need to confirm several things by following the on screen instructions. Once the rooting process is complete, your device will reboot and you should have root access on your device.

Method 3: TWRP and SuperSU

This method should also work on most HTC Evo 4G LTE devices and it uses recovery in order to install the SuperSU app directly on your device. While this method is simple, it will only work if you have an unlocked bootloader.  For users who haven’t unlocked their bootloaders, you should either switch to another method or unlock your bootloader first. Make sure that your device is no less than 70% charged and that you have backed up all your data, just in case anything goes wrong.

Step 1

Download this zip file on your computer. Once downloaded, rename the file to

Step 2

Now, place this file in the root directory of your HTC Evo 4G LTE. You can do this by connecting your device to your PC via a micro USB cable and then transferring using USB storage.

Step 3

Next, switch off your device and then hold the Volume Down button while pressing the power button in order to boot into bootloader mode. This should automatically detect the file on your phone. Simply press the Volume Up button to install this.

Install update bootloader

Step 4

Reboot your phone and connect it to your PC in USB storage mode. Now delete the file on your device.

Step 5

Download SuperSU on your computer using this link. Once downloaded, transfer the zip file to your phone.

Step 6

Boot into bootloader mode by holding the Volume Down while switching on your phone. You will now be in the bootloader mode. Scroll down to Recovery by using the Volume Down button and select Recovery by pressing the power button.

Recovery Evo 4G LTE

Step 7

Now, press Install and select the SuperSU zip file that is placed on your device. The file should be installed in a couple of seconds.

Install SuperSU bootloader

Step 8

Reboot your device and it should now have root access.


Rooting definitely takes your Android experience to a whole new level as it lets you install mods and custom ROMs. There are various mods available for the Evo 4G LTE which you can get from the XDA Forums. However, you should only root your device on your own responsibility. The methods above might not work on all devices and you can try another method if a particular method doesn’t work on your device. Please make sure that you follow all the instructions properly and feel free to ask any questions below.

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  1. Hi. when trying to update the file get to bootloader and it pauses then says Main file is older update aborted. Why is this? I’m running android 4.3 with sense 5 software version 4.13.651.3 Help??

  2. I tried method 1 and keep getting permission denied. (yes the phone is successfully unlocked)
    I tried method 2 but the link for RegawMOD rooter utility is dead and I cannot find it anywhere.
    I tried method 3 and if fails at step three, never asks if I want to update.

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