How to Root Samsung Galaxy Star Pro Like a Pro

You made the purchase for your Samsung Galaxy Star Pro; you should have the choice to access it at the deepest level if you please, right? After all, some apps absolutely require root; and to get the most from every feature on every app, rooting can be necessary. But unless Google decides to hand over root access as a universal feature of Android phones, you are stuck with the arduous and sometimes unsafe process of trying to gain root access through an exploitation of the software. Rooting can be a pain.

But thanks to some really smart people in the Android development community, there are tools out there to assist you in gaining that freedom rooting provides. And we can show how to use those tools so that rooting doesn’t have to be complex and challenging. You are not on your own, either, if you need help troubleshooting. We will include some tips within the article, and if you find yourself needing advice or you just want to talk nerdy, leave a comment.

Some of the rooting tools offer various levels of aid as well. One Click Root offers a full support service should you need it, but usually these options are only available to you if you pay. We will show you that option, but also do our best to help you out for free. Let us show you how to root Android Samsung Star Pro.

Before We Begin:

  • Verify your device model is a Samsung Pro.
  • Perform a full backup.
  • Download and install USB drivers on your computer.
  • From “Security” in the “Settings” menu, enable “Unknown Sources.”
  • Charge your phone.
  • Enable USB debugging.

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Method 1: Root Using Odin and CWM Recovery

TWRP is another great recovery program if you are looking for an alternative to CWM. This is one way how to root my Samsung Galaxy Star Pro.

Step 1: Download your root package.

  • Download and extract these files to your PC:
  • Right-click on the zip folder and select “Extract All.” Or, left-click and press the “Extract All” button from “Compressed Folder Tools.”
  • Now download the SuperSU ZIP, but do not extract anything. Just leave the file intact.

Step 2: Connect your Galaxy to your desktop using a USB cable.

  • The original USB cable that came with the Samsung is sure to work, provided it’s in good condition.

Step 3: Transfer the SuperSU file from the rooting kit to your phone’s SD card.


Step 4: Boot into download mode.

  • Turn off your phone.
  • Simultaneously press the Volume Down, Home, and Power buttons.
  • Use the Volume Up button to the go into Download Mode.

Step 5: Open Odin3.

  • Odin should identify your device and you should see an “Added” message in the Odin window.

Step 6: Click the “AP” (or “PDA” depending on the version of Odin) button and select the .tar.md5 file.

  • The box under ID:COM should be blue. If that is not the case, or you don’t see the “Added” message, try to reconnect your Samsung.
  • Ensure that “Re-Partition” is deselected.

Step 7: Press the “Start” button to begin rooting.

  • You should soon see a green “Pass” message.

Step 8: Within a moment or two, your Star Pro should reboot automatically.

  • At that point you can remove the USB cable from your device.
  • If your phone does not reboot, do it manually.
  • If you must, remove the battery and reinsert the battery.

Step 9: Now it’s time to turn off your phone and reboot into Recovery.

  • Pressing the Volume Up, Home, and Power buttons should take you into Recovery Mode.
  • Once the Samsung logo appears, release.
  • Use the Volume buttons to navigate and the Power button to make selections.

Step 10: From the Recovery Menu, use the Volume Keys to navigate to the “Install” option.

  • Locate the SuperSU zip file you moved to the SD card previously by selecting “Choose zip from SD card.”
  • Yes, you want to install the zip file from the SD card.

Step 11: Once installation is complete, touch the “Reboot System Now” button from the Main Recovery Menu.

  • Now not only are you rooted, but you have a Recovery Program and SuperUser as well!

Step 12: To ensure all went well with the root, open your Applications Menu.

  • You should be able to see a new app called SuperSU.
  • You can also download an app like Root Checker to verify that your Galaxy Star Pro is successfully rooted.

Troubleshooting the White Screen of Death:

Many people have reported issues with booting into a blank white screen instead of into Recovery Mode. If you experience this problem, it is quite likely because you are using an older firmware version. It is recommended that you use a firmware version later than S7262XXUAND5. So where do we go from here? It’s still possible learn how to root my Samsung Galaxy Star Pro. Don’t give up yet. See the steps below:

Step 1)Download better firmware.

Download: Firmware Version S7262XXUANF1

Step 2)Extract the ZIP file.

  • This should yield a .tar.md5 file.
  • You will want to flash this file in place of the former recovery .tar.md5 file you were using.

Step 3)Repeat steps 4-8 from Method 1, but remember to use the new .tar.md5 file.

Step 4)Now flash the Recovery.

Step 5)Carry on with steps 9-12, this time with a working Recovery.

Method 2: Root Samsung Galaxy Star Pro Using Kingo Root

Not to be confused with KingRoot, another rooting app that most people find successful when done properly is Kingo Root. In fact, some claim that it can root any Samsung. While I can’t vouch for that, I can attest that many people find this to be a simple and versatile tool. It does consider Samsung to be a very popular brand (and rightfully so), so it’s put a lot of effort towards Samsung devices.

Step 1: Download and Install the Kingo Root software to your PC.

  • Download Kingo Root
  • Windows is necessary for this method.
  • If you are working with a Mac you will want to use a different method, like Method 1 above or Method 3 below.

Step 2: Launch the Kingo Root software.

  • Double-click the desktop icon. It will let you know that you are not connected.

Step 3: Plug your Android device in via USB cable.

  • Kingo Root will install the driver for you if you haven’t done so already.
  • Be sure to read the Notifications before you move forward.
  • Stay connected until we’re done.

Step 4: Click on the “Root” button.

  • This initiates the rooting process.
  • It may take several minutes.

Step 5: Click “Finish” to reboot your device.

  • Don’t get too anxious about unplugging your device.
  • Wait until the phone reboots.

Step 6: Grant your phone and yourself Superuser access.

  • Kingo Root will verify that your Pro is rooted.
  • Another nice thing about this rooting app is that you also have the option to unroot with just one click.
superuser app

Method 3: Root Samsung Galaxy Star Pro with One Click Root

Like some of the other rooting apps mentioned in prior methods, One Click Root is impressive for the number of different devices it can root. It’s estimated that One Click Root can root about 250 types of devices from all of the major manufacturers. And they really do try to make it as simple as one click. This is an easy way to root my Galaxy Star Pro.

Step 1: Download and install One Click Root.

  • Download One Click Root
  • One Click Root works for both Macs and Windows.

Step 2: Connect the phone to your PC or laptop using the original USB cable.

  • A standard USB cable may also suffice, but the original cable is a sure bet.

Step 3: Open the One Click Root app.

Step 4: Click the “Root now” button.

  • The software will complete the process for you.
  • When complete, remove the USB cable from the phone and PC.

Step 5: Your phone should automatically reboot when finished.

  • Note the 24/7 support.
  • It’s also possible to unroot with one click.


So you have rooted your phone and now what? Now you can install new custom ROMs, try out new themes, install whatever apps you desire–check out this article below on must-have apps. You now control your phone at a whole new level. You can increase your RAM and even block annoying ads. You can even download apps to play around with the hardware.

Regret your root? Go to the article below to get rid of it. It is possible to flash an unrooted stock image back onto your phone.

Maybe you didn’t make through the root, but would still like to. Try the article below on troubleshooting or tell us about it in the comments below. Remember that you aren’t in this alone.

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