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Runkeeper Pedometer App Measures More than Just Your Steps

As an app tester who plays around with apps for most of my day, I feel refreshed when I see a well-designed app. Runkeeper Pedometer App thankfully is one of those great looking apps which are simply a joy to use. I started running around my block, back when I did research for the best pedometer apps for Android article. Now I run every other day thanks to those very apps.

Fitness was never on my daily agenda, but working for JOA helped me realize what I was missing. In a way, testing out the best fitness apps and weight loss apps for Android made me realize how overweight I was.

Apps like Runkeeper Pedometer App are an excellent source of motivation and energy for a lazy guy like me who sits on his desk all day long. This has been by far the most productive research I have ever conducted.

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The Good

Runkeeper Pedometer App comes with an easy to use interface. There are almost no problems with the app and it works as intended. The design of the app is easy on the eyes, all the features are just one tap away. The graphs and charts are a surefire way of tracking your progress in a meaningful way.

The Bad

Sometimes the app has trouble stabilizing the GPS connection. I know it is the app because I tested a GPS Navigation app alongside it and it worked flawlessly. This is the only problem I had with the app. However, my friend had no trouble at all using the app in Germany. So maybe it was the satellite positioning or the clouds interfering with the GPS signal.

The Bottom Line

If you are in the market for a robust running app or even a great swimming app, Runkeeper Pedometer App will do a great job for you. I would go as far as to say that this app has improved a lot over the last few months, and I’m glad it did. This app is certainly one of the best running apps for Android I have tested. The interface, the usage, and even the history all are amazing in their respective regard. I would whole heartedly recommend this app as it gives my personal app Runtastic a literal run for its money.

The First Boot

Getting the app on my smartphone was not hard at all. The app was installed in almost an instant. However, it is not that small of an app. You can probably download the app on mobile data without having to worry about data caps, though.

Once installed I opened the app up via the notification bar. The first screen was asking me to log in. I usually don’t want to log into apps that have nothing to do with said account. But this app at least has the decency of offering multiple ways of joining the app. I have seen many people shun an app just because it was social media login only.

After the initial screen, I was taken directly to the main page. Then, Runkeeper Pedometer App went straight to business. This is one of those apps that doesn’t need a dedicated tutorial to work. I’m pretty sure you will be able to figure out what is what at just one glance at the screen.


Runkeeper Pedometer App has one of the best interfaces I’ve seen in a pedometer app for Android. The app sets to impress right from the start. The main screen has a lot of information and options, but they are all well managed.

From selecting activities to workouts everything is right there on the main screen. Tap the Go Running button and you will be taken to a running screen. Here you will be able to view vital information about your current run. The buttons to stop and pause the run are located at the bottom of the screen for easier access.

One of the most important things I noticed about the app is the lack of ads. There were none seen whatsoever. Usually, ads take precious screen space either at the top or bottom of the screen.

Something interesting I noticed is that Runkeeper Pedometer App turned my notification tray color blue to match its design. This is one of the cutest things I’ve seen an app do in a while.


Runkeeper Pedometer App comes loaded with great features that are easy to use. The app is not only able to effectively track your walks and runs, but also cycling, hiking, swimming, rowing and mountain biking. For some reason, you can also select downhill skiing, but I think it would only benefit from the distance calculation and speed.

The app also gives a large number of options after you finish a run. You can add a photo to remember a remarkable run and view it later in history if you want to.

One of the things I liked about the app is the ability to turn on social media postings. I really hate people who post little trivial stuff on Facebook; it was actually quite fun to run for a few steps and see the same people complain.

The app can help you in making a workout routine or give you plans. If you want personalized content, you will need to spend around 10 dollars a month or $40 a year. I don’t think that you will need to go that deep into the app to reap benefits.


The app uses a great step measurement system. It was only off a couple of steps during my runs. Granted I don’t run a lot and can only take a hundred and twenty steps before exhausting, the app measured up well against others.

The app also has a music button on the screen that allows you to activate any music app you have on your smartphone. The music button is a great feature for those who like to listen to some music during runs. The app also gives voice feedback to the runner. I personally don’t like to take out my smartphone from my pocket during runs. So this feature is a great one to have.


The app needs the usual permissions from you. It can access your accounts and contacts that is for social media sharing and whatnot. It can also launch the music app and the camera app, both of them are needed for some features to work. And it can track your location which is fundamentally what it is supposed to do.


Runkeeper Pedometer App is one of the best apps I’ve tested in a while. It’s fast, it’s reliable, and most of all it is non-intrusive. I hate nagging fitness apps that prompt me to walk my lazy self. This app stays classy and knows what to say. I would wholeheartedly recommend this app to anyone who needs a fully featured and robust pedometer app for Android.

If you have any running tips or ways you stay motivated to exercise every day, I’d like to talk about them with you in the comments below.

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